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    Another Left Turn – Chapter 8

    Chapter 8


    Angelica Porter-Kennard wasn’t an AP student for nothing. When she went to sleep on Wednesday night, she set a silent phone alarm for 6:00 a.m., so she could get up and check where Mama T spent the night. At 6:03 she tapped very carefully – not so loud as to reach Mama B’s ears, not so soft as to raise a charge of not respecting Mama T’s privacy – but both guest bedrooms were empty. Untouched. No one was even pretending they hadn’t spent the night together.

    She stared at the master bedroom door. As far back as she could remember her home had only ever had one cast-iron rule: If your mommies’ bedroom door is closed, Angelica/Angie/honey/sweetheart/boo, please knock and wait for one of us to come let you in. It hadn’t always worked. ‘Doing yoga’ or ‘playing naked statue’ (a game just for grown-ups, apparently) or ‘getting something out of Mama T’s eye’ had become ‘mommies have special cuddles’, ‘everyone needs time for themselves sometimes’, ‘you can ask us to knock on your door too’ etc.

    A wild thought flew into Angie’s head: that she should just knock right now and get them to explain – finally – what was going on. But she didn’t. She went back to her room and lay watching the first five seconds of dozens of TikTok videos and scrolling Instagram to the point of blur. Didn’t even want to talk to Jordi.

    Bette, meanwhile, was wide awake. Angie may have thought herself stealthy but her mother had heard every footstep.

    She breathed as softly and as evenly as she could, not to wake Tina. They were on their sides, Bette the big spoon as always, on her right side with her left arm tucked around Tina’s waist. Her face buried in her hair, her left ankle in between Tina’s calves, thigh tight against her ass. She recalled so many mornings long ago when this situation would turn towards lovemaking. Bette liked mornings. She liked sleepy kisses and racing against the alarm clock and breathing-in a lover’s neck and crotch, warm and musky . . .

    But now, nothing. Bette sent enquiries to her nerve-endings, looking for that electric tingle of arousal, and was surprised they came back blank. She was also surprised that this didn’t faze her.

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    1. Largo, this chapter, this story is simply beautiful. Whatever crisis of confidence you had or are having about this story needs to be put away never to surface again. I loved this chapter, especially the first part where they wake up together. It was so REAL. So clear and heartbreaking at the same. All the reasons Tina has been such a disaster make sense now with your writing and Bette being so strong… this is a helluva story. Thank you for the time you put into this and for weaving a beautiful tapestry of a relationship that is becoming stronger each moment. Post soon, stay well. Thanks

      • Oh, thank you BK! You’re a terrific writer and it’s so lovely to know that you have confidence in the story and are enjoying it. :-)
        I saw in your author note for RWYA that you’d been a bit up and down as well, but you’re right: loving, fluffy B&T is comforting for writer and reader alike (if you’re a Tibetter, of course, haha)
        Thank you again for the comment and encouragement. Stay well and keep writing! x

    2. It was a very good chapter, thank you!

      So don’t wary about the writing crisis – if talking about myself – i didn’t see it in this chapter.

      Hmm, don’t really understood why Angie was mad – because Tina showed without telling her?

      I like that Bette did tell Tina about her research Tina’s sister – i’m wonder would Tina ever want to see and confront her for the past? Or it’s already too much time had passed?

      So, waiting for the next chapter!

      • Hi Zhenya! Thank you for reading this chapter and I’m glad you liked it. :-)

        With Angie, you’re right – it’s not super clear why she’s annoyed. I think I lost sight of that a bit. I think it was that Bette had led her to think things were going more slowly and then all of a sudden Tina rocks up and they sleep together and Angie was like ‘When is anyone going to just tell me wtf is happening with my parents???’ Possibly on top of feeling that Bette in particular seems to feel entitled to micro-manage Angie’s relationship with Jordi. So just frustration on Angie’s part, rather than being against B&T reuniting as such.

        I can’t see Tina confronting her sister, but she probably be able to go through some kind of grieving process that’s healthier than just ignoring what happened?

        Thank you again for sticking with this story and for taking the time to comment. It is really appreciated x

    3. Largo,

      I can appreciate being stuck. Trying to weave through the mess of the new show and capture our girls is tough creatively. You are doing an amazing job. I love your approach.. Alice is going to flip for sure when she finds out.


      • Thanks, SuperK! I am going to read your ‘Love, Loss’ story this week, along with catching up with some others. There are so many great writers and interesting takes on all the L Word characters in this site, it’s kind of a shame when the show comes back and it’s meh, haha

        I wish I had more Alice in my story, but I find her situation (in canon, which is where I began) a bit dull and it’s hard to be realistic about how much time people with kids have for just hanging out! I know that doesn’t bother the show writers, but it bothers me :-)

        Thank you for reading my story and for the encouragement. Means a great deal to me x

        • I laughed at “it’s kind of a shame when the show comes back and it’s meh”. You, SuperK and other writers are doing such a great job exploring deep down the tibette relationship we all adore. Thank YOU for sharing your talent and beautiful stories with us readers who can’t write :)

          • Hi Vertigo295! Thank you very much for the comment, and I agree – we are all, Tibette writers and readers alike, enjoying these stories and seeing the potential in Bette and Tina. Thank you again for the encouragement! :D

    4. This is a really nice story. I see very clearly how off balance Bette is by what is happening all around her. I can see the difficulty Tina is having trying to understand why she behaved the way she did and knowing how much hurt it caused Bette. I can see the difficulty she had with owning up to be honest with Bette and telling her that she was not honest with her from day one. I can see that Bette is doing all she can to control her anger and yet do what she really wants to do more than anything else – protect Tina. Bette needs to understand that at this point, its not protection, its revenge. I love the fact that Tina recognizes that both she and Bette have controlling personalities. This is essential to the healing which they will both need to produce a strong relationship going forward.

