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    Can I Come In? 5

    The light from the full moon shone through the bedroom window, shining gently on the sleeping form on the bed, covering her in softness, nighttime, whispers. It cast just enough light to turn black into blue, muting the room as if everything was on pause, night the only witness to the breathing of the person on the bed. It was a pause full of promise, of hope, echoing the mood in the house as of late, mirroring the actions of the inhabitants.

    On this night, this dark, quiet, peaceful night… there was no movement in the room, in the yard, on the street. The dog next door was even quiet, the cars parked until morning. But something was missing. And the figure on the bed sensed it.

    Stirring… the slim figure in the middle of the bed moved ever so slightly, blankets shifting as she reached slowly with one hand, palm down… fingers running over empty space on the sheets until making contact with a pillow… now cool…waking the figure slowly, recognition dawning… eyes opening… blinking… searching for the cascade of dark curls that normally occupied the same pillow, for the warm body that usually slumbered nearby.

    But even in the purple light, she could tell there was only emptiness, the hazel gaze finding only cold space next to her, the blanket pulled to the side, an empty bed.

    Blinking again, Tina sat up slowly, the sheets sliding from her as she checked the time on the clock by Bette’s side of the bed, taking a minute to think, run her fingers through her hair. Turning her head to see the dark emptiness of the master bathroom, Tina frowned, slipping her legs out from under the blankets, her feet searching for her slippers but not finding them.

    Her first stop was to the bathroom to relieve herself, her mind whirling with possibilities, then to brush her teeth before donning a robe and going in search of the one person, the only person, who should be occupying her bed.

    Bette Porter.

    It didn’t take long to find her, Bette after all was a creature of habit, and so it was no surprise that the brunette was right where Tina thought she would be… sitting on the couch in the living room, watching the lights play across the backyard. Long legs curled under her with only the light from the pool casting shadows in the living room, playing across the beautiful face.

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    1. This was an amazing ending to your story…. The reason is that Tina is seeing Bette for who she is and is seeing that Bette has done what she could to allow Tina to follow her dreams possibly since they actually began their relationship. Bette was the provider and did what it took to give Tina and Angie the comfortable life. And yes, sometimes she gave too much time and effort to her job and did not give enough attention to her family. And she has paid dearly for that – separations and eventually a divorce… but perhaps if Tina and Bette had talked more some of that could have been avoided. I have always believed that Bette and Tina’s problems have always boiled down to the failure to communicate their discomfort, their fears and a failure to reach a mutual understanding of what their life should look like. With a failure to communicate, they drift apart. With a failure to communicate, they become you and me and not us. And when that happens, trust wanes and anger builds and misunderstandings abound. These two are now on a lot more solid foundation and they are looking forward and allowing their history to be in the rear view mirror…. And that is how you make a relationship work….

      Great story…. thank you BK

      • Martha thank you. I completely agree. I really think Bette did everything she could to allow Tina the opportunities and space she asked for. I could be wrong but I feel like she says something to this effect in GQ to Shane or Gigi about giving Tina that in the hopes that she would come back. I always felt like they grew at two different rates – Bette fast out of the gate and Tina slower, needing to figure her shit out. Like you said it always boiled down to the inability to communicate effectively. I am so glad you liked it, nice to hear from you!

    2. It took me a while to do it but I read your story. Twice. And I have to tell you… I sobbed. It’s so beautiful. There really are no words. Give me some time and I will attempt to formulate a longer comment. The sentiment is certainly there. If I can just find a way to get the fog to clear and my brain to cooperate and put all of the jumbled words together. You are indeed a rare and gifted talent. What a perfect time for this story. Congratulations!!!

      One passage that particularly did me in: “And this exchange will be kept between them, Dear Reader, kept for their ears only. It shall not be repeated here for the words were so quiet that even the air around them could not guess the content. It was one of the most intimate, restorative lovemaking sessions they ever shared and that was saying a lot. These words were long overdue, dusty on the shelves of their heart, but now bursting forth with all the vitality of their renewed commitment, their love stronger than ever.“ Like I said, no words.

