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    Awaiting the Birth

    Bette and Tina with Andrea’s help spent the next couple of weeks planning and preparing for Logan’s birth and eventual adoption. Maggie made the trip to Bridgeport to meet the couple and to get Marci’s written consent to act on her behalf as the birth mother’s advocate.

    As her advocate, Maggie’s primary responsibility was to ensure that Marci was supported throughout the birth experience. Made sure she had a say in her medical treatment and guarded her emotional and mental health. The social worker also liaised between Joyce and Marci’s lawyer Nancy Cooper to make sure all the legal aspects of the adoption plan were adhered to. Ultimately Maggie was someone Marci could count on to look out for her best interest.

    Feeling confident that Marci’s wellness was in good hands Maggie focused on working out logistics. Marci’s plan to live in Los Angeles with Bette and Tina to have her baby born in California so they could legally adopt him as a couple was unconventional from the beginning, but this unexpected turn of events whereby they were attending to her away from home in Bridgeport, California added complexity. Fortunately, Maggie had a lot of experience within the social services system and she was resourceful. She instructed Bette and Tina to complete the online Home Study application and provide consents to having criminal background checks, inquiries into their joint finances, proof of their civil union, and requests for medical history, including any mental health problems or addictions. The process was intrusive but understandable to qualify adoptive parents trusted with a child’s care and well-being.

    As part of the application process the couple was each required to provide one personal and one professional reference not related to them. They were also advised that Angie would be interviewed as a household member over the age of three. Interviewing other family, friends and associates was at the sole discretion of the case worker.

    Bette shared the nightmare she’d experienced when Roberta Collier the case worker for Angie’s adoption took an instant dislike to her. The woman did everything in her power to dissuade Tina from going through with allowing Bette to adopt Angie. Her deliberate efforts to find fault with Bette’s lifestyle, beliefs, and political views were obviously discriminatory. Maggie assured Bette this experience would be different. Not only was the assigned case worker a professional, but he was also ethical and would never use personal bias in his assessment. They would be evaluated as a household to ensure the placement of Logan with their family was a good match, period.

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    1. Oh, my god…. what a beautiful moment. Bette and Tina and Marci with Logan Kennard-Porter!

      Now….Bette and Tina have a plan for Jenny and for Kelly, what about Jodi? Has Kelly talked to Jodi? Has Jenny?

      I am really surprised that Bette did not blow up the phone so that Kelly would have a ear drum rupture when she suggested that Tina should be the “dutiful wife” role and tend to the children. Kelly does not get the concept of wife and wife does she? They have both accepted and want responsibilities for raising their children and providing for their family. Neither would be happy if it were any other way.

      This has been a wonderful opportunity for Bette and Tina to work through their past missteps and pain they have brought to their relationship, to themselves and to each other. You cannot change the past….and for the most part, playing the what if game only exacerbates the pain and guilt. What happened then happened. The best method is to admit your error, ask for forgiveness and to forgive yourself, and learn from the experience so that you don’t repeat it. Communicate every chance you get….take time to be alone with your partner and pay attention to your spouse and your relationship as to what is going on. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably needs to be addressed and on a timely basis. Do not let things stew…take time to talk about it and resolve the issues as they come up. Stay connected with your spouse and your children. That is what they are doing….and the result will be a life time of happiness and fulfillment.

      This is the couple I know…. this is the Bette and Tina I want to see in the future. The Bette and Tina who bare their souls to each other and accept each other for who they are and love each other without measure. And they will love their children just as much as they love each other. Welcome to the world Logan… we’ve been waiting on you!!

      Thanks for the chapter…. great writing…

      • Hi Martha, thank you for reading and as always providing insightful comments and asking questions that need answering. I decided Bette wouldn’t show her hand to Kelly just yet so she didn’t blow up on the phone. I think the confrontation needs to be in person. Kelly actually made several disparaging remarks about gays, and calling Tina the wife and dismissing her significance in Bette’s life on the show, and for the most part Bette let her get away with it. In my story when she exercises the morals clause of their partnership to dissolve it those things cumulatively will support Bette’s entitlement to compensation (at least in my world) as I’m not basing any of this on actual legalities. Jodi will get hers, and the connections will be revealed soon.