      I hope that Bette and Tina will get to a more grounded position soon. Its a matter of rebuilding trust in each other. Trust that the other is being completely open with the other. They need to both morn the loss of the time they missed together and celebrate a new found relationship which will happen once they understand all the ramifications of this event in Tina’s past. Bette’s fear is well founded – fear that she can go through all this pain and hurt, then to have hope and promise only to be jilted again. Its a lot to go through.

      This story handles this emotional trauma with such care and gentleness yet shows the damage that can occur as a result. The fact that Bette is willing to go to therapy with Tina is a good thing. Bette perhaps should consider individual therapy as well.

      Thank you for this story…take a deep breath, and write when you can.

      • Hey Martha, it’s great to hear your comments, as ever. You always bring such a lot of insight and, with this chapter, I appreciate in particular your observation that Bette’s impulse *now* is about revenge and not protection. That is exactly right, but I hadn’t thought of it that way. (I might use that in the story!)

        One of the reasons I struggled with this chapter is related to what you say about Bette’s shattered trust. Tina is asking a HUGE amount from Bette, and it didn’t feel right to just let it be a ‘Bette is pining for Tina, Tina finally comes back, hurray, they’re happy now’ story. That felt wrong, but it’s also hard to not give Tina what she wants straight away, when she’s been through so much herself… Aargh. This is why I love writing, but it does my head in sometimes, in a fun way :-) I just love the hopefulness they have, the tiny flame that never went out.

        I think Bette will go to see Wendy. I love writing Wendy!

        Thank you again, as ever. I really appreciate your time x

    5. Largo,
      We understand “life” getting in the way that sometimes brings that damn dark clouds. The wait for this post was truly worth it. 🥰 (Can we still use this emoji 😳🙄. Well I’m using it.

      I really was moved by Kit’s insight that there was “hidden meanness” in Tina. That’s exactly what we saw when Tina turned to Helen & Henry and made mincemeat of Bette by parading them in her face.

      I like that Tina had to admit that numbing herself in attempt to hide the helplessness, loss of control, and shame that victims of abuse must overcome, indeed had encased her soul from being able to “feel” loved.

      And if U remember from the show, when Tina was with Alice taking the pregnancy test, Tina had mentioned that she had done that test “many” times over the years when she was with men. Tina was promiscuous a sign that abuse had likely occurred at some point in childhood and/or the formative teenage years.

      Whether a person is outwardly aggressive (Bette) or passively aggressive (Tina) the goal to have some measure control over the stuff that life brings. And “feeling loved” so often seems to set one up for unimaginable pain (when relationships don’t pan out).Love how U’ve answered some questions that had not been answered for Tibette.

      Looking 4ward to their visits with Wendy. Also figure their paths will surely cross with Rossanna. Did either one of their parents know that one or both of the girls had been abused, and did NOTHING to rescue the child🤔.

      Whenever U post, we’ll be ready!!

      • Hiya Dumplin! What a great comment, thank you very much :-)

        I hadn’t thought at all about the different ways B&T are aggressive – they’re very complex, aren’t they? Bette can be pass-agg too, but yes, Tina is almost never straightforward asking for what she wants. S6 of TLW was so hopeful, though, that they’d grown. I think my B&T are kind of an outgrowth of those S6 people.

        I’d completely forgotten about that comment of T’s about the pregnancy tests. I’m very inexpert about abuse, and worry about getting stuff wrong in this story, as I know it’s a very important and serious subject, so I just try not to rush it. Let them work on it with patience and love and NO FLOUNCING OFF! lol

        In my story world, only Tina and Rosanna knew what was happening. Tina’s interrogation tape makes it clear that she wasn’t even certain that what Rosanna was up to wasn’t normal, so in my view she didn’t tell her mom, and then Rosanna would be off to college and that was the beginning of Tina burying it, not rocking the boat, which was already rocking with her father’s philandering – again, Tina protecting her mother? Poor girl.

        I love that you loved the Kit stuff. I think flashback or two is coming. WE NEED KIT, don’t we?? haha

        Thank you again for the time and care in your comment. I was wobbling but everyone has been so encouraging and I appreciate it so much x

    6. Great post. Don’t worry about ‘Writer’s block’ or crisis whatever name you call it, when the outcome is a post as good as this it’s served a purpose.

      Looking forward to your next post whenever it appears but hope it’s soon.

      Stay safe and well in these troubled times

      • Hi SG! Thank you, as ever, for reading this chapter and commenting. I love having you along on this story-ride. I am feeling a lot more energy about the story now! You guys are really great at encouragement :-)

        I hope you are keeping well too! I am fine, touch wood. Grateful for all the essential workers and for LesFan for entertainment and nice people x

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