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    Artist Dinner

    Bette ushered her family out of the gallery after she assured them she was okay. She hugged and kissed them. She linked pinkies with Kit. She gave Dana a hug. She gently pushed Alice out the door. But Shane hung back.

    “Shane, I’m fine,” Bette said.

    “I know,” Shane responded in her I don’t believe you tone.

    Bette rolled her eyes. Shane didn’t budge.

    “Where did she come from,” Bette exhaled.

    “Your dreams, apparently.”

    Bette looked at Shane.

    “What? You said you had a dream that she showed up. Then…she showed up.”

    “Wearing the same outfit she had on in my dreams.”

    “You and Tina always had a special connection. You had whole conversations without saying a single word.”

    Bette nodded. Their souls always knew how to communicate without words. She wondered if they could ever get that back. She missed it. Her soul missed it.

    “How are you feeling?”

    “I can’t think about how I’m feeling right now, Shane. I have an Artist Dinner to get ready for.”

    Shane nodded. Bette knew Shane would understand.

    “You good?” Shane asked.

    “Yes, I’m good.”

    “Are you lying to me?”

    “Only a little bit.”

    They both smiled. Shane started to leave. She turned back. Bette waited.

    “She showed up, Bette.”

    “Yes, she did.”

    “That should count for something.”

    “It does.”

    It counts for everything , Bette thought.

    Shane nodded and disappeared through the doors. Bette was alone. She didn’t move for a few heartbeats. Then she realized she was in the same spot where Tina slapped her. The night Candace kissed her. The night her whole life changed in an instant. Bette put her hand to her cheek. She could still feel the sting. Bette closed her eyes tightly. Trying to rid her mind of that night. She squeezed her eyes until she saw bursts of light go off like fireworks behind her eyelids.

    She opened her eyes and slowly made her way back to KiKi’s painting.

    Bette stood in front of Forgiveness with her arms folded across her chest…deep in thought. After all that transpired over the course of the day and night, she needed to be alone with the painting. The details were impeccable. Bette couldn’t stop staring at it. It was magnificent.

    It had to be KiKi’s best work , she thought.

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    1. Thanks for the chapter… glad that Tina allowed Bette to explain the pictures on the card. These are things that happen when someone is a public persona. Photographs show up which appear to be a little more than what reality is. Tina has to trust Bette’s explanation or she too needs to break it off. Punishing Bette for others flirting with her or even pursuing her will not enhance their relationship. The true path is through communication with each other… Tina now has some available time and Bette should have some time as well. Get together and talk… really talk to each other and listen then make your decision as to if a future is what you want. I believe it is… but it’s time to meet and reveal all to each other.. and try not to be judgmental until you do hear it all. The time has come for these two to lay all their cards on the table…and work toward a future.

      Thanks for the chapter… waiting on the next one.

    2. Great chapter!

      You sure know how to keep your readers on the edge just like Bette & Tina!

      It’s time to have a honest conservation and decide to call it quits or to move on together and let their souls reconnect.

      Hope to read more soon and especially with a bit AJ in it, loved how Bette and he love and interact with each other.

    3. I commented here yesterday but somehow it wasn’t posted. Anyway…
      I keep repeating myself, but your writing is addictive and I always finish broken hearted but also feeling hopeful.
      Totally worth the wait!
      Take care :)

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