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    The Wedding

    This story picks up in the summer of 2020, where my other story, Another Left Turn (ALT), ended. ALT began after Tina tells Bette that she’s engaged to be married to Carrie. It’s a Tibette love story that brings them back together in what I hope is a psychologically truthful way.

    Some ALT background relevant to this story:

    Helena and Dylan own a vineyard in Southern California. Bette and Tina are going to invest in it and build a new house there. Helena’s daughter Jun Ying is a climate activist.

    Tina has a therapist called Wendy and has adapted her Toronto job to work from LA, hosting and mentoring under-represented voices in new screenwriting.

    Bette, having lost the election, has set up a charity called ‘Babygirl’. Dani and Shane also work for it.

    Angie’s summer includes working at the vineyard, going to a STEM summer camp in Colorado and interning at CalTech. She’s been promised a car and has a friend called Piper.

    Shane is developing international salons with the Chateau Marmont hotel brand. The dog she adopted in GenQ S1 is called Buddy.

    Alice and Nat are together and not in a throuple.

    Hope you enjoy!




    No one could remember exactly how or when Monday-morning breakfasts became a tradition among the members of the Porter-Kennard-Pieszecki-McCutcheon framily.

    If you asked the eponymous women themselves, they’d give the following answers. Shane McCutcheon would say, ‘Adunno, man. Ask Tina.’ Tina Kennard would say, ‘I went because Bette went.’ Bette Porter would say, ‘It was Alice. She’s always needed an audience.’ But go to Alice Pieszecki, and she’d . . . Well, she’d give the glory to someone else altogether.

    Marina Ferrer. Her present whereabouts are unknown, but in 1997 Marina Ferrer was both newly arrived from Paris and well on her way to becoming an LA lesbian legend: tall, dark, strikingly beautiful, and with an accent every bit as sultry and alluring as the coffee she served in her little hipster café.

    Her par amour at the time was an Australian artist called Yvonne. Penniless but bursting with talent, one night Yvonne hustled her way into a private launch at the Bette Porter Gallery and was trying to persuade the gallerist to come visit her studio when Marina butted in.

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    1. Largo, I just poured a tall cold glass of sweet tea and popped some popcorn. My Friday is MADE seeing that you posted. Wishes do come true! YAY more later after I have read –

    2. I was so thrilled when I opened the alert and saw that you posted something new!! Another left turn was amazing and easily became one of my favorite stories. I just love the way you write. Loved the story, it was just so nice to read about them happy and in love without any drama for a change. I need to be ready for the drama that is waiting on s2 for sure, and now I’ll have your version of a happy ending for these two to think about when things will be to hard to watch on the show (yes, I’m pessimistic…). Thanks so much for sharing your story, and I’m hoping to see more from you

      • Hi Noa! thank you so much for reading this long story so quickly and for your lovely comment. I’m really glad you enjoyed the story, and yes, enjoyed seeing Tibette happy, with no drama. That was what I wanted and I’d had it in my head for so long… I hope we are all wrong about S2. I do have some hope, but I know that if it’s not to be on TV then we will still be able to right the wrongs here on LesFan.

        Thank you again for reading my story. It’s so much fun to write but it’s nothing without readers like you. I appreciate your time and encouragement. Take care, Largo x

    3. Thank you thank you, thank you!
      I so enjoyed Another Left Turn and this has been a truly delightful read,
      I love your writing and your way of telling a story.
      I hope you will thrill us again in the future.
      Stay safe

      • Hey SG! I hope you are keeping well down there in lovely Derbyshire. :-)

        Thank you very much for reading this story and commenting. I’m so glad you found it delightful. I really loved writing happy Tibette and wish we could see Laurel and JB actually acting scenes like these!! I truly appreciate your support and thank you for making it a pleasure to post here. Take care,
        Largo x

      • Hiya Bibi! I hope you’re well and thank you very much for letting me know you might have time to read this story. I know it’s quite long but I hope you find it fun. All the best for now, Largo

    4. Thank you for this crisply concisely inclusive of all the folk we’ve wondered about story
      that is as vivid as a photo. I could see them doing the Bossa nova, Hear Bette singing to Tina. With my glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a few cookies this read was delicious..

