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    After the Kiss: Chapters 14 & 15 The Parent Trap

    Chapter 14  The Parent Trap

    Tina’s apartment, evening: Tina is in the kitchen preparing dinner while her mom sets the table and her dad watches TV.  

    Tina – What are you guys going to do tomorrow?

    Dad – It’s a good question. What should we do?

    Tina – Have you been to the beach yet?

    Mom – Well, we have beautiful beaches in North Carolina. And I didn’t bring a bathing suit.

    Tina – You could do some shopping. How about checking Rodeo Drive, Mom?

    Mom – Isn’t it expensive?

    Tina – You don’t have to buy anything. You can check the latest fashion trends.

    Mom – Yeah … I would like to see it!

    Dad – I would also like to see some art.

    Tina – Well, you can go to MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s a beautiful one, Dad!

    Dad – That’s good! We haven’t been to that one yet.

    She presses her lips together.

    Tina – Or if you prefer a smaller place, you can visit a gallery. There are wonderful galleries in LA.

    Mom – A gallery might be nice. Museums are too tiring sometimes.

    Dad – Yeah, we can do that too!

    Tina – A friend of mine has a beautiful gallery, Dad! She has a knack for discovering the most amazing new artists.

    Mom – You have the most interesting friends, hon! I’d love to see your friend’s gallery!

    Tina smiles to herself.  


    Tina’s apartment, night: Tina is making a phone call, looking concerned.  

    Tina – Hi Goldie!

    Meg – Hi Belle! How are you?

    Tina – I’m OK. And you?

    Meg – Are you guys golfing with us this weekend?

    Tina – Uh … Eric and I broke up, Meg.

    Meg – Oh, no … I’m so sorry, Belle. Are you OK?

    Tina – Yeah … I’m OK.

    Meg – What happened? I thought that you were solid.

    Tina – You know … just one of those things …

    Meg – Umm… let me guess: you broke up with him.

    The blonde sighs.

    Tina – Yeah …

    Meg – Well, why don’t you come over anyway and tell me all about it?

    Tina – I would, but my parents are visiting and you know how it is … no time left!

    Meg – Oh, I haven’t seen them in so long! Why don’t you bring them with you? We can have a barbecue later.

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    1. Hi dbff,

      Great chapter to read!

      Tina is really a woman on mission when she knows what she want: Bette!

      They are both so smitten with each other and no one of their friends and in Tina’s case, her parents have a clue. Smart move from Tina to advice her parents to visit Bette’s gallery, but maybe they will be mad at both of them when they learn B&T were already involved.

      I hope you will take time for your self when you are so busy!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Lovely chapter… Tina is really driven and being bold. Unlike most stories of their first meeting, Tina knows what she wants and responses to her body and not to her fears and background. She just goes with her desires and Bette is ready and willing. This is an amazing scene. Would love to see more but I know you have other things up and coming. Write when you can and we will be as patient as we can….

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