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    After the Kiss: Chapters 7 to 9 The Joke

    Chapter 7  The Joke


    David – And then I would use all my beauty tricks to seduce that stunning woman! You do have tricks, don’t you, Tina?

    The blonde smiles self-consciously.

    Eric – I’m picturing them right now!

    Tina – Eric …

    She admonishes her boyfriend, who chuckles.

    Eric – I’m sorry, honey! I just had this incredible thought of you and Bette together!

    David laughs out loud and Tina rolls her eyes. They don’t notice that Bette is approaching them right at that moment.

    Bette – What is the joke?



    David Ross’ mansion, night: Tina is startled by the brunette’s voice behind her.

    David – Speaking of the devil!

    He laughs.

    David – I was telling them about my undying love for you, my dear … and Eric was quick to point out that I am gender challenged in this matter.

    Bette laughs and the blonde smiles politely.

    David – Then we had this great idea! I would become Tina for a day to try and seduce you.

    The gallery owner raises an eyebrow, pleasantly surprised by the comment and Tina’s smile vanishes in discomfort.

    Bette – Really?!

    Eric – It’s his best shot, Bette!

    David laughs.

    The brunette turns her attention to the blonde, who chuckles embarrassed, shaking her head.

    Bette – And you wouldn’t mind, Eric?

    Eric – Oh, David just assured me that I would be sent packing in a New York minute, Bette!

    Bette – I would hope so …

    She smiles charmingly, intently looking at the producer who is now serious and somewhat nervous.

    Bette – Do you think you could seduce me … David?

    She asks, her eyes never leaving the blonde’s, her lips curving up in a sensual smile.

    David – Go ahead, Tina! Say yes and make my day!

    Eric laughs. 

    Tina smiles and looks down embarrassed. But just as soon, she fights back and meets Bette’s gaze with confidence.

    Tina – Yeah! I could seduce her … David.

    The gallery owner’s eyes sparkle. She chuckles and seems to be off balance for a second. 

    Eric – There you go, David!

    The art dealer laughs.

    The brunette turns to him.

    Bette – I tell you what, David … I wouldn’t mind being seduced by you.

    She looks back at the blonde.

    Bette – It would be exquisite …

    The two women gaze into each other’s eyes.

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    1. Oh, my. I don’t think Tina is going to be able to resist Bette for long. I’m not sure that there is a woman alive who could resist this type of seduction – the looks, the maintaining of distance and when the opportunity presents itself to place yourself so near but not touching. Of course, the voice control with the suggestive words? Who wouldn’t just melt. Put that on top of the fact that both men and women find Bette to be very desirable. And what Tina may or may not know, is that Bette’s has never pursued any woman in this manner – Tina is different. Tina is so humble, I don’t think that she realizes how beautiful she is.

      Wonderful chapter – two Greek Goddesses in the garden admiring works of art! Love it…keep these coming.

    2. Let the feast begin!!!

      I think Bette shouldn’t date Gwen when she is so clearly smitten and obsessed about Tina, but i would understand if she does, Gwen is a beautiful lady and Tina is with that loser Eric.

      They dance around each other and it will take Tina more time to accept and act on her feelings for Bette.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    3. Hi dbff!

      It’s still wracking my brain because I remember reading the chapters as you post them but I still can’t seem to place the rest of the story! But I’m definitely enjoying it :)


    4. Hi DBFF:

      Great chapter, I think Tina already got the message, all her body and heart is telling her to turn to “L”, only her brain is insisting on keep going straight.

      She felt dissatisfaction but when Eric offered to pass the night with her, she refused, proof that she is no longer interested in men, she has been cornered by Bette.

      Bette is also another interesting case, no girl resisted her, but this blonde is taking the best from her, and so far nothing (😂) well, think fast Bette.

      I look forward to the invitation to Bette Porter’s party, with the main course of the feast “hot blonde in her juices”.

      Thanks, for the wonderful chapter and pps.


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