        I’m glad Logan is finally here, and he’s beautiful and healthy. Bette and Tina finally have their son, and Angie has her little brother. Joy Joy!

        Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

    2. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. Welcome to the world Logan! You have the most wonderful mommy’s who have finally had some much needed time alone to work out most of their shit! Ooops. Sorry. And you won’t be bothered by that crazy Jenny because she’s probably going to jail. Can you say yippee? Or that snake Kelly because she will probably pay your mama B a boat load of cash and then slither back to Néw York. There’s a third person out there to stay away from. Her name is Jodi. Hopefully she will have been taken care off by the time you get home. Your mommy’s are going to have a little chat with your Aunt Alice and tell her to back the ?;&$ off. Yes, language Logan. Auntie Kit is very sweet but she needs to learn some boundaries as well. You are in for quite a ride. Your birth mommy is a nice lady. You might want to know her. Keep your mommy’s on the straight and narrow and never ever let your mama T anyone near the evil witch known as Carrie. Remember that name. And you and your mommy’s and your sister Angie will all live happily ever after!!!! Love you, Logan! P.S. Can you ask the nice lady BAT 2012 who created you if she has anything in her literary bag of tricks to bring an end to our collective nightmare known as…. no I just can’t bring myself to say the name of that evil witch again. Please? And thank you.

      • Billy, I love your love note to Logan. He’s already influenced so much good in the lives of Marci, Bette and Tina before he was born, but now that he’s here I will make sure he listens to your advise and yes I am filling up my ‘literary bag of tricks’ as we speak to take care of any obstacles that stand in the way of the Kennard-Porter family’s happiness. I don’t want Kelly in New York when Bette and Tina get there so maybe we’ll ship her off to Europe or something.

        I do find as I’m writing this story that all the plans are coming together and turning out even better in some cases. A bit fantastical but I think we all need happy endings and positive human interactions. Not sure if I’ll keep Marci in their lives but I see a great future for her and all three will definitely hold a special place in each other’s hearts.

        I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season. As always I really appreciate your engaging not only with the story but in the comments with others. This space has become an extension of the stories and I enjoy going back to read them.

    3. I could not write a comment better than Martha and Billy so I am not going to try . Sufficient to say, as the tears run down my cheeks, I love this Alternative Solution.
      Thank you BAT for a great Chapter weaving the old with the new so skilfully, loved it.
      This version of Tibette is so what is needed on Screen but I’ll just Enjoy it on these pages.
      Thank you for being a shining light in the dark world we find ourselves at the moment, stay safe

      • SG thank you. I couldn’t agree with you more. Martha and Billy’s comments usually say it all.

        I’m happy that this story is doing what I’d hoped and that is to bring some joy and light into the ‘dark world’ as you put it. I mentioned to Billy that my outcomes are a bit fantastical with everything being wrapped up so nicely in a pretty bow but it feels good.

        I’d like to extend a special acknowledgment and thank you to you, I’m so grateful for your continued encouragement. I think I started writing originally in 2009 as Bat2009 and took a break and came back in 2012 as Bat2012. I can’t believe it’s been that many years. I’ve taken some breaks from writing or being on the site in the past 8 years but you’ve been there from the beginning and you’ve stuck with me this whole time. That means a lot.

        I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Looking forward to an amazing 2021.

    4. Thank you for the story and the wonderful way it ended. Too bad Bette and Tina didn’t have another child on the show. Ilene was too busy making sure all the characters were miserable as she ended the series.

      • Cathy, thank you. Glad you liked the story and the way I ended the chapter. Marci, Bette and Tina bonded so well in Bridgeport that I couldn’t think of a better way to bring Logan into their lives. Marci has certainly given Bette and Tina a gift. I agree with you about the show. Season 6 could have been amazing, especially if we were able to see Bette and Tina happily married, living and working in New York, and having Angie with a sibling. They wasted 8 episodes and valuable airtime. I think most of us thought GenQ would fix it but it just got worse and seems season 2 is not promising to be much better.
        Fortunately we have the most amazing authors on this site with stories we can all enjoy.