      • Hello Cathy!
        Good to see you here. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on this long story. I’m so very pleased you liked it. :-) Take care,

    5. This story is a nice idea as a followup to Another Left Turn. However, I am having a little bit of trouble reconciling the Bette and Tina of that story to this one. It appears to me that Tina and by deflaut are rushing this wedding for no apparent reason. They are squeezing into and already full schedule for no apparent motive than to let’s just get it over with. And as a result, turning things over to Alice and Shane who by bring about a wedding. My question would be if these two do not have time or the inclination to plan what they want, why bother with a ceremony at all. Just run down to the courthouse and get married.

      I have a lot of questions. I presume this is a one-shot story, so why all the background information on people and things which have no relavance to the plot line? Why talk about Marina, the Planet, when Bette dated Alice, Jin Yung and her 400 foot yatch? What did those things have to do with the wedding of Bette and Tina?

      Getting Shane to be the officiant was bizzare. Alice’s screwup with the wedding venue was bizzare as well. Why wouldn’t they appeal to Helena to have the wedding at the vineyard? That is were they reconciled, where they plan to build their home and would have been a perfect setting for a memorable occassion as their final (hopefully) wedding ceremony. It certainly would have been far more romantic than a bike shop.

      When I first read about the wedding being in the bike shop, I thought there might be a connection between the bike trip in which Tina purposed to Bette and this bike shop. But alas, there was none.

      I guess I am being too critical here, but I do not understand why this story needed to be published before Gen Q season 2 begins. In the predessor story, Bette and Tina have already disposed of Carrie, been through therapy and have reconciled and had agreed to marry. This story just has the marriage ceremony take place. All the ills of season 1 had been corrected in Another Left Turn. So from what I see, no matter what season 2 brings, all the issues have already been addressed in Another Left Turn which was and is an extremely well written, logical story about the reconnection of Bette and Tina.

      I realize that there has been a slow down in writing on this web site. I am not sure what the reasons are however but I suspect that people that do write and publish are finding that it is simply not as easy as it would appear. The ability to generate fresh ideas and perspectives is not an easy task. Writing takes time and effort and many find the process pain stakingly hard to put thoughts into words and to convey the characters and plot lines you want to convey. I have done some writing myself…not very good writing, but I have attempted it. The one piece of advice that I would give every writer is for you to look at your story and ask yourself why? Why is this in the story? What does it do to advance my plot line or convey to the personality of my character? Why does my character say this or do this? And if your answer is that you have no idea or to please the reader, then I would say to you, try again. Largo, that is what you had in Another Left Turn…. a throughly understood who your characters were, what motivated them, and where they were going. Bette and Tina were three deminsional people not just charactures with a few flaws. You are an exceptional writer. I hope you do more.

      Thanks for this story….

      • Hiya Martha! Good to see you again. :-)

        I’m sorry this story didn’t float your boat. A lot of what happens in the wedding story is because it was intended to be a celebration, essentially a romantic comedy story, a story with low-stakes crises and silliness. It’s also a story in celebration of the L Word’s endorsement of the concept of ‘framily’, the chosen family as well as (or above) biology. So the Prologue was telling the story of how the framily relates to the Monday breakfast check-in. All of this makes perfect sense to me as legit subjects for my fanfic and I enjoy writing this world.

        I disagree that the B&T in this story are not like the characters in Another Left Turn. They’re simply not in turmoil any more and, again, this is a story about framily love, about what people do for each other out of friendship. I’m pleased with the story for what it is. I think it has a few good laughs in it and the wedding is what I consider romantic, dare I say moving. I certainly cried when I wrote it!

        I don’t know why you’re confused about the bike shop. I think it’s very clear that it is the latest business to occupy the retail space where the Bette Porter Gallery once stood. Angie’s idea was to have her parents marry in the space where they first met. And why not have Shane officiate? It’s very common in California, with the deputy for a day programme. The plot twist with Alice being conned is a little high-concept but I think the genre allows for it here.

        Thanks again for taking the time to read this and for your considered feedback. It’s always very welcome. I’m disappointed you didn’t enjoy it but there we are. Can’t win ’em all!

        Take care,

    6. Dearest Largo,

      Super excited to read your update!!

