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    Another Left Turn – Epilogue



    ‘To high seas and mermaids!’

    Helena held out her glass while Dylan, Bette and Tina all gently clinked theirs against it. ‘To high seas and mermaids!’ they echoed, with puzzled smiles.

    ‘My uncle Harry was a sailor,’ Helena explained. ‘And it sounds right for a table like ours, doesn’t it?’

    The irony, of course, was that when this grand old dining table was made the idea of four women sitting down to a meal, two of them married to each other, two of them divorced from each other, all of them raising children without men, pursuing careers and making money, even eating vegetarian food – all of that would have been unthinkable. So they were joyous, even festive, as they began passing round serving dishes full of colourful, mouth-watering food. There was roasted cauliflower with fennel, eggplant with almonds and pomegranate, butternut squash risotto, salads, sambals, and Bette’s best approximation of Waddy’s legendary bruschetta . . .

    ‘Well, well . . .’

    ‘Mmm . . .’

    ‘Smells amazing . . .’

    ‘I could eat a horse.’

    Bette glanced at Helena. ‘Note to self: put lock on stable doors when getting a horse around here.’

    Helena smiled, then said, ‘I have eaten it, actually.’

    ‘Me too.’

    ‘Oh. In France?’


    ‘Did you know you were ordering it?’

    ‘Of course,’ Bette said. ‘I was twenty. I thought I was edgy.’ She winked at Tina.

    ‘I’d have loved to have seen you back then,’ Helena said, gazing at Bette.

    ‘She has photos,’ Tina said, licking olive oil off her fingers.

    ‘Don’t we all, darling,’ Helena said. ‘We’ll get them out one night and you can see what Dylan looked like with a perm . . .’

    They laughed, with Dylan looking obligingly shocked, and then the conversation moved on to weekend plans. It was Friday night and the Porter-Kennards had arrived around five. Angie was eating at Rocco’s house but would be back in time for a nightcap on the patio around ten. Tomorrow, Bette and Tina were going to go explore a little on bikes, maybe take a picnic and look at the plot of land their purchase had added to the vineyard.

    ‘We thought we’d go after breakfast,’ Tina said.

    ‘Lovely,’ Helena said. ‘Take care with the sun, though.’

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      • Thank you, K! Thank you for reading my writing. I’m glad you find it a fun read – I have had a blast writing this Tibette fanfic. It has even made me feel less annoyed with GenQ, haha. Take care and keep writing! x

    1. I agree with SuperK. I will read anything you write, your style is refreshing and detailed, I get pulled in and don’t want it to end. Could totally picture this bike taking shape in my mind. Thank you Largo, this has been such a treat to read

      • Hiya BK! Thank you, as ever, for reading and commenting. I appreciate your support so much. :-) I’m delighted you enjoyed the Epilogue. I was grinning like a loon almost all the time I was writing it, haha. Take care and keep writing! x

    2. Lovely story…. love the ring scene. Really a sweet way to purpose. They are both looking forward to the future and they are doing it together.

      Thank you for this story. Look forward to more stories…. Thank you for the gift of this one… Truly entertaining and well written.

      • Martha, thank you so much for all your amazing comments along the way with this long story. :-) It’s readers like you who make this site what it is. I had such fun writing and I’m delighted you enjoyed it. Take care x

    3. Largo,

      This is an amazing story. So well written. The epilogue is very sweet and full of possibilities. Lots of quiet, comfortable interaction between Bette and Tina. The couple off on their bicycles to who knows where and trying to chase down a rainbow as they glide towards the next chapter of their lives together is perfection. There is so much symbolic caring in this chapter from Tina lessening the load and returning Bette’s ring to its rightful owner as well as her description of building a new home on the pristine land: ‘We’ll make sure,’ Tina said softly, ‘that everything we do is fair and that it’s good for the land long-term.’ I love this passage. Tina could just as easily have been describing the great care that will go into doing what is fair and good for their relationship long term.

