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    The Greater the Obstacle, the More Glory in Over Coming It Chapter 25

    The Peabody Art Foundation
    2020 Gala Celebration
    Friday May 29, 2020
    JW Marriott, Diamond Ballroom
    900 W. Olympic Blvd CA, 90015
    Cocktails at 6p
    Dinner 6:30p
    We look forward to Honoring PAF’s 2020
    Gala Honorees:

    Jeff is an animation storyboard artist from Los Angeles, previously working as an animation artist on several famous Disney movies. He uses his talent to produce work highlighting environmental and social issues worldwide with Disney characters, called Unhappily Ever After.  His work includes images of Elsa from Frozen on melting ice caps and Alice from Alice & Wonderland taking drugs down a dark alley. His thought-provoking work that plays on mainstream pop culture means a whole new audience is captured.

    ”I had earlier conceived an idea of putting Disney princesses into more photographic rough urban environments, something that is completely opposite of their fairy tale world…In part, the work became even more powerful and engaging and I was able to quickly realize that many other Disney characters could be used to shed light on messages that are important.”

    The infamous and anonymous ’vandal’ Banksy, is famous for political street art and adding to an art revolution. Banksy joined a type of art that wasn’t curated and could be seen by everyone, street art. Street art was created in the 1970’s by TEJN in Copenhagen, Denmark. Banksy does not sell or reproduce any art, displaying it randomly on public display on walls.

    Show me the Monet is a rework of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, with shopping trollies and a traffic cone in it, showing the destructive nature of mankind on the environment.

    His work is powerful as it shows the impact one person can have against centralised power. His themes commonly touch on anti-consumerism, anti-fascism and human greed.

    Zaria is an exceptional artist, using pastel to highlight and document climate change and the beauty of nature. Her activist side was inherited from her mother, who used to photograph the most remote areas of the world.

    Her work is exhibited worldwide and has been featured in multiple publications from Huffington Post to National Geographic. Her work is incredibly realist, comparable to photographs. Her work is well worth checking out, check out her TED talk here.

    Artistic Activism is a dynamic practice combining the creative power of the arts to move us emotionally with the strategic planning of activism necessary to bring about social change.

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    1. Wow SuperK!

      You did not disappoint! What a beautiful chapter of these two overcoming their insecurities to take that final step. I gotta say, I loved all the stumbling and slamming into walls on the way to the bed. Talk about unbridled passion for one another. Wow.
      It was a beautiful love scene and commend you for finally pushing yourself to write it. Us women are strong, beautiful, sexual creatures so no more blushing!

      And I also loved your opening with the art as activism commentary. It was awesome.

      Great chapter! Can’t wait for the next!


      • Risky

        OMG the research alone was making me blush. My wife thought it was cute.

        So glad you enjoyed this chapter. The girls have been struggling but they definitely are moving in the same direction and that is half the battle with a relationship.

        I had to make it passionate. It couldn’t be anything less.

        I put the commentary in because I so want Bette to return to the Art arena and this Art would fill both her buckets. Wishful thinking.


    2. I agree with Risky. Only years and years of history could allow them both to let down their guard, and get over their fears – Tina about her physical changes and Bette about her emotional concerns. Also, Ioved how you portrayed Tina’s insecurities about her changing body, so true at that age. Bette doesn’t care. Beautifully written SuperK!

      • BK

        I am so glad everyone is liking what I did with what the series gave us. There are times that I want to spin out and go in a different direction and then I pause and remember my Tina and Bette would not do that. LOL

        Dealing with them as older more settled characters is definitely been a challenge. We know what they were like when they were younger, but it is an open book to what they evolved into. Funny as it sounds, your Beginning story has helped me with a foundation for their characters’ relationship evolvement.

        And yes, Bette doesn’t care. She loves Tina! All of her, past present future.


      • SG

        I Sigh, I have gotten so many off line inquires about if I will be continuing because the story is so well written. I am so humbled by what people have said.

        I love writing, I am not even sure why I had stopped all those years ago. When I started this story, it was more an emotional response, but as I have caught my stride, I pause and wonder if I should start up again. My wife is pushing it.

        The one note I will make is I am planning on going back and reworking the first 3 chapters. As I re read them, it is so completely obvious that I had not gotten my stride yet. But alas, that will be once I have reached the end, which is right around the corner.


    3. Have I mentioned that I really like your chapter titles? Anyway, I do. And this is a great chapter as well. Very authentic. As an older gay woman I can totally relate to Tina’s feelings. Been there! And I understand Bette’s reluctance as well. But as to the body changes – Of course she does not care. That is not the issue. She sees Tina. Her Tina. And always will. So glad they got there. This is the kind of story that is definitely needed on GQ. I know the writers will never take the time to learn what happens as women age and the insecurities that can set in but I so wish they would. You have proven that it can be written in such a way that it is not boring – wow is it NOT boring. Bette and Tina still got it. Still smoldering. Very believable. As an older (not ancient) lesbian in a very long term relationship thank you very much!!!! Really do appreciate the care and respect with which you are writing this story.