      As you know I am on ‘holiday at the moment – so I will read it as soon as I can once I return home & let you know my thoughts.

      It looks like another masterpiece by you my friend – can’t wait to read.

      Take care !!!

      • Hiya Collins! Thank you for taking the time to read this when you get a chance. I appreciate it so much and truly hope you enjoy it but no worries if not, lol
        Safe trip home!

    7. Hey Largo,

      I had finally the time to read it and wow i loved it!!!!

      A truly happy Tibette and their close friends, the framily. Great name by the way!

      You made my Tibette heart swell with love and hope, not for GQ because Marja doesn’t give a shit about them, but for the fact you and the other writers keep them alive and happy in love. This is exactly what we need and want so badly to happen in GQ.

      The circle has come round, marrying in the former The Bette Porter Gallery where they first laid eyes on each other and where it all started. I can’t believe it is a Biker shop now!

      Thank you so much for taking the time and care for writing this wonderful story!

      • Hey Bibi! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story and to comment as well. I really appreciate it.

        I wrote this story so that I could have the fun of imagining a romantic and FINAL wedding for our girls. It made me quite tearful and of course I wish we could see it acted by JB and LH, but even if we never get that we still have fanfic.

        Thank you again, and take care,

    8. Hi again! I read your story and i really like it. At least in ff we can “see” Tibette’s wedding.

      I think it was great idea about the place – marry where they first met. But as i read your story in few days, maybe i just forgot about one thing – when pick the place became Alice task?

      So, thank you again and i hope to read more Tibette’s stories from you in the future!

      • Hi Zhenya! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this long story and for commenting. :-)

        The decision to ask Alice to take over the wedding wasn’t shown in the story so it’s my fault you might have missed it. It was just in the look that Bette gave Tina when she said how happy they would make Alice if they let her do it. The reader then had to imagine that, because Alice is talking to Shane about officiating, she has indeed been asked.

        It was great fun writing their wedding and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! I will write more, for sure, and it’s great to have readers like you. Thanks again and take care,

    9. Hi Largo,
      So many things stood out to me – I really liked the interaction among everyone, they truly are family.

      Bette & Tina christening the garden is definitely a highlight, very hot

      I loved their wedding venue. It may have been a bike shop, but Bette & Tina and Angie and Alice and Shane and all of us know what it represents. Their first meeting, their first kiss at the gallery – thank you for the tribute to those most special scenes.

      The new rose named Tibette! Genius, Largo

      And what I wouldn’t give to see Bette sing to Tina in GenQ S2, and to see them dance like you wrote it. I do have faith they will get back together, but it’s not going to be easy for us Bette & Tina fans.

      I enjoyed this story. It was well-written and fun to read. Looking forward to reading more stories from you. Now I’m going to re-read Another Left Turn.

      • Hello Westy20! *waves* Thank you very much for reading this story and leaving a comment. I appreciate it very much. :-)

        It’s interesting that you have faith they will get back together on the show. I know I’m in a minority but I have a feeling that it might happen too! If it does, though, I think you’re right – there’s no way they’re not going to make it agony to watch! As I live in the UK it will be ages before I get to see it anyway. :-/

        I’m delighted you enjoyed this story and that you liked the use of the ‘gallery’ as a venue. That was really the idea that made me want to write a wedding story. I felt it was very romantic but I wanted it to *somehow* be a surprise to both of them, which meant neither of them could plan it… hence Alice!

        Anyway, thanks again. LesFan is a lovely place because of its readers and I appreciate everyone who reads what I write. Take care,

        • yes, Westy made a great comment :-)

          I’m glad you liked the rose. I had wondered about Helena giving them a vine of a new grape variety but apparently that’s quite complicated (and I’m a bit of a stickler for research!). A rose is much easier to get named after you, if you have money, lol

          thanks, Collins

    10. Ohhhh Largo,
      You pulled it off Chuckles!!! What a sweet wedding. Gosh I loved your insight into Tibette + teeange Angie. Perfect.

      I hollahed at your Joyce Wichnia who inspite of knowing Angie her whole life, kept calling the “wrong” name!!! Tibette would correct her in the same breath and they all would just keep going.