      I know this is the epilogue but this story feels so much like a beginning. It is one of my absolute favorites. Your writing style and beautiful language has me rooked: ‘The earth turned . . . They lay in the grass a long time. Bette tried to remember more poems. Tina made stories out of the shapes of clouds. When they got hungry they moved to sit in the shade of the oak, and when they’d finished their food they made out like teenagers.’ The weather changes around them, clouds transform into different shapes, and there are many more poems to try to remember, but their love and future feels certain once again.

      I would be remiss if I did not confess to that Helena is one of my favorite characters in this story. She is so lovely and your description of her is easy to visualize. Some of my favorite moments were those at the vineyard. She seems an easy character for you to write about.

      Largo, I will miss awaiting new chapters to this story but plan to revisit it often. In my mind there are so many new adventures for Bette and Tina. Thanks for sharing your vision.

      • Billy! Thank you so much for all your brilliant comments and your encouragement while I wrote this story. :-) I always felt buoyed up when I remembered that there are other fans like me who love Bette and Tina and want to see them given scenes and stories that are worthy of them. That’s what I tried to do.

        Thank you, too, for picking out the passage about the land. I know I’ve had to depart from canon in order to go forward in time, but I like to think there are some roots in canon for most of what I’ve done – and Bette and Tina are definitely politically aware people in canon, so that was kind of an echo of that.

        And yes, Helena! She wasn’t at the Mother’s Day party because I knew she was going to be in the Epilogue – there was no way I wasn’t bringing her back for the finale. My Helena is the Helena who rolled up her sleeves and went into catering when Peggy cut her off, the Helena who ran away to an island paradise with Dusty … the best Helena. :-)

        I will be back with more stories once I’ve done a bit of reading and thinking about what order to write them in! I have quite a few ideas. Thank you again, Billy, and take care x

    4. Loved it, loved it, loved it, thank you!

      Can I have another Epilogue please:-)

      Really great story, love your way of writing and the characters you write.

      Look forward to sequels, epilogues, new story lines anything you decide to write about our TiBette!

      Stay safe and well

      • Yay, SG! Thank you for keeping the faith that I was a true blue Tibetter, lol. I’ve loved having your comments and your support on this long story.

        I’m delighted you like my characters. I love spending time with them too, haha Thank you so much. Stay safe yourself! x

    5. Hey Largo,

      You knocked it out of the park this time!!!!!!!! Just fantastic!!!!!!!

      So sweet that Tina proposed this time around!!!! So glad that they’re together again & happy this time around.

      But sad to see it end yet happy to know they’ll have each other & grow old together.

      Thanks so much for this wonderful journey & having you share your talent with us.

      Looking forward to what may come next!!!!!!

      Take care.


      • Hiya Collins!!!!! haha, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the end of the story. I decided to go full-fat romance ending. Of course, I made myself cry, so that was ace.

        Glad you liked Tina’s proposal. I got the idea because of a comment someone (could even have been you) said about it being sad that was carrying the rings around – so I thought, yeah, that IS sad – let’s make it not sad.

        Anyway, thank you again for all your support and encouragement and the chats. Take care and keep writing! L x

    6. What can I say that hasn’t been eloquently covered by the preceeding comments? I will just add that I am in total agreement with them! Your wonderful ???? ending is epic….fade out and roll credits! Thank you for what has become another favorite on my list. Looking forward to your next Tibette romance!

      • Hello Dr A! That’s a lovely pic you have in your profile. I’ve tired loads of times to get a pic to upload and I can’t get it to work??!

        Thank you so much for reading my story. I appreciate your time and am delighted I was able to entertain you. Take care x

      • Hiya OneStorm1! Pleased to meet you and thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on this story. :-) I’m very grateful and delighted you enjoyed it. Take care x

    7. Hi Largo,

      A few days later but i finally was able to read this very last chapter.

      It was a beautiful story that moved me to tears, sadness and happiness. And the ending was beautiful, Tina asking Bette to wear the rings again. They are ready to move forward and begin their next step in life together, Angie and their friends. Did i mentioned i loved your Helena?!

      Thank you so much for writing this Tibette story, i would love to read more stories from you with Tibette in it.

      Stay save and healthy ????❤️????