      • Billy my dear I have missed seeing you on this site. So much. Thank you for the kind words. I loved the part you highlighted and felt like they needed this kind of talk but that it was better kept between them, our imaginations can do it justice in a way my writing never could. Glad you loved reading it as much as I did writing it.
        I really believe those of us that truly love TiBette are so done with sadness and anger. We want them happy, together. That’s it full stop. I don’t know what will happen in GQ S3 but keeping any negativity and drama around this couple will back fire.
        I hope you continue to feel better, Billy!

    3. Hey BK,

      I am so glad you felt this story needed another chapter, i fully agreed with you on that.

      I started to read this chapter and after 2 pages i decided that i needed to read the last four chapters first and what a joy it was to do that, it took me a few hours because the dog and lovely wife did their best to try to distract me but i can proudly say i won

      This chapter was the end Bette and Tina deserved, after all they went through and fought so hard to get their relationship back on track. I agree with Martha, communication is the key and you certainly let them communicate about everything and i finally think they will have their happily forever.

      Very important is that Tina finally saw and acknowledged for herself what Bette’s endless, fiercy love for her really means, that it gave her everything she wanted, supported and protected her and gave her the space she needed and what Bette will always give her. I love that Tina recognized what Bette has done for her family and now want to set up The Porter- Kennard Gallery with Bette, a dream they talked about in the beginning of their relationship and something where Bette’s real passion and happiness lies.

      Nice touch to bring Pippa in this chapter and Tina’s comment about her not liking woman based on the awkward hug she gave Bette. Please forgive if i didn’t mention it correctly, but i hope you know what i mean.

      This chapter was beautiful and brought me to tears sometimes, both sad and happy tears from laughing loud out!

      You are a incredible writer and i hope you will write many more stories.

      I hope you are doing well, stay safe and healthy my friend

      • BiBi! Funny that you went back and re-read the earlier chapter because I did too! That is what made me want to write a fifth. I just want them to be ok you know? I think they will have their forever if they do exactly what you said – communicate! For the love just TALK!
        I always felt like Tina wasn;t ready to fully embrace the kind of love Bette gave her, she either didn’t think she was worth that kind of love or had issues that prevented her from embracing it. She matured and grew to understand it later but Bette has always been so steadfast in her support of Tina and Angie. Always.
        Thank you for your kind words, you always encourage me and I am grateful that you take the time to let me know what you think. Hope you are having a nice fall!

    4. Ohhh my . . . . .U are one exquisite writer, BK. If E V E R there was a story AND a chapter that explains a Tibetter’s heart of heart, this IS it!!!

      This is EXACTLY what we were hoping to receive from the GenQ Showrunner, Producers, Writers, Directors and Actresses!

      E. X. A. C. T. L. Y.

      We just wanted to see this family in their “humorous, playful, accepting best”.

      And aren’t U the clever one to take some of the dialog but have Tina saying much of what Bette said in the OG scenes like:

      Bette: “Us…you LEFT me, Tee. And I nearly didn’t recover”
      Tina: I never left You…
      Bette: Yes U did…., But then U came back.

      I loooove the way U created so many moments that really revealed the mired of ways that INTIMACY comes forth. It seems like your intimacy is most evident whenever Bette & Tee are totally lost in honesty and FEARLESS vulnerability.

      They learned to just express what was truly INSIDE and were NO longer “anticipating” a critical or judgemental response. If eyes teared up, . . .then so what? If words burst forth . . . Then so be it.

      We need to be able to use Emojis!!! Anyway, time to re-read so that I can have an especially satisfying sleep.


      • YES! If GQ is going to try and mirror TLW why not switch up some of the dialogue and have Tina say the same words Bette did. And between us, I don’t think Bette ever left Tina, I agree with her. She always loved Tina despite the stupidity with Candace. And YES again x10 about the intimacy. I love intimacy demonstrated in non-sexual ways… intimacy is the knowing, the understanding, the acceptance and while we all thought they got there in S5/6 GQ had other plans. “Totally lost in honesty and vulnerability” – well said my dear Dumplin!
        AGREE about the emojis! Bring them back! Enjoy your re-read, thank you for your encouragement :)

        • Bette is like a swan. They mate FOR LIFE. Her soul had fully taken Tina in, but her actions so often belied that devotion.

