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    After the Kiss: Chapters 10 to 13 A Dream

    Chapter 10  A Dream

    David Ross’ garden: The image is hazy, as in a dream.  Bette and Tina are in the garden facing each other in front of the Greek goddess.

    The brunette slowly caresses the blonde’s face with her index finger and lowers her face to hers. The producer tilts her head up in surrender and their lips touch, bright colored flowers blooming around them. Bette pulls her closer, embracing her by the waist and Tina wraps her arms around the brunette’s neck … their bodies glued to each other … the kiss turning passionate.

    Their tongues touch and the blonde falls on her back in slow motion bringing Bette with her, both bodies suspended in midair by magical forces. The two women fall naked on a magnificent and soft white bed, white colors surrounding them. The brunette breaks the kiss and smiles at her. “I can’t help myself,” she says.

    Bette caresses the blonde’s body, her fingers following every contour, leaving a trail of goosebumps on her skin. The producer gasps with extreme sensations as the brunette proceeds to kiss her, her lips following the trail of her fingers along her neck … breasts … belly and continues to slide down between her legs.

    She moans when Bette’s lips kiss her inner thighs, the brunette looking up at her with a sensual smile. As their eyes meet, the blonde can’t contain herself and instantly arches her back in ecstasy.


    Tina’s bedroom, dawn:  Tina laughs in her sleep, rolls on her back in her bed and suddenly opens her eyes shocked. She remains thoughtful for a moment.

    She sighs and brings a hand to her forehead.

    Tina – What are you doing to me?

    She closes her eyes and stretches her arms and body … and hugs her pillow with a smile.


    Bette’s gallery, morning: Bette is admiring a modern painting with bright colors, resembling a flower bouquet.

    Bette – James?

    James comes in behind her.

    James – Yes, Bette?

    Bette – Can you ask Bob to bring this painting to my office and exchange the Catherine Opie picture for it? I feel like flowers today.

    James – OK.

    James leaves and Bette continues to admire the painting.


    Tina’s office, morning:  Tina comes in carrying a multicolored bouquet of flowers, looking happier.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the new update!

      I must say i didn’t expect Tina break up with Eric so soon. But i must say that it was very touching, and i like how Eric reacted on this news. It always interesting when he isn’t a bad guy.

      But i don’t uderstand – the blondie who saw Tibette’s make out in the restroom – it was Tina’s mom?

    2. Very nice chapter. Love that Tina decided to go after Bette and when the opportunity presented itself to kiss her. I love that Bette is so understanding with Tina as she has her parents in town. Its just a matter of time before these two get together. This bathroom meeting is really hot. Sorry Gwen, Bette is no longer interested – go back to Rachel.

      As to the petite blond in the restroom? Just a restaurant patron who is straight and did not know how to respond. Not anyone Bette or Tina recognized and both were award she was there. I’m impressed that Tina continued her kiss with an audience present. Her desire is greater than her concern about who sees her. Very nice.

      Love this story….love it.

      • I’m curious why people think that there was a blonde in the restroom. She was not blonde. Also, B&T were not aware of the woman’s presence. Finally, look at the title of chapter 13. I have a feeling you were too distracted with B&T! :D

    3. Many thanks for this lovely story, dbff, and for these chapters about our favorite fanfic couple’s mutual obsession, their common and sudden fascination with flowers in bloom and their sweet, passionate, freeing, lovelier second kiss!🤗 And “the intruder” in question is the petite, blue-eyed, brunette whom Tina recognized as the tennis player Dana, right?

      I love this story!💗 Thank you for writing and sharing this lovely, irresistible, descriptive “script”!🤗 It’s a good distraction from the important developments in the real world right now. Your other lovely script, “Western Skies,” which I have reread at least 50 times since March, is also a good stress reliever. I discovered that story and waited for the last few chapters with anticipation around the time I had resigned from my stressful job and the unredacted Mueller Report was supposed to be released. I’ll have to make time to post my thoughts on that lovely story soon. But I have to tell you that when I saw a news clip from California a couple of weeks ago of a black horse that galloped back near the brush fire to lead his family – a brown mare and a black colt – to safety, that scene reminded me of Charlie, Minnie and Pearl. Just goes to show your story has made a deep impression on me. So thanks a lot again and please continue writing and sharing!🤗

      Have a lovely weekend, dbff!🤗

      • Thanks, mightymouse, and welcome! Always good to hear from the readers. Writing is also a nice escape from our grim reality these past 3 years. I did it for similar reasons. :D I’m glad that my story helped you distress. For sure, there will be a better job in your horizon. And good to know that you are the sole reason for the recent viewership increase in Western Skies! (Kidding! :D)
        I did watch the poignant clip about the black horse and was also reminded of my characters. It shows how humans are foolish to think that we are the only ones to have feelings, emotions and thought process. Charlie, Minnie and Pearl live in my heart as do the cowgirl and the movie producer.
        And yes, the intruder … :D

    4. Hi dbff,

      Wonderful chapter!!!

      Tina finally gave in to her attraction and feelings for Bette and was quit bolt in the restroom, loved it!

      I feel sorry for Eric, but Tina isn’t his soulmate, he deserve a woman who can love him like he thinks he loves Tina.

      Bye bye Gwen, make up with Rachel, Bette isn’t interested in you.

      I saw the video from the horse who got back to save and lead his family back. Very moving!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. Really liked that Tina was no nonsense, but thoughtful when talking to Eric in breaking up with him. He admitted that she didnt love him with the intensity that he felt for her. They still were able to touch & cry for the relationship that was ending.

      We’ll see what happens when their paths cross and he feels the electricity between Tina & Bette. Hmmmmm

      Lastly, wonder if Bette will still have the dinner now that she Tee have met on a more personal level

    6. dbff, I was relieved to read that Tina finally got to the next stage of acceptance and broke off with Eric. He took it quite good. I just hope he won’t change his mind when he finds out about T + B and tries to mess with Tina.

      The same goes for Tina’s parents if or when they find out why Tina ended it with Eric.

      But more importantly: What a great kiss in the bathrooms! Thanks for that dbff :-)
      Great way to introduce Dana. I hope she and Tina become friends.

      Looking forwart to the next part. Guess Bette can cancel her idea for another artist’s dinner now. Or at least delete Eric’s name from the guest list.

    7. Great chapter!!

      I wasn’t expecting that scene in the bathroom so soon but as soon as we learned it was an awkward Dana interrupting it all came back to me… I feel like it’ll be like this for awhile but I remember more and more as I read :)

      Thanks for posting and keep them coming!

    8. It was great to see Tina accept her attraction for Bette might be more permanent. She has done the right thing breaking up with Eric and telling her parents of her breakup, leaving herself free to explore her feelings for Bette.

      It was a wonderful encounter for them to meet in the restroom for a passionate kiss. Love how you introduced Dana. I love Dana in Tibette stories.

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