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    Another Minute

    ”You have got to be fucking kidding me!!”

    Tina didn’t even really hear what Angie was saying, it didn’t register initially because every nerve cell in her body and every thought in her head was on Bette. All she knew for sure was that Bette’s lips were no longer on her own but she could still feel the heat of them, the warmth, more than a hint of a welcome tongue… and somehow… somehow… her daughter was in the room looking at them like they had grown three heads. All Tina could hear was her own heartbeat beating too loudly, thump thump thumping in her ears like a drum in a procession band that matched the word her brain kept repeating Bette Bette Bette.

    She was acutely aware of how close Bette was standing to her, and how her own blouse was probably untucked (Bette’s fingers on her skin felt like matches fuck) and possibly unbuttoned. How the lingering scent of Bette’s shampoo (special order, from that store in New York) hung in the air, expectant, enticing, so familiar it made her heart ache. She just wanted to breathe it in, marinate in the way Bette lit up all her senses but Angie was suddenly here and Bette now was talking, nervously explaining, asking questions.

    They both looked down at their clothing (was her zipper down? Jesus) then started talking at once, Tina unaware of what she was saying, her thoughts obsessing over the way Bette’s body fit so perfectly against her own (had Bette lost weight?), her mouth tingling from that kiss, that kiss that ended much too abruptly. How it felt to breathe Bette in, share the same air, their lips so close that when she inhaled it was at the same moment Bette exhaled.

    When did she stop noticing how good it felt to be held by Bette? To be looked at with eyes that she could fall into, drown in? When did the love she always felt down to the depths of her soul equate with needing space?

    “We were just going to watch a movie…” she heard Bette say and Tina would have laughed out loud if she could think straight but the reality was that all she could think about was that she wanted the kiss to continue, she wanted more, she wanted Bette, she wanted Bette so badly her words were tumbling out of her mouth carelessly to knock into Bette’s mumbling as Angie abruptly left the house, the door closing just as suddenly as it was opened not mere seconds ago.

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    1. Ahhh I’m speechless in the best way possible, bless you and your amazing brain for creating these stories. And thank you for not leaving it alone and giving us your take we need a Toronto series fic, meeting Tina’s friends and then flying back and fourth seeing their family and them doing the same. Ahhh I can’t wait for the next chapter, but still so speechless but it was just perfect

      • Maddyson – what a lovely comment, thank you so much! We do need a Toronto fix! Aren’t we picturing them in the snow and the cold weather, celebrating the holidays and the new year together? Stupid show for not giving us this …
        Glad you liked it, I appreciate you taking time to comment

    2. What a lovely chapter and the unpacking of Bette and Tina’s reunion… you have certainly given a better story of the their reunion than was presented by Generation Q. You really do reflect as to what I feel that Bette and Tina feel about each other. However, my question has always been is how did they end up being apart to begin with. This story does get some hints in that direction… and I do appreciate that more than you know. You see for me, I have always been of the opinion that Tina has all the answers. It was Tina who left Bette… it was Tina who requested the divorce and it was Tina who has controlled the relationship since the divorce. And yet she has blamed Bette for her decisions and motivations to make the choices she has made. And yet I have no clue as to what was so wrong with Bette that Tina would have chosen to run rather than to fight for this love of her life. I can see Bette doing whatever it took to get Tina back but only after she knew that Tina still loved her. I am still not sure that is true of Tina. The appearance that Bette simple request for her to stay would cause her to run back to Toronto appearing to be angry and not trusting of Bette’s motives seems not to bode well for their future. That scene did not engender much love and trust of Tina and the future for Bette and Tina together for me.

      Thank you for this chapter… very well written and makes Tina a little more understandable and likable. I just hope that Bette decides to listen and hear what Tina has to say about their history. They owe it to each other to explain their choices and responses to bumps which they have gone through particularly those which have effected their relationship with each other and with Angie.

      I am presuming this a singular chapter unless you see something in episodes 9 and 10 which needs more explanation. But if its not, I certainly look forward to reading more… Thank you for your contributions.

      • Martha
        I have missed you! Feels like its been a minure as they say down here since we last discussed our thoughts on this series.
        You ask a doozy of a question my friend -” how did they end up being apart to begin with.??”
        There really was no intention on the part of the writers or the showrunner to answer this question. What we know of where we left this couple in the OG also doesn’t track with how they are introduced on GQ.
        I refuse to explain TIna’s behavior using the interview tapes as I do not consider them canon. So HOW do we explain her behavior?
        I think Tina felt for a long time like she wasn’t enough for Bette. Insecure, anxious, impulsive – we all saw these traits in the Tina portrayed since TLW S1. Laurel H did an incredible job fleshing out the character with the lack of back story and plot designed by IC. But again and again I circle back to the cohesive, attentive, respectful partnership we saw in the last season of TLW. So there really is no way to answer your question without suspending a great deal of rational thought and understanding.

        I anticipate more to this chapter as we see the upcoming episodes so I will rack my brain to see what explanation I can come up. I do believe they each share the blame and are equally terrible at communicating but I have never bought it to the idea that Bette was self absorbed and put her work over her family or that Bette’s personality was hard to live with. That is not the Bette Porter I see or like to write about. Flawed, complicated, attachment issues yes.

