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    The Feature

    Tina smiled at AJ.

    “Sorry, AJ.”

    “It’s okay.”

    The crowd laughed again. Bette looked down at the little boy hugging her leg and smiled. He hugged her leg tighter. She then looked out at her family. They were all smiling. 

    “Did you guys see that? She touched Bette’s face,” Alice whispered.

    “Yes, Al. We saw it,” Dana replied.

    Dana grabbed Alice’s hand and squeezed. 

    “Do you see the way Bette is fucking looking at her right now? Look!”

    They all turned their gazes towards the stage. Bette was staring at Tina in disbelief.

    “This could get messy,” Shane said in her Shane way.

    “It’s already messy,” Kit chastised. 

    Alice, James, Dana and Shane looked down. They knew they were partly to blame for this. They also knew Bette was going to blow a fucking gasket if she ever found out. 

    The crowd quieted down. Everyone was waiting to hear what Tina was about to say. Especially Bette.

    “Okay. As KiKi mentioned, I’m Tina Kennard and I bet you’re all probably wondering why I’m up here. Because I’m wondering the same thing.”

    Tina nervously giggled and quickly glanced over her shoulder at Bette…again. 

    Bette was definitely wondering why Tina was there and how she was there.                                           

    Why was she introducing KiKi’s feature? How did she know KiKi? She wanted to know what the fuck was going on. But mostly, she wanted to feel Tina’s hand on her face again. 

    “A few weeks ago, KiKi asked me to speak at her gallery opening…”

    A few weeks ago, Bette thought. How many weeks was a few exactly?

    “I said no at first. But if you know KiKi, she didn’t give me much of a choice because she doesn’t take kindly to the word no,” Tina continued.

    A hushed laughter filled the gallery. Bette could not take her eyes off the blonde standing at the podium in front of her.

    “I thought about what I would say. Honestly, it has tormented me because I am not qualified to speak about love.”

    Tina looked over her shoulder just enough to get a glimpse of Bette. 

    “Did you guys see that?” Alice asked again.

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    1. Wow, what a speech by Tina and the response by Bette. Somehow, I do not see the sun coming up tomorrow without Bette seeing Tina. Bette needs Tina tonight… just to be close and to have that connection to have some kind of landing for this deeply emotional night. I think this has been very emotional for Tina as well. This is not about sex but love and connection. They need just to be wrapped in each other’s arms and allow the moment to be…. quiet and relaxing.

      Thank you for this chapter… love the reference to Bette’s toast to Dana and Tonya. That was really message to Tina from Bette, but a return in this story form Tina to Bette. Great way to use that speech.

      Thanks again for writing ….

      • Lol. Yes, and for me the hardest part is not just throwing something together. I try to really get into each of the characters. Sometimes it takes a little longer to write this way. But I hope the results are worth the wait.

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