      • Hey Bibi! Thank you for reading the Epilogue – and the rest of it of course. It’s been a long story and I am very grateful to everyone who takes the time to keep up with it. :-)

        I’ve said it before, but I am especially pleased when I can make Tibetters happy. (They make me cry too, btw) And it’s lovely that you like my Helena! I love her and one of the things I think is wonderful about B&T moving to Temecula is that there will more Peggy opportunities too, yay!!

        Thanks again & take care of yourself x

      • Hi BearTheMalinois! Thank you very much for reading and commenting on the story and the Epilogue. :-)

        ‘Playing possum’ is a lovely phrase, isn’t it? I’m still not sure how much Bette heard of what Tina said, lol

        I’m really delighted I was able to entertain you and I appreciate the support. Take care x

    8. Thank you for the great story! And sad it’s ended.

      So i’m hope in the future you’ll write more Tibette stories – i don’t really understand what you mean when you talked about your ALT canon.

      You’re are very good writer, especially when you’re writing about Tibette:)

      • Thank you, Zhenya! I’m really pleased you enjoyed the story and I will definitely return with other stories as soon as I can. I appreciate your comments and support. :-)

        The ALT thing is something like this…. In fanfic, the word ‘alt’ is a shortened version of the word ‘alternative’ and is used when a fanfic writer is using the characters in an alternative universe. So the phrase ‘alt-universe’ means that. I thought it was a funny coincidence that the initial letters of my story – Another Left Turn – also spell the word ALT. So it’s like a double alternative. I guess you’d call it a pun. Hope that makes sense? Take care x

    9. Thanks for this sweet epilogue, Largo. A proposal! Sort of. A promise at any rate. Love it.
      Yes, I can definitely see Tina and Bette settle down in this wine area. They’ll make great business partners with Helena.
      The bike tour feels like the modern version of the heroines riding into the sunset, very symbolic out on an unknow path, add the rainbow and fade out with “The End”. Perfect!

      I thouroughly enjoyed your story, your view of our favourite characters and what you made of the GenQ storyline.
      Please continue writing T + B stories. Thanks for many entertaing hours of reading :-)

      Take care, stay safe,

      • Hiya Kiwi! Thank you for the great comment and for all your support. :-) I’m so pleased you liked the Epilogue and the dreamy ending, haha. I decided to let my inner romantic off the leash there.

        I will definitely be back with more stories of our girls (and Helena) in this beautiful part of the world. Gosh, it’s so lovely! I only look at it on google but I really really want to visit it one day…

        Thanks again. Hope you keep safe and well in NZ! x

    10. Largo,
      What joy we shared in this sweet story that resolved some of the issues we had with TLWGenQ season 1. Way to figure out a satisfying continuation of the love Tibette shared when last we saw them so many years ago.

      It will excitement personified when we discover your next post!

      God Bless and may you Live&Proser ???????? Covid-free????????????

      • Hey Dumplin! Lovely to hear from you and thank you for reading this epilogue and of course the long story that preceded it! :-)

        Writing this really made me feel so much better about the Tibette storyline so I’m beyond delighted if it did that for you and some others too. I guess I await the return of GenQ with mixed feelings, but at least I have my own wee world as well!

        I hope you stay safe wherever you are as well. Not too bad, thankfully, in Scotland at the moment but we remain vigilant. Take care, my friend x

    11. Fabulous story with character development, with therapy ( wish more people did it) , with all the interactions from the past and present characters. I love that a winery was the endpoint for Helena, Dylan, Bette and Tina. Thank you for seeing the value in the relationship between Bette and Tina that so many of us see and appreciate.
      I look forward to many more of your stories!!

      • Hi bumsue! How lovely of you to read and comment on this long story! :-) Thank you very much. I’m really pleased you liked it and found it satisfying. I enjoyed really trying to think what on Earth it would be like to be B&T, with all their history.

        I am working on another wee story so I hope to post it next week. Thank you again and stay safe x

      • Thank you for reading my story, fetzstef! And for letting me know you enjoyed it. It was such a pleasure to write it and I miss the characters. Hoping to get back with another story soon. Many thanks for your comment x

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