      What Tibette learned in their individual therapy sessions, they acted upon. For example, Tina offered her interpretation to what Bette meant whenever she said, “do whatever you want, it’s fine with me” and she was right that Bette was AFRAID that Tina would LEAVE if they disagreed!!!

      Tina was wise in asking Bette to HELP her make decisions that involved them both.

      This was the type of vulnerable communication that lifted their love-bond to level that could overcome life’s curve balls.


      Gosh are we in for a treat with future scrumptious delicacies you have to share!!!!!


      • Hi Dumplin! Thank you so much for your comment. :-) I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story. It’s great fun for me as a writer to spend time with these characters. They’re so easy to imagine, because of the show, and I like writing dialogue and trying to hear how the actors would say it.

        It’s great you picked up on how B&T confronted and resolved the underlying dynamic that was in play between them. I think that’s how healthy relationships work: noticing, gently examining, no blame just loving curiosity and trust. Gah. I wish we could get this with JB and LH acting it, lol

        Thanks again for reading what I write. It means a lot to me. Sorry for delay in replying – had a big family birthday at the weekend! Great seeing people for first time in person for ages. Hope you are keeping well. Take care,

    11. The reason we can easily see Tibette is bc Jennifer&Laurel’s connection on film is sooo life-like. Yes we KNOW there’s preferred camera angles, lighting and editing, but the intangibles of trusting one another in these characters isUNdeniably fresh.

      My biggest ????? of the writing in GenQ is what’s the point of the reboot? The original LWord impacted millions of lives for good and it’s cultural statement was sorely needed in the years of broadcast.

      Why have the end game of the iconic couple & their family dismanted????

      • I completely agree, Dumplin. Some people on twitter, who have been in long term relationships, raising kids, etc. have asked ‘Where is my representation?’ and I so agree with that. It’s like GenQ is blind to its own narrow-mindedness about LGBTQ+ diversity. Some gay people have stable lives, y’know???? It makes me really sad, and it’s so unnecessary. They would never have got the reboot without the Tibette fans and they just treat us like garbage.

        BUT we have fanfic! And after S2 comes out, we’ll get busy fixing it all again!

        • well teaser clips have been release on GenQS2 and here we go.

          And yes, the sole reason ratings were significant enough to warrant S2 was bc Tina made appearance. And now we get bashed with Carrie.

          Carrie on the scene means Bette will be hookin’ up without restraint. Uughhh.

          Yes dear Largo, be prepared to ” re-write” Season 2″

          • I know. I’m watching This Is Us at the moment and I keep thinking ‘how great would queer tv of this calibre be?’ But no, queer folk just get this daft bubble of a show. I just hope it’s funny or something. And yeah, please don’t make Bette a playa. :-(

      • I’m with you 100% on GQ. It is such a waste of talent & emotions for Tibette to be broken & just cast aside like it’s old news.

        I myself am in a long term relationship that has been blessed with us being domestic partners, in a civil union & finally married. My spouse & I have been together for 35 years!! So I know that long term stable relationships exist – too bad no one has the guts to express that in front of the cameras.

        I clearly don’t understand the reasoning behind their divorce & the mess that is GQ.

        I saw someone posted on SM that they were going to imagine that GQ is just a dream from Bette & she’ll wake up & all will be as it should – Tibette married & living happily, Kit alive & all the other OG’s there too. Goodbye & so long GQ newbies !!

        Sounds good to me.

        Take care.

    12. Largo,

      Sorry for the delay in my comment – so here goes:
      This is a wonderful update to your earlier story – I just LOVED it!!!!
      So warm and enriching.

      There are so many special moments in this update – from the singing & dancing lessons to the full on dancing of Tibette. Their vows were spot on & rang so true – from their hearts. And the setting – the old gallery – how sweet & just perfect!!! So true – they have come full circle & are just as in love this time as they were the first time. As Westy commented – it was a tribute to that special place of long ago!!

      I can certainly understand why you cried when you wrote the wedding scene – it was so real & touching – tugged big time on the heart strings.

      I will admit that Shane being the officiant was a bit strange at first read – but then – why not? She’s been such a great friend to Tibette all these years – it was a nice touch on your part. Thank you.

      Agree with Westy too about Bette singing to Tina & only if we could see them dance in GQ2.!!!

