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    Another Left Turn – Chapter 7

    Bette didn’t want to be spotted meeting up with Joyce Wischnia, so she took a risk and asked the lawyer to pick a venue. Even so, Greenblatt’s deli in West Hollywood was not where she expected to find herself this Wednesday lunchtime.

    ‘Bette!’ Joyce was sitting in a corner of the raised seating area. Bette went towards her. The place was packed, so Joyce stood up. ‘Bette! Over here!’

    Bette half waved back. She was never sure how much her run for mayor had made her recognisable in the city, but in her entire life she had never wanted to be associated with anyone wearing a lime-green motorcycle jacket.

    ‘Bette! Sit the heck down!’ Joyce ushered her into the seat opposite. ‘Well, well! Bette Porter!’ She pumped Bette’s hand. ‘My God . . . how the hell are you?’

    ‘Fine,’ Bette said, wondering why Joyce was acting as if they hadn’t seen one another for decades when in fact it had been about two months.

    ‘How long’s it been, Bette?’

    ‘About two months.’




    ‘It was January, Joyce.’ The lawyer looked blank. ‘My fundraiser? At the Abbey?’

    Joyce pointed her finger. ‘That’s right. Wow. Y’know, I think I erased that entire campaign as soon as you lost.’

    Bette decided to take that on the chin, but in any case their server had arrived. Joyce ordered a turkey club while Bette went for a Cobb salad, hold the bacon.

    ‘C’mon, Bette . . .’ Joyce winked. ‘Little bit of salt and fat.’

    The server looked at Bette but she shook her head and the man left.

    ‘Well,’ Bette said, indicating the room, ‘this is an interesting choice.’

    ‘My band just finished a rehearsal right over there.’ Joyce pointed out the window at a recording studio across the street.

    ‘Your b- band?’ Bette repeated, half turning but not sure she’d heard correctly.

    ‘The Wischbones,’ Joyce beamed, framing a billboard in the air. ‘Five-piece all-girl rockabilly with a mariachi twist.’ She handed Bette an actual stack of business cards. ‘We’re a little rough, only been going two weeks, but spread the word.’

    Bette stared at the cards and mumbled, ‘Okay . . . well, uh, thanks for meeting at such short notice. I must say I was surprised you were free.’

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    1. That was fantastic….a confused Bette as to what is going on but knowing that Tina is making her first steps to being together again. A perfect start for theses two. They have to build the trust factor and this is a part of it.

      Love this story…. keep it coming….

      • Hey Martha! Thank you for reading and commenting. Bette is having to learn patience…. Good luck with that!!

        I’m glad you liked it and get that they’re fragile yet. I feel very protective towards them, which is daft, but there we are!

        Take care & thank you again or your support with this story x

    2. Thank you for this update – it was a good chapter!

      “Little Ambrosia” – it was hilarious)

      I’m glad that Tina at least told Bette about molesting, and Bette, however slow, like she always, but got the right idea do not go for Tina’s sister but comfort Tina. And of course i like Tibette’s sleeping parallels with this episode in s2 TLW – i like that scene very much.

      But i don’t get one thing – what problem with Alice selling condo? And Yeezys – it’s Adidas snickers?

      • Zhenya, I’m so pleased you liked this and thank you for commenting. That flashback scene to when the slept together when Melvin was dying is a favourite of mine too. Tibette’s conflict always overshadows the times when they cared for each other, doesn’t it? But they did have moments of pure love,

        To answer your questions – in Ep1 of GenQ Alice accuses Shane of wanting to f**k her mother and also says that her mother is ‘still living in my apartment’, so Alice selling her apartment is going to mean Lenore has to find somewhere else to live.

        And yes, Yeezys are cool (apparently!) sneakers that the young folk like. Or so it says when I google this stuff, haha

        Thank you again for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me and helps keep me writing! x

    3. Woah, lots of movement forward. Huge step for Tina. Love them reconnecting to just sleep, reconciliation will be a long time coming.
      Glad you are writing and there is more to come soon. Looking forward to how Bette feels when she wakes up with Tina in her arms and vice versa….

      • Haha, thank you BK – the morning after is always interesting, isn’t it???

        Thank you very much for reading and commenting, especially when you are writing your own story. I am beginning to find it difficult to read as much as I used to on the site, but am catching up. I appreciate the encouragement. Take care x

      • Hi Sharon! It’s lovely of you to take the time to comment and to let me know you enjoy this story. :-) Honestly means so much to me.

        I hope to post the next bit either late tonight or tomorrow morning (Scotland time!). Thank you again x

    4. So I was yelling at Bette, in my head…I think it was only in my head…YOU NUMBSKULL!!! REVENGE LATER. TINA NEEDS YOU NOW. And thankfully, Bette heard me! I like when that happens. Actually, it has never happened before, but I have hopes it wasn’t a one time event.

      What fun to read a great Joyce Wischnia scene. That should be a site requirement–every 7th chapter of a storyline must include at least one JW scene.

      And you really like challenges, don’t cha.. It’s not enough that you are trying to reconcile B&T -4th time’s a charm???–but you also want to solve Shane’s commitment issues? Yikes. If you are up to those two challenges, maybe you can help me figure out why freezing a Yodel and then unrolling it to eat makes it so much tastier that the Yodel “as is”.

      I will be constantly refreshing the website’s home page, waiting for your next chapter.

      • Hi Spu! Great to see you here. :-)

        Bette is such an extreme character, I just *knew* what she’d do – initially, anyway. I’m glad you were shouting at her. So was I, and I was WRITING it, haha. This was a tough chapter to know where to end it, because of her reaction, but she is changing (they both are).

        I’d love to read (and write) more Joyce, more Peggy scenes. I am so mad at GenQ for killing Kit, I can even…..

        I suspect me and Shane are going to find out what’s in her future at the same time. She’s deep, man. And I love Kate M so much for creating a character whose every line of dialogue arrives fully formed. Like Joyce, a total pleasure to write.

        I had to look up what a Yodel is! We call them Mini Rolls, haha. I have never thought of freezing one, but that is definitely happening.

        Thank you so much for commenting and encouraging me. It means a lot. And I hope you may yet be back with some updates of your own, if the muse strikes x

    5. That was absolutely great!
      I love these ‘left turns’ you are taking!
      Seems a shame you can’t write season two of Generation Q!

      Fallen in love with Bette and Tina’s new slightly different characters and like your writing of others, especially Joyce! She was a hoot!

      Thanks for posting, looking forward to more.
      Stay safe

      • Hi SG! Great to have your comment and thank you for reading this chapter.

        So glad you are liking my Bette and Tina. Phew. I think the reason they’re slightly different is that they have to be, or I wouldn’t believe they could make it work again, so I guess that’s where that comes from. And I don’t know about you, but I have the feeling GenQ is going to try to reconcile them, and if they do, I’ll be fascinated to see how! Fingers crossed anyway.

        Thank you for reading and for the encouragement. Means a lot. Take care x

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