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    All Dressed Up Chapter 26

    Bette looked up from her phone, furrowed her brows, ”So, where’s the dress? I thought you were going to come out so I could take a look.”

    Tina smiled flirtatiously tucking a strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear as she gave her two eyed version of a wink, ”Nope, you are going to have to wait until Friday.” She said confidently.

    ”So, you found something you like? And you are not settling?” Bette inquired with a worried expression.

    ”Nope, no settling, it’s perfect.” Tina gave a beaming smile, as she walked up to Bette, put her arms around her neck, leaned in and closed her eyes while she pressed her lips onto Bette’s. Tina moaned, pressing her body closer, running her tongue across Bette’s lips asking for entry. Bette gave it eagerly as she felt Tina’s knee move back and forth between her legs pressuring her center just right to make Bette squirm. ”Thank you.”

    Bette felt jolts of electric tingles as she took a deep breath, ”For what?”

    ”For knowing what I needed, when I didn’t.” Tina hesitated, ”I am shocked by how easily you knew what to do.” Tina wiped the tears from her face that had suddenly appeared.  She looked deeply into Bette’s eyes seeing pure love from the only woman whoever really saw her.   This beautiful, sexy woman Tina adored that still could surprise Tina with her generosity and sensitivity.  Tina’s mouth turned into a bright smile that moved to her eyes as she kissed Bette again. ”I love you so much.” Tina said stroking Bette’s cheek lovingly.

    Bette smiled back closing her eyes for a brief moment, cherishing the sound of those three words that she would never get tired of hearing coming from the beautiful, warm face in front of her. ”Sooooo, I guess we’re done.” Bette smiled mischievously.  ”I’m starving.”  She said wiggling her eyebrows.

    Tina laughed and took Bette’s hand into hers and tugged.  ”Let’s go eat.” 

    ”Food?”  Bette chuckled as Tina pulled her towards the door.


    Following Day

    Shane was sitting at the table staring at paperwork with her brows furrowed as Bette walked into Dana’s. Shane had asked Bette to come and look at some of the contracts and licenses for the Grill. Shane lifted her head and her lips curved into a rise smile as she caught Bette staring at the memory wall. Shane had recently changed a picture back to one she had place originally when she opened the bar. Bette turned and caught Shane watching her. She looked back at the picture and then back to Shane with a bright smile coming to her face. Bette walked over to Shane continuing to smile as she sat down at the table.


    1. I really enjoyed this chapter. I love the unspoken kinship that the women have for one another. One of the best I have read. All uniting and not needing a lot of explanation to do what was needed to protect Bette. Unspoken nods and subtle gestures to join ranks. I love it! Shane has always had Bette’s back and vice versa. And Shane looks out for Tina as well. Well – they all look out for each other. Nat is a great addition to the framily. Really centers Alice. Helena is a very loyal and kind friend. And Peggy is a joy as the matriarchal figure. The theme of family and kinship extends to the wall where the picture of Bette and Tina has been returned and Carmen has been added. Shane is centering her world – righting the universe.

      Equally as important is the continued reconnecting and communication taking place between Bette and Tina. There is still a lot to discuss and unpack but both want the same end result. I love that Bette was able to help restore some of Tina’s body image issues and that Tina stayed by Bette’s side to protect her from Felicity. The walk on the beach is not only emotional but also therapeutic and cleansing. So much literary symbolism in this chapter.

      I am glad the gala went off without any problems. Bette deserves a win. Seems that Felicity is not a threat at all but still a photograph or the media on the scent would have been bad nonetheless. She clearly has feelings for Bette but Bette handled it well. Showed Felicity respect. And Felicity was there for Bette during a very tough time. Bette acknowledges that and Tina sees that gratitude for herself. Maya seems accepting of Bette reconciling with Tina. The dance was so sexy and familiar from the series. Tina is back where she belongs – with Bette and her extended family. And hopefully an Emmy in her future.

      A few drama free years with lots of hot sex after 50 would be the icing on the cake. Well done.

      • Billy

        I tried really hard to capture the friendship/family bond these women have. And doesn’t Nat fit perfect, it is a natural fit.

        I felt there needed to be closure for Felicity. The way Bette dumped her on the show really didn’t feel right. Felicity helped put Bette back together because Bette had no one else. And Maya, well that just gave Bette more angst, lol.

        The Gala was just fun.

        So glad you are enjoying my wrap up.


    2. Super K
      Great chapter. I love how Tina feels that Bette is the only one who sees her for who she is and how Bette feels so alive with Tina. After reading how they both managed their lives apart it is clear they don’t do very well without the other. And I love love any scene with dancing. One of my most fav LW scenes is the slow dance at the awards ceremony for the Lez Girls. HOT. This reminded me of that.
      Also, I felt like Felicity handled her conversation really well. She obviously had more feelings for Bette than the other way around but Bette owed her that final conversation given the rough time F helped her through. Well done.
      Keep it up! Looking forward to the next chapter….