        I really appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment. Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

        • To me, the Authors here at the very least should be “Consultants” for GenQ on how to write for Bette & Tina,a realistic, hilarious, tear-jerker, badd-ass, make-you-blush, erotic, classy, sensual, drama.

          Auhh well.

          Favor & Peace to you all

    5. Can anyone – and I mean anyone – see our lovely Tina doing this with Carrie:

      They took long walks and talked for hours. They worked out vigorously at the gym on some days and on others they treated themselves to the spa and got pampered. Bette swam in the indoor pool and Tina ran on the track. Bette did yoga and meditated, Tina put her earbuds in and cycled. They spent time together, but they also gave each other space. They made love, they planned for their family, and finally they cried and healed from all the hurts of the past.

      Major sigh!

      • Carrie who?

        Billy don’t torture yourself.

        For me casting Carrie is the same as casting Jodi and Kelly – nothing against the actresses but they are not the right ones for the roles. I understand Jennifer Beals likes to work with her actor friends and Rosie is someone she knows so maybe that had something to do with the decision.

        Not sure of the motive making her Tina’s love interest but based on how they are promoting the Carrie character she has more to do with Bette than Tina. Maybe it’s the Bette/Carrie dynamic they are going for and totally ignoring the fact that she’s not a good match for Laurel’s character. That being the case we may never have to see Tina and Carrie in an intimate setting – we can only hope and pray!

        I could barely get through season 1 of GenQ and likely won’t watch season 2 but the good thing about streaming is I can just fast forward to all the Bette and Tina scenes and forget anyone else on the show even exists.

        Take care of yourself.

        • What an insightful comment. Some of the ladies here know that I have a rather strange habit of sometimes skipping to the end of the chapter. Especially when I am anxious or unsure. I will wait out Season Two. Now some do not believe I can manage to do this. But I have zero interest in the new characters. And less than zero interest in you know who. Nada! I love my Jen, so much, but she could have found a different project if she wanted to work with R.O.D. Such a slap in the face to our Tibette. Maybe I will just fast forward a lot and use the mute button. It really does give me some satisfaction.

          I have followed your writing from the beginning. But only began to post when COVID hit and I became confined to the house. If anything positive has come out of 2020 it is the birth of my first grandchild and having met – and I do feel I know you – this incredibly lovely and unique circle of like minded ladies!!! Happy and safe holidays my friends!!!

    6. Hip, Hip Hurrahh to you Bat for working your way through a complicated maze. So admire the realism in having B&T releasing courage and that “I want us to heal” in sharing what happened that fateful day when their first baby suddenly died. Frankly I don’t know how parents can even take a breath when something like that happens.

      And to see them cry through and THIS time cling to one another is like no other reaction. God I love that setting boundaries ESPECIALLY for Alice is a solid “go for it”. Alice has thrived on living her life through them while pounding her chess that she’s their BFF.

      Rekeying front and patio doors is the first step. Make a key for Kit. She & Sonny have not abused their privilege with entering the house UNinvited.

      Gonna be fun seeing them slap back Jenny, Kelly & Jodi. All in good time. Meanwhile, wonder if their son has Tina’s hazel eyes? How long until he’s “acting like” Bette? HeHeHe!!! Then Tina will have one big Bette and two clones!!!

    7. Here i am after reading this wonderful chapter!

      I read every comment and reply and i love all of them! Couldn’t agree with all of them more than !!! So insightfull!

      Like SassyGran and Billy, i followed you from the beginning but i was shy on giving comments and still am sometimes But i couldn’t stay silent after a year reading so many beautiful stories and you BAT2012 are one of my favourite writers.

      Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent and the wonderful Tibette stories cast with your own ideas about our Tibette.

      Stay save and healthy!!! If you don’t update before Christmas, i wish you a beautiful Christmas!

    8. Hey BAT,

      Sorry if I’m a bit late in posting, but just had a chance to read the chapter thru – thanks for all the details.
      Sweet that B & T took some time for themselves & each other during the time they are with Marcie.
      Happy to that Bette is going to get herself away from Kelly!!!

      Thanks for the update.

      Happy holidays.


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