      And speaking of song – I ABSOULTELY LOVE the song that Tibette danced to on their honeymoon – ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’. It was so appropriate for that scene & I just loved it. My heart swelled. That’s a golden oldie from the 1960’s & has been a hit song for several artists over the years. I fell in love with it back in the day – 1967 when I learned to play it on my trumpet in elementary school!!! God – what a memory & it brought tears to my eyes. You did GREAT lady!!!!

      I will confess that it’s on my playlist on my phone!!!!

      I thought Tina’s pre-menopausal scenes were so spot on too – God – just like in real life – Ugh!!! And Bette with the typo scene – classic Bette!!!

      And Angie’s necklace with her moms’ initials – PRICELESS!!! That was soooo sweet & touching – showed the love they all have for the other – what family really is.

      I read all the comments & agree with most – but not all. I totally get why you wrote this update the way that you did & I think it’s just super.

      Largo – my friend – I hope you continue writing because you have such a special talent & such unique insight into these characters that the awesome actresses that portrayed them gave us. You have rounded the bases as we say here in the states & hit it out of the ballpark!!!

      Terrific achievement & I wish you the very best!!!

      Until the next – Another Left Turn.

      Take care.

      • Collins, this is a wonderful comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story and for enjoying it! I don’t know about you but I write first of all for myself – to get my daydreams out of my head and into some sort of order – and then to bring pleasure to the reader. So it’s a relief when I manage it!

        It’s really funny to me that Shane being the officiant strikes anyone as odd. It was a complete no-brainer to me, once I looked up how easy it is to have someone do this for you in California. But there we go – we all see these people slightly differently – which is why we can have such a rich fanfic community. So many versions of the ‘same’ people. :-)

        ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ is such a sexy, romantic song, isn’t it? Even though they’re apparently teaching it to wee kids!! I didn’t know you played trumpet – I’m a band with a guy who plays trumpet too. That’s great. Hope you kept it up!

        The necklace was my partner’s idea. I was racking my brains for what present Angie could give her parents and this was a fantastic compliment by her to all their years of devotion to her. It made me quite verklempt to think of a kid doing that for her mums.

        Thank you again, my friend, for all the support and encouragement you’ve shown me here. I will keep writing. I might be able to squeeze a stand-alone in before the show comes back but more likely is I’ll use my time on here to catch up on my reading! And then come back with something when the GenQ canon is known. (I wish I could ignore the show, but I find it very hard, especially since Left Turn uses it. Agh.)

        Take care! Keep flying the Tibette flag!

        • Largo,

          You are so welcome my friend.

          From the start I found your story intriguing & so true to their characters. You definitely got inside their hearts & minds to the very core of who they were & now are as a couple.

          Like you, I try to inject a bit of humor into the story just to lighten the mood or present another glimpse into their character.

          Totally agree about the song – slow burn in the beginning – all that yearning & sweetness & then – BAM – up kick & bring it on!!!! Super sexy & I can envision them through your words dancing to it & just loving each other.

          Yes, have been playing the trumpet for a long time. Just as a hobby now – but I still just LOVE the sound of all that brass !!! Have many favorites – but Herb Alpert is my all time fav. I guess because he was sooooo popular back in the day when I was growing up in the 1960’s & it was all about the Tijuana Brass & him. I can hear the melodies in my head.

          Well I didn’t know either that you were in a band – good for you!! Enjoy.

          This was such a wonderful story – full of challenges, struggles & realization & then so much passion and love. I hope its not THE END END & I certainly hope that you will provide us with an update on this story not too far in the future. Yes, yes????

          I will keep waving that Tibette flag – hope spring eternal!!!

          Best regards


          • Hi Collins! Sorry for delay in replying. So cool that you play trumpet! I can’t bring any Herb Alpert tracks to mind but I feel like he’s one of those people whose music I know without knowing that I know it, if you know what I mean? He’s a huge name.

            Thank you for the feedback on this story all through the past year or so. It’s been so appreciated. I will definitely carry on with fanfic in some way or other. Probably still with this story, I think. I’m glad you are still writing too and have optimism for Tibette. :-)

            Take care

      • Hey Deanna! Sorry for delay in replying. Thank you so much for reading this story and for commenting. I’m glad you found it heartwarming – that was what I was going for!
        Take care

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