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    The Getaway

    Marci stood in the bedroom she shared with her two sons taking a last look to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. It was furnished with an adult full-sized trundle bed which was pulled out for guests when she had sleepovers as a child but now it served as the boy’s bed. She had a five-drawer chest, a small bookcase, a vanity table with mirror and chair. Everything was in perfect order. The beds were made, and the few books and toys that she was leaving behind were neatly placed on the shelves in the bookcase.

    She’d packed clothes, sneakers, socks, underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, bath soap, a few toys, puzzles and books for the boys. For herself there was hardly anything in her closet that fit including shoes. Her duffle was filled with personal hygiene products, socks, a few oversized sweats, her journals, and a couple books she hadn’t read yet. Bette and Tina had provided her with an allowance to purchase maternity clothes and underwear which she planned to do when she got to Reno.

    She lifted the handle on the suitcase and hooked the duffle bag to it then rolled them towards the living room where she found her mother sitting on the couch watching TV. Bob and Mindy had parked their SUV in the driveway and stood in the front lawn playing with the boys as they waited for Marci. Paul wasn’t home, and Kathy didn’t invite them in. She wasn’t on great terms with her ex-husband to begin with but when he didn’t agree that Marci shouldn’t allow a lesbian couple to adopt the baby the little civility between them ended.

    Marci waited for a few seconds in the hallway to see if her mother would look her way. Whenever Kathy was upset, she would just stop talking and ignore whomever she was mad at. Marci figured she would just leave well enough alone. “Bye Mom. I’ll call you” she said over the sound of the TV and walked out the front door.

    The boys were full of energy and excited for the road trip. Bob stored the luggage while Mindy and Marci got the boys settled in their car seats in the rear third row. Marci had the middle row where she found pillows and blankets neatly folded for her use. The seats also reclined so she could change positions to be as comfortable as possible. Mindy rode shotgun while Bob drove. It was a long drive to Yosemite, but they took their time making frequent stops to use the bathroom, get food and stretch their legs. While driving they entertained the kids with movies and sing-alongs. They ate an early dinner on the road so by the time they got to the cabin at 8 pm it was just about time to get the boys bathed and ready for bed. The cabin had three bedrooms and two baths, full kitchen with dining area, a living room with stone fireplace and surround deck facing the river.

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    1. Nicely done!
      Thanks for this very comprehensive chapter, really like the relationship between Marci and her Dad and it shows her in such a better light than on the Show. Great Step Mom also. Can see why her parents marriage broke down and had my dislike for Marci’s Mom given credence .
      Looking forward to more, stay safe and well

      • Thank you SG. It was my goal to give Marci a lot more depth of character. She should have broken away from her mother and stepdad years ago but glad she is now able to start a new independent productive life surrounded by family that love and support her. The kids will be so much better off too. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing your thoughts. Stay well and be safe.

    2. Well, this sews up all the loose ends. The boys are with Marci’s aunt Stella and Bob and Mindy are keeping tabs on Marci and assisting with the boys, and Renee is keeping tabs on Marci, and Bette and Tina are preparing for their new baby boy. And Paul and Kathy are just blowing in the wind. Marci being an adult give her no obligation to keep Paul and Kathy informed as to her whereabouts. For the boys best interest, having Bob and Mindy informed is an added layer of insurance. And having Stella legally given temporary guardianship of the boys is helpful too. Kathy now cannot go to social services and claim Marci has abandoned her children. Besides now the boys are in another state as well and under the jurisdiction of Colorado not Nevada. I see Marci’s plan as absolutely air tight. Marci and her unborn child are in California and under their jurisdiction. Marci has a team to support her and get her on solid ground for a potentially successful future. Bob and Mindy have been great for Marci. Mindy is the perfect stepmother for Marci.

      Wonderful story… wonderful job of matching up all the pieces and loose ends…. Now let’s keep Marci cool, clam and collected and have Logan born as healthy as possible…..

      Loving this story….

      • Martha, thank you. I couldn’t have tied up all the lose ends without your help and others that gave me suggestions and ideas. Marci deserved better than Kathy and Paul. So glad she had another side of the family that was openminded, encouraging, supportive and helpful in giving her some life skills to become independent. I had to stop myself because I could have written so much more about the Dickerson’s but reminded myself this is a Tibette and family story. Marci has one more job and that’s to deliver a healthy baby boy! Stay well and be safe.

    3. Good for Marci and the boys. How can a woman worthy of the name call her grandchildren bastards !?
      It wouldn’t surprise me if these people (Marci’s father and Renee) kept in touch with Bette and Tina …

      • izzie, thank you for reading and commenting. Glad Marci and the boys have gotten away from Kathy. I agree she wasn’t worthy of being called grandma. Not sure if Renee or any of the Dickerson’s will stay in touch with Bette and Tina after the adoption is final but they certainly have some opportunity to interact while Marci is in the hospital before she gives birth. Someone will need to come and take Marci home so maybe Bob and Mindy will meet Bette and Tina. We’ll see. Stay well and be safe.

    4. Fantasic chapter!

      It anwered the last questions and i am glad you write about Marci’s intentions and what she planned to do.

      The kids are safe by their Aunt, Marci moved away from the horrible situation at her mothers home. My god she and Paul are truly terrible. Glad her father and Mindi are so great, helping her to build her future!

      And Renee is a very good and loyal friend to Marci.

      Now Logan needs to grow a little bit more in Marci’s tummy so he has a good chance to start his life.

    5. I can’t add much more beyond what the others have written. Martha nailed it. What a fantastic chapter. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? All the puzzle pieces falling into place. Truly excellent.

      • Billy can’t say thank you enough for all the great encouragement. I feel like this was a collaborative effort and so glad we were able to tie up the lose ends and give Marci a great future with her kids. I’m excited for the next chapter. So what do you think, should we stay in Bridgeport or check in on the evil trio in Los Angeles to see what they are up to? Stay well and be safe.

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