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    Another Left Turn – Chapter 2

    Bette was in her kitchen, dipping a camomile tea bag in some hot water and endlessly replaying what had just happened when her phone buzzed. She checked the wall clock: nine-thirty. Maybe it was Tina. Texting to say . . . well, anything. Her pulse quickened, but then she figured saying nothing was more Tina’s m.o. No, it was probably Dani. Or Angie, angling to stay over at Jordi’s.

    She bit her lip as she went to get the handset, itchy again at the feelings of unease that Jordi stirred in her.

    U up for a visit? x

    Shane. Bette closed her eyes in relief. It was so good to have Shane back in LA. She could scarcely believe how good it was, how much she had missed her. Alice was Angie’s earthmother, and very, very dear to Bette, but Shane – Shane got her.

    Christ, yes x Bette replied.

    She put the phone down and quickly wondered whether to actually suggest to Angie that she could stay at Jordi’s if she wanted to, so that she could have a whisky and talk to Shane without worrying about being overheard. But then she shook her head.

    ‘Priorities, Mama B,’ she muttered, then took her tea back to her study. 

    It was a matter of days till the election and, although the poll numbers looked okay, it was undeniable that she’d harmed her campaign with the way she’d handled her affair with Felicity Adams.

    That woman. That was what Tina had said. ‘Are you still seeing that woman?’

    Bette stood behind her desk, sipping tea and gazing at a framed photo of her, Kit and Angie at the beach. The pain of losing Kit was a daily burden which her campaign had helped her bear. But now she was beginning to fear what it might be like if she lost.

    Her mind flashed on Felicity’s face when she’d ended it. Was she wrong to do that? Did they have a future? Sometimes she wondered if she’d lost the capacity to trust anyone again. And maybe – just maybe – the whole sneaking-around thing should really be beneath her dignity by now.

    She picked up the photo, touched Kit’s face and mouthed I miss you. And then she sat down to do some work. Tina shitshow or no Tina shitshow, she had to somehow get her head back in the game, not just for herself, but for Kit. 

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    1. So glad we persuaded you to continue this story and look forward to the journey.

      Just need to say I am a committed TiBette fan and may not be so happy if at the end there is no TiBette :-) just saying!

      Thanks for posting

    2. I’m still like how you writing, but –

      If i honestly say – second chapter not quite i think it will be, so i hesitating for now. Tina obviously not going where i expected her to go and in that chapter ready to moving on with her Carrie, and i don’t ready to read about it. So i guess i’m skip this story until the finale and then decided if read previous chapters or not

      • Hi and thanks for commenting. I hope you might try the chapter – it’s got some sweet memories in it :-) But obviously I’m not forcing anybody to do anything! I’m a Tibetter. They are heading somewhere good.

        • i guess what confused me the most – it’s part where Tina begged Carrie to fight for their relationship. It’s not seems that she confused – if she do, she might asked for a time instead. But if she asked to fight – i don’t know, but it seems like she decided who she wants.

          • In this story, Tina is trying to not repeat the same mistakes she made with Bette. It’s the beginning of proper growth for her. Carrie might not be the person a truly grown-up Tina is meant to be with, though?

    3. Largo… come sit on the couch and talk for a minute about TiBette. Because you have captured the great internal debate between them, the push pull that has become such a part of who they are (unfortunately). And hidden from us is the first left turn, the exchange… the kiss, the almost love making. I am hoping this chapter is a tease and I was certainly one of the commentators who asked for a chapter two so no complaints here but DAMN. Keep writing. I noticed subtle hints in your writing that Tina is not 100% into Carrie….. so I can reassure Zhenya that I think you are moving this towards a reconciliation but there are some small matters (Carrie) to put to rest first. …..

      • I love how you write them, BK, and yes, their push-pull is inherited from the (bs) canon. But like Jennifer has said, theirs is an epic love story – and what writer doesn’t love writing an epic??
        The kiss was in the first chapter, and Bette is giving her reading of it when she says they could have gone further (but she’s right).
        And again, I am indeed a Tibetter. They’re gonna be okay. ;-)

    4. Hi Largo,

      After reading the comments, i have decided to wait where you are heading to, I hope a Tibette reconcilation. But for now, i will wait What the end is.

      My poor 💔 can’t handle it for now. I need a happy Tibette at the moment.

    5. Largo, you are doing a great job with this story. You are a very talented writer and we are fortunate to have you share your talent. I have every confidence you will lead us on a journey that might be painful at first but necessary. I’m here for the long-haul. Looking forward to the next turn be it right or left.

      • Thank you! I’m really enjoying finally getting some of this stuff down in writing instead of just head-desking about what a dismal bunch of writers these terrific characters have to put up with on the show, lol
        Another Left Turn is a long story. I’m really pleased to have you along

    6. These two chapters were great. Looking forward to the processing and inner-reflection that these three need in order to survive the circumstances. It will be really hard for Carrie to play second fiddle. Competing with Bette is going to be an uphill battle for sure, even if Tina is adamant that it’s the only way for her to move on. You never want to be someone’s second choice, no matter how much you love them.

      • You’re right, Carrie is the latest in a long line of people who got embroiled in the Tibette saga. It’s interesting to me the people they choose when they’re not together.
        Thanks very much for commenting. I’m really so pleased you enjoyed the writing :-)

    7. Tina is so confused…..she wants to be honest with Carrie but she really does not know what she wants to do about Bette either. I wonder if she will tell Carrie that she really wanted Bette at the moment she kissed her? Or that she is still very much attached to and loves Bette? It had to be obvious to Carrie that Bette still loves Tina.

      If I were Carrie, there would be a delay in this marriage until Tina got her mind straighten out. I would not want to be engaged to someone who was still as emotionally attached to her ex as Tina is especially if we are talking about moving to the same town to live for half the year and where she would be engaging in family activities where the ex would be present for a good part of the time. It would not be hard if Tina hated Bette, but that is just not the case. There is too much evidence that the relationship although cooled still has embers which with a good wind, could become a forest fire.

      Carrie is also going to have to accept that at least for the next two years, Tina will want to increase her time with Angie and that means she will see Bette more often. And with increased time with Angie, it will mean less alone time with Carrie. Is she ready for that?

      The one thing I do not see in this story and others is that there is no closure on the relationship between Tina and Bette. Tina seems to think there has been. Bette is not feeling it….And Tina is still isn’t clear what she wants for her future. She doesn’t want to hurt Carrie and but she still has a burning desire for Bette and Tina’s actions and words are not clear or decisive about either.

      Let’s see some more….I want to see how the conversation between Tina and Carrie goes.

      Great story….

      • Thanks for commenting, and for nailing the issue so clearly – without Angie, I think they’d be much more able to move on because they just wouldn’t see each other. As I said, it’s the thing where if you can easily be friends with an ex then you were never in love or you still are. Friendship will never be easy for Bette and Tina because (in my story world) their initial love affair was a sexual alchemy that happens once in a lifetime. They can’t forget it, and they can’t turn it off.
        But there’s more to it than that. This story has a long way to go.
        Thanks again for reading. I appreciate the encouragement!

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