      • Billy

        I am glad you like the chapter titles, they are worked on as well. It actually is fun trying to come up with something interesting and applicable. I think I am most proud for he French word for reuniting. That was a find for sure.

        You know it is funny, I have gotten lots of comments about addressing the aging process in our girls. We don’t see it much, but is is such a profound milestone for women in our society. I think I a most proud of that side story. It is part of life, we age, we change, it is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just part of the journey. Older women can be hot and desirable but we have to first be happy with ourselves. And yes, for Christ’s Sake we can have long term successful relationships.


    4. What Tina is going through with her body are issues most every woman goes through in some form or fashion. But most women go through it when they have a life partner who is going through the same issues at the same time. I think that applies to both men and women. And if they are so fortunate not to have body issues, then they usually have face and hair issues – increase in wrinkles, crows feet, bags under the eyes, thinning or loss of hair, graying of hair (which is the easiest to solve). I will never say this period of time is easy. But it’s easier if you are in a committed relationship.

      If you are like Tina, where you are dating and want to impress your intended lover, it can be overwhelming. Our society put too much value on appearances and therefore those who are processing through the stage of life never feel worthy of what they are going after. For Tina…this took a mountain of courage to go ahead and seduce Bette. For Bette, her problems were related to the trust factor. She was holding back making a physical connection to Tina until she was sure Tina would not leave. Unfortunately, there is no such guarantee nor will there ever be. We can give the odds which in my opinion is that there is about a 90% chance that Tina will never leave again. But there is a 10% chance that she will. Are those odds worth the risk of getting your heart broken again. Yes! I think they are. Bette now thinks they are…. There is no reward which does not have risk to it. There are no guarantees in life. You do all you can to put the odds in your favor and then you go for it. And that is what these two have done – they have sought therapy, they have talked out their problems and they have a basic understanding of what life is going to be going forward. And now they have taken one more step toward resolution. Hooray!!!

      With their evening of pleasure, I do not think their hang ups will end automatically. But the evening will result in their ability to talk more openly about their hangups and perhaps diminish their prominence in their lives. Tina still has to find a dress for the body she has and Bette will continue to wonder if Tina really has the tools necessary to resist bolting for the door if things get rough. But they now have assurances form the other they are going to be around for a long while.

      I like the way you handle this aspect of their lives. Very nice story indeed… hope to see more.

      • Martha

        It is interesting that you grabbed on to the the whole older dating thing. I could not imagine being out there now. I am so thankful for my wife and our relationship. She has had me grow so much and has weathered this aging thing with me.

        A little self disclosure, it was I who went through the surgery and it is my wife who is struggling with the weight issue. Both of us have found ourselves at different times trying to support the other. And OMFG I had hot flashes!

        And yes their journey isn’t over, but they definitely are on firmer ground.

        BTW yes, Tina has learned so much and from that she was able to gather courage and seduce our Bette. And a fine job she did at it. :)


        • So important that you have included this real part of life into the story. I have had the hot flashes and weight gain. My wife has had surgery. Thirty plus years together. GQ may not think long term relationships or older women matter in the show but that is so wrong. My wife is as hot as the day I met her! So truly well written. Thank you.

          • Billy

            I agree, so much focus on the young, but we seasoned women can light the fire too.

            My wife can still take my breath away, just as she did the first time I laid eyes on her.


      • Bibi

        When I finished the first draft, I was concerned about it coming across to mechanical. Physical intimacy at its best is a combination of both emotional and physical. I also was trying to put in there that these women know each other and each other’s bodies. You just don’t forget 20 yrs of loving someone emotionally and physically. I think that was the hardest part.

        I am glad you enjoyed it.

        A preview… the next chapter has an interesting scene that I am sure everyone will love. It is so Bette and Tina.


    5. Hi SuperK,

      Awesome job & you should be very proud of yourself!!!!!! Just great writing.

      Have been reading though the other comments & I can’t add much more.

      I know what you mean about writing them as older now. We all know what they were like as a younger couple & even the first few years with Angie. But those missing 10 years in NYC & now with them being divorced & what did that all look like.

      You have done an awesome job of it all & I am so happy that you are liking it better as you’re gone on with the writing. It’s always a challenge & the tight rope we walk to keep the action interesting.

      You & everyone else is right, neither gal cares what the other looks like at this point, they see the love of their life & nothing else matters.


      Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic story with us.

      Stay well.


      • C-

        Thanks, I know you fully understand the challenges of writing these characters as older. We had 6 seasons to get to understand them as adults and practically 5 minutes to see them as middle aged.

        Glad you are enjoying the journey with me.


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