          She was always guarded against showing her true tender, attentive side and had grown skilled in ”masking” those attributes in leu of being the “alpha” female who demanded & pursuit her interest first.

          From the jump, Tina’s nurturing qualities had Bette figured out, and loved the softer, gentler side. Bette loved confrontation, but Tina didn’t.

          Tina had to learn how & when to confront. But once she figured out how to do it within the framework of her personality . . . Don’t mess with her!!!

          • There’s a picture floating around on social media at that moment when Tina is leading Bette to at the celebration dinner to ‘Walk on By’ dance… leading Bette fking Porter by ONE FINGER to the dance floor. And to me, this sums up the layers and layers and complexities of their relationship. sums it up to such an intimate level – both trusting the other, both giving of each other, both so love. And that is the essence of what you are talking about. It’s really beautiful and I don’t think we will see the likes of it on screen again with any other couple.

            • Yup! Tina had spent the night b4 (Wrap Party) restoring Bette’s confidence and I often wondered if she might have had to persuade Bette into going back out in public, the very next night after Jodi had pulled her crap at the exhibit.

              I lost Tina as having been the one to pursuance Bette to “dance with her”. And while willfully being “led” to the dance floor, noticed IMMEDIATELY how proud and w/just a flip of her hair, Tina was like “yes Bette is MY Woman and I’m going to be soothing her soul in front of all y’all”

              They found their space and others more-or-less, parted the way. Our “hands-on” Tina was in her element. Stood toe-to-toe and kissed Bette like no one else was in da room!!! BOOYAH!!!!

              • That hair flip does me in. You said it perfectly “yes Bette is MY Woman and I’m going to be soothing her soul in front of all y’all”

                They gave zero fks about who else was in the room. Imagine. If we get a second dance in the new season the fandom will collectively need oxygen.

    5. BK,

      I can only hope the GenQ writers could write something as meaningful and moving and just perfect for Bette & Tina. You consistently do because you get them, and you are such a talented writer.

      The Porter Kennard Gallery – could it get any better than that?? So great to see Tina championing Bette and her dream

      One of my favorite lines – “I believe in you, I believe in us. I believe in love. Our love…” I’m smiling and crying at the same time

      But my favorite part – “Their lovemaking evolved and changed over the years, lately taking on a dimension neither expected. Though they always connected powerfully, now the connection was almost visceral, a need to take their time with each other while at the same time wanting to consume the other.” This just says it all.

      What a great story, and so enjoyed this chapter.

      • Thank you Westy! Your comments are always so well thought out. I love the “I believe in you, I believe in us, I believe in love” line too. I feel like Bette needs to know that Tina feels this way, after all they have been through. So glad you liked the chapter and appreciate you always taking the time to let me know your thoughts!


      I can’t express how much this story means for me! I didn’t realise that somehow I do yearning to see the happy ending for tibette THAT much!!

      I’ve read all the comments before me and I can’t agree more! They resonates with what I feel and have in mind.

      And this sentence: “..I want the future, I want the fucking girl, my bride of over twenty years….” Just caught me of guard! *sobs*

      It’s not about just a “yes!” but look at their journey!! Over 20years!! The love, hope, despair.. Which hang in the air :-/

      I don’t know what will come in S3, but I really do hope that something like your story will be aired to do justice for them. Seriously, look at their storyline-from the beginning, with all the drama and anguish they’ve been through, and how they finally survived those… I can’t believe that this couple will be so d@mn stup!d so they became like what they portrayed in tlwq?! Argh!! This tlwq with their ‘new’ storyline of messed this couple up and put them in the lowest place of their relationship made me chose to just block them out! What a stup!d move they did in the name of ‘rating’.
      Ok.. enough rambling!.. :p
      I guess my unhappiness about this was suppressed so deep but unconsciously I always have that kind of hope for them.

