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    #FanFic Challenge #Ep7 – Another Left Turn

    ‘You can do this.’

    Bette had been telling herself this for the past twenty-four hours. Last thing before she finally fell asleep, first thing on waking. Standing under the shower, driving to her campaign HQ, listening to Dani running down her schedule, all the time telling herself: You can do this. Put one foot in front of the other, one breath in, one breath out. Even though she felt empty and scared and bewildered, as if a thread that had been somehow holding her together was about to snap, as always she felt she had no choice but to keep going.

    The full-length mirror in her bedroom confirmed that she at least looked okay. She’d chosen a simple black tee shirt and low-rise jeans – what she thought of as her ‘Mom’ gear – for this occasion. Put her hair up in a messy bun. She wondered about wearing the Converse that Angie had cajoled her into buying a few months back. Went to the wardrobe and found them – black with a rainbow decal on the heel. She smiled, remembering how Angie had said the woman in the store was hitting on her.

    ‘Well,’ Bette said now, ‘bring it on, I guess.’

    She bent down, put the shoes on and then immediately took them off again. ‘You’re not Shane,’ she told herself, and pulled on her Chloë studded ankle boots.

    Downstairs, Angie was sitting supposedly doing schoolwork at the dining table when the doorbell rang. She carried on scrolling her phone until it became obvious that she would have to answer.


    Tina stood there, beaming. Behind her was a petite strawberry-blonde with strikingly blue eyes – Carrie. Angie smiled and accepted her mother’s hug. Carrie had her hands in the pockets of her jacket. She and Angie had met maybe half a dozen times, spent a weekend in Palm Springs once, and got along fine, but they both knew they weren’t on hugging terms.

    ‘Hey, Carrie,’ Angie said to her. Then, to Tina: ‘Mom’s upstairs. D’you wanna drink or anything?’

    ‘We brought some,’ Tina smiled, holding up a bottle bag. She was nervous. It showed.

    Upstairs, Bette could hear their voices and it sent her pulse into orbit. She sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hands over her mouth like she was praying. The last time she’d felt this completely dismantled was when Kit died. ‘But you got through that,’ she whispered to herself, closing her eyes and trying to just breathe. 

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    1. Thank you for this story!

      Maybe you can write for Gen. Q. because frankly obviously even in your first story you doing it better, then them.

      So Tina – turn left, then another left, and go back – to the Bette.

      By the way – maybe you can continue this story?

      • Thanks so much for the encouragement. I hadn’t intended to write any more on this, it was just for the challenge and to make me feel less completely exasperated! I’ll see how I feel, though. I’m really pleased you liked it.

    2. Hi Largo,

      I must admit that i am not keen to read about stories about episode seven.

      But you surprised me with this story!!! I liked it and hope you will continue with it.

      I am a diehard Tibette fan and i love to read about them. I don’t mind a little drama as long Tibette will end up again madly in love ♥️

      Loved how you let Bette talk to Angie! They have a incredible bond with each other. And way to go Bette how you stood up to Tina and told her a few truths.

      I really hope to read more chapters!

      • Thank you! I’m really pleased you found it not too horrible to revisit the Ep7 vortex of stupidity and needless suffering, lol
        I will definitely write more – maybe not this story, but I’ll see where I feel it can go that makes sense to me?
        Thanks for commenting

    3. So… I really loved this story. Like, love loved it. I read it twice. I get caught up in words and the way they play against each other, sometimes to a distraction. Several of your sentences had me reading them over and over, enjoying the way they sounded. It is a gift really. Like this one – “Because her inner voice wasn’t like Bette’s. It wasn’t loud and clear and emphatic. No, Tina’s inner voice was a whisper, and she hardly ever heard what it said”

      As they say in the south… “I mean….”

      Which means… WOW

      It was beautifully written, thank you. And I would love it if you would consider writing just one more chapter for this story – the one where Bette gets Tina back. Just sayin….

      • Thank you! That’s such a lovely comment and I’m so happy you liked the story. I got caught up in writing it too, trying to figure out what it would actually be like to be them, with their history, and their magnetism? It’s so frustrating and yet weirdly enjoyable!
        I really appreciate the encouragement to carry on with it. I’ll try and do that.

    4. I like this story. I like that Bette points out to Tina that Angie is responding to her own perception of her relationship with Tina. Tina bares some responsibility in that relationship and how Angie perceives it. Tina’s attitude is a bit immature in that she perceives her choices as “have to” rather than optional. She even believes that accepting Carrie’s marriage proposal was the only way to end her relationship with Bette and move on. Or perhaps its the only way to make Bette move on? Tina will be dealing with Bette for several years to come in their co-parenting arrangement. It has been two years since their separation and Bette is not much further resolved to moving on than she was before the divorce.

      Tina has to do a lot of soul searching. Why is she marrying Carrie? What does she expect in the way of a relationship with Angie going forward? With her still very strong attachment and love Bette, can she really per her heart and soul into a marriage with Carrie? If she marries Carrie, I feel that she is doing Carrie a severe disservice is that she is committing permanently to a relationship which she cannot give her heart and soul to.

      There is a possibility that Bette and Tina can get back together. This relationship is not irreparable and nor will it be trouble free. It will take work and commitment from both of them. Its hard to see life through another’s eyes. Personally, I think Bette and Tina can do it. Bette is willing, but is Tina?

      Thank you for this story….

      • Thank you for the comment. I’ve tried to write something plausible, and to me the only plausible Tina that I don’t really dislike *is* immature and capable of hurting people who genuinely care for her because she isn’t comfortable with herself. So I’m pleased you picked up on that.
        I agree she has a lot of soul-searching to do. It’s coming up!
        I’m glad you liked my story

    5. I agree with everything what was said earlier – you definitely should give to us at least second chapter of this story – the one where Tina return to Bette and what can happen next!
      Thank you for this beautiful story!

    6. Thank you for this story I really wish you were a Writer for Generation Q and we might then get a good Season 2!

      I am a massive TiBette fan and enjoyed your take on their relationship. I also liked how you wrote Bette/Angie I think this has been the best thing to come out of GenQ.

      A great first Story how about continuing it?

      • Haha, I know – I hope the improve the writing in general.
        I *loved* writing Bette and Angie. It’s so easy to hear their dialogue in those actors’ voices. Really fun.
        Thanks for the comment

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