    3. Very nice chapter….it is so obvious that these two are on the road to reconciliation. A weekend of love followed by a week of preparations and then the gala. Tina stepped up and supported Bette when she needed her. A true plus for their relationship. And the walk on the beach to reveal their most intimate thoughts on the response to the break up. Knowing the pain that they both went though by the other allows them to understand and desire that another breakup would be devastating to both of them. They have revealed their wounds and how it directed back to the path they are now on. Very necessary step to achieve the understanding and trust they will need to go forward. They simply do not function well without each other. They are part of each other and together and in sync, there is no greater love than that of Bette Porter and Tina Kennard for each other.

      Lovely chapter…. love the way they relate to each other and have so vast unspoken communications. I really liked that Tina releases a belly laugh after leaving the party and meeting Felicity. Sometimes laughter is the greatest cure for tension. It relaxes both of them and prepares them for the serious conversation to come. Perfect chain of events.

      Thank you for is chapter… cannot wait to read more.

      • Martha

        You captured so many of the subtlest moments in this chapter by pointing out the unspoken communication. That was essentially the core of this chapter, showing how far they had come in the reconciliation. These two when written in a manner that shows their inner most thoughts, really gives insight as to why they belong together.

        Glad you liked the road I paved for their reconciliation.


    4. SuperK,
      Marvelous job of tying the knots on so many of the threads in this tapestry. Gosh I admired how this sweet framily held true to their years of keeping each others’ back and running interference as a well oiled machine.

      They understood that they needed to help Tina & Bette continue in their quest to work through everything that could cause serious problems. I admire Bette for taking their counsel to IMMEDIATELY go to Tina and give her the heads up that Falicity AND Maya were in the house.. And she did that without excuse like the ‘old’ Bette would have come up with to deal with it in her way.

      Tina was wise enough to get Bette on the dance floor and without hesitation show her and all the rest of ‘em that she & Bette were “TO-GE-THER!!🥰🥰

      I hadn’t expect the walk on the beach to bring up Carrie, but it really was apropos. And Tina didn’t try to run nor hide from the fact that she had used Carrie to fill a void that she was never going to be able to fill.

      So anyway, this was a sensuously fantastic chapter. And yes, this screenplay is one of the ones that could work to advance the viewership of TLW GenQ season 2

      • D-

        I am smiling from ear to ear. Love it TO-GE-THER and yes, Felicity needed better closure then sorry bye.

        They had traveled a long way in their reconciliation but Bette’s past always seems to peek it head up.

        And Carrie, well, I, we all need that answer especially Bette from Tina.

        I am so glad you have enjoyed this journey. We are almost to the end.


        • Whenever there’s a possibility of Bette getting Tina back, Bette’s attitude is sorry, bye because she enters relationships withholding emotional 7 spiritual commitment so she feels like all is well.

          But for others, whether a one night stand, or something that goes on for weeks or months, an emotional attachment is made and the sex only magnifies their belief that maybe they’ll be “something more”

      • SG

        I was reading from the beginning yesterday taking stalk of everything to make sure there were no loose ends and in the first chapter you wrote.

        “I will keep reading.”

        Glad you did.


    5. Hey my friend,

      Great chapter again & like everyone else p just loved the dance scene!!!!

      Also loved that Tina came to the immediate aid of Bette when she needed her the most & stayed by her side the entire evening.

      Glad Tina has overcome her image issues – I only know that way too well at this stage of my life – so relevant!!!

      Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

      Take care.


    6. Gosh SuperK,
      This was a spectacular chapter. Bette taking care of Tina in the dress shop, and then having James deliver the hand written note. So sweet. And then Tina showing her unwavering support of Bette during the gala. That was beautifully written. Especially how the whole gang got together to take care of Bette, their leader. And Tina knew that she needed to take care of her girl that night. I loved Bette’s vulnerability when she approached Tina a few steps away from the group. I also loved how you had Felicity approach Bette and then reach out to touch her but stop at the last moment. Bette was not hers to touch and I’m glad you put that in the story. So many weary looks from Bette on this night. And I get it. It took a lot to get to the point where she is, finally getting her life back and her love back in order. And I loved how you had Bette take strength from Tina in the moment before they danced. And wooooooo, the dance. You captured the emotion from the original scene in the show perfectly. Smoldering. And I loved their talk on the beach and how Tina breaks down, falling to her knees and sobbing basically at Bette’s feet. Which I think is only right as a symbol of respect for what her acceptance of Carrie’s proposal did to Bette. I loved the subtle communications between them. Again, a beautifully written chapter and I’m so happy with how you’re bringing their reconciliation together in this story. Tying up all the loose ends so wonderfully.

    7. Risky

      So glad you enjoyed how I am wrapping up things. It is interesting how much energy these two have and how it can be felt from those around them. When I thought about how these two were evolving, it occurred to me that Bette would write love letters.


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