      So, THANK YOU, BK!! You are a genius that saved their story! And thank you for cleverly blending their dialogue into your story! Your story will be something I chose to remember about tibette and their family.


      • Hey Merlion – that yearning for the happy ending? I so get it. I think most of the writers here on the site will tell you that is one reason they write, putting thoughts on paper helps pass the time and bring out what we all wish we could get on screen. Fans have waited over 20 years for the continuation of happy ever after and while I believe we are getting something close to that this upcoming season it is hard to undo the mess Marja gave us with S1 and 2.
        And I agree completely with you – they were past all this nonsense of not talking, not considering the other, needing space in TLW. Why break them up and – WORSE – divorce them?? Utter nonsense.
        I have the same hope for them that you do! I so appreciate your kind words and for taking the time out of your day to let me know your thoughts. Lets buckle our seatbelts for the return of the show and fast forward past all the parts that we don’t like!!

        • Yeah!! Couldn’t agree more!

          They should promote one or two of the writer here to write the script actually!


          Am glad for this parallel universe of tibette.. never so invested in any fandom until this tibette phenomenon!

          So, thank you BK for channeling your creativity by writing so many wonderful stories about them and sharing those with us.

      • Great idea! I am back on the high seas right now with our dashing Captain. I think seeing Bette and Tina open their first Gallery that they own together will be intriguing. I might see what happens with GQ first and see what I need to fix in the story LOL
        Hope all is well!

    7. Your stories are an absolute joy BK!

      I have read from Chapter 1 again before reading this post and wept both tears of joy and sorrow as your wonderful story unfolds.

      I say a very loud Ditto to the Comments above and particularly add my request to Deanna’s for a sequel with The Porter-Kennard Gallery Opening.

      Thank you, my friend for once again sharing with us your Superb Writing Talent.

      • You are so kind, SG. I read the story from chapter one to get to make sure another chapter was really needed and with the new season looming really felt like a good time to cast a vision for what is possible. I told Deanna I might wait for the season to end to see what needs fixing and go from there. You have no idea how much I appreciate your encouragement. Thanks!

    8. Hey pal,

      As per your usual excellent writing, this chapter was spectacular!! So much emotion, connection on every level and the love between Tina & Bette just jumps off the page.

      I agree with all the comments from the other great fans that have left their heart felt comments above. Their eloquent words stand alone in honor of this entire story.

      This sets the extraordinary couple on a path for the rest of their lives – one filled with common goals, strong support from and in each other and the love and support of their beautiful daughter.

      Your writing grounds us all in its respect and devotion to Tibette and with Tina and Bette to each other. Their love and respect for each other knows no bounds and is indeed endless.

      Thank you for giving us this – it may not culminate in this exact way in GQ, but you have created an ending that will live in our Tibette hearts for years to come.

      Thanks my friend. This was truly beautiful!!

      • Collins, thank you! You captured what I was trying to project… the couple on a path for the rest of their lives. I have such anxiety and anticipation for the next season of GQ. We may get what we want – TiBette heavy season and a wedding – but will it be so poorly written that it taints the whole show? And all the rumors of JB leaving or only being in four episodes… I may watch with my finger on the ff and off buttons.
        Anyhoo – thank you for your comment and for your own writing which keeps the magic alive!

        • Think we all want Tibette back together whether or not they ever truly explain the real reason for their divorce or not.

          Of course, we would ALL like to know MLR’s ridiculous reason, but I just want to move forward & see them reconcile, declare their undying love for each other, get remarried so we’ll have the pleasure of actually seeing it & enjoy the beautiful memories we’ll have.

          Our emotions the last 2 plus years have been all over the place & I for one would like to bask in a few crazy in love scenes with Bette & Tina just gazing at each other & eye fuck!! They do it beyond compare!!

          I don’t think anything else can taint the show more than MLR has. Her inept, incapable self has done that without a doubt.

          But I believe that JB/LuH will deliver in their extraordinary way & give us an endgame for the ages & one that we will cherish.

          FF on the remote is a friend to all of us!!!

          Thank you for the praise. You KNOW what a challenge we face as we attempt to create meaningful tales to entertain & inspire!!

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