        Thank you Martha, Hope you are well

      • WKM
        Thank you! I think there are several writers here on this site who could teach Showtime a thing or two about how to write a watchable show! Thank you for commenting

      • Hi Lee – Looking forward to your thoughts once you have time to read it. I am currently working on Black Beauty, should be ready soon. Thank you for reading my stories and taking time to let me know how much you like them. BK

    3. woo=hoo, another story from BK! BK, I don’t know if you’re on Twitter, but you’re getting a lot of love over there

      I’m happy to see them back together on GenQ, but how I would have loved to see the beautiful scenes you write here in this story. Bette’s speech was everything Tina needed to hear, these words you wrote just perfect – “Find her. Fight for her”. Then later Tina’s speech was what Bette needed to hear – I will never ever run away from you again I am committed to this to you to us I will be so careful with your giant tender precious heart and I will stay still when I get scared”

      Thank you for giving us Tina calling Bette baby and Bette calling Tina Tee and I loved them packing for Toronto.

      And you always can make me laugh – “Jesus Mary and Joseph and the damn donkey too” lol

      All your stories have a line or passage that just stays with me. Seems like every other page in this one I thought that’s my favorite line. My favorite is truly – :”It was a kiss that neither ever forgot a kiss laced with a love that was bent but not broken a love that never gave up a love for the ages” A love for the ages, that is Bette & Tina and BK, you always capture that.

      And the last paragraph – nothing I can say except – just perfect.

      • Westy – TWITTER? My goodness I am speechless and that doesn’t happen often. I had no idea. Maybe BK needs a twitter handle….hmmmm… I have no idea how to do any of that but I love good banter and collaboration so might be worth the peek. Any tips would be appreciateed, I just learned BeReal lol.
        I love all the parts you picked out – need to hear them call each other Baby on the show, what the heck ARE those writers doing anyway? So glad you liked it, we can dream of next week but I prefer to have low (very low, like in the basement low) expectations so I don’t go into a deep depression over the treatment of my fav couple.
        All the best Westy! Happy New Year!

    4. Hey BK,

      Happy New Year, i wish you all the best life can give you!

      So happy to see you back and trying to fix the mess and that is GQ. I simply can’t believe that a selfish, arrogant and non talented showrunner ruined the show, a reboot Jennifer, Ilene Kate and Leisha fought so hard for to get back. GQ makes no sense at all, rubbish story lines, no connection with the newbies, divorcing Tibette and after much pressure from the fans and Jennifer we got two lousy episodes to see them reunited and disappear for six episodes without one mention to Tibette in them. I really hope that we will get a Tibette wedding but knowing Marja bitch, we will be robbed of and maybe have them for five minutes in the last episodes.

      About the chapter, you really are so good in describing the emotions, their thoughts, fears and hope. Both are responsible for the break up i think but i do feel that it’s more Tina’s fault, she admitted to running instead of fighting and communicate her fears to Bette , the way she felt she was not good enough etc. It’s a pattern we saw in the OG, but in the end of the OG, they were so happy, equal in their relationship, Bette moving to NY to support Tina. I really wish GQ gave us answers about why Tina divorced Bette, it doesn’t make sense but nothing in GQ makes sense at all.
      Love that you and other writers try to fill in what GQ is lacking.

      Sorry i didn’t have had the time to read your story before now but you know i will always read it whenever i can.

      Thank you again for your wonderful stories and this chapter!!!

      • BiBi my dear we are in such agreement about GQ. It makes me incredibly sad and frustrated that they blew this opportunity to such a degree we will neve know. Imagine if they fully embraced a season of Tibette. Shame on Marja.
        Never apologize for reading or not reading – I am grateful that you find time to read my work and even more appreciative that you take time to tell me what you think! Email me, I would love an update on how life has been and I hope youve had a wonderful New Year!

    5. Of course your adaptation for GenQ sea3, epi 2, is just what our Lil Tibette hearts. I love when Authors like you paint the screenplay that incorporates the length of time that these two have been lovers….EXTREMELY intense lovers.

      For them the physical & emotional investment is the WHOLE value of their existence. Tina has been UNquestionably liberal in showing affection and UNinhibited in the expression of vulnerability to be loud, dirty talking in her passion.

      Bette’s expression of same, flows from a somewhat less freedom . . . . EXCEPT W I T H Tina. Tina does not reject Bette when they are making love or just flat out Fckn!!! HeHeHe!!!

      • Thank you Dumplin! I have missed you! yes, very intense loving and fking and all the stuff in between. You wrote – Tina does not reject Bette – and I said YES Ma’am Amen. Keep the ideas coming, we are on the same page!

    6. Hi BK,
      I don’t think, I can add anything that others have not already said! This chapter was exceptional! ❤️
      Why, oh why, were you not the GQ front runner, your stories are what we wanted, the words, the feelings, the emotions, the intimacy are all described beautifully!
      I loved how you cleared up the burning question we all had, about Bette’s passport, money and clothes Please continue with this story, I’m absolutely loving it.
      I’ve followed your stories for years, Remember Who You Are, being one of my favourites ever! Can’t wait for the next chapter of Black Beauty either….just stunning stories and written so beautifully.
      Take care and stay safe

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