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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 11: THE DARE

    Lenox Hill-Hart clinic Tuesday 11:00 am.


    Alice and Kid are in room 402 waiting when Louise shows up.

    Alice: “finally you came”

    Louise: “I had a patient”

    Kit: “we know, but we have to finish before noon”

    Louise: “that’s when she’ll be here?”

    Alice: “correct”

    Louise: “what are we gonna do?”

    Kit: “we have to support Tina, but unfortunately Bette is right, we can do anything against Aaron if we don’t have proof and nothing can be done about the selling of the building if we don’t have the forged document with Maxim signature, and of course, we can’t flip the board if we don’t have any of those things”

    Louise: (sighing) “I don’t see how we could support her if Bette doesn’t help”

    Alice: “I doubt Bette would help her, even if Tina asks”

    Kit: “yeah…, Tina’s words were a dagger that broke Bette’s heart…, anyway, I’ll talk to my baby sis”

    Louise: “Tina didn’t know”

    Alice: “yup but Bette doesn’t understand”

    Louise: “I’ll talk to Bette too”

    Kit: “don’t…, just let me do it”

    Alice: “okay, what should I do?”

    Kit: “just ask her how she feels, gave her some alternatives, but overall let her talk”

    Alice: “hmm, Helena asked me to assure that Tina will be at the party”

    Kit and Louise look at each other with concern.

    Louise: (furious) “son of a bitch, Bette Porter”

    Kit: “calm down Louise, she is your best friend, and she is not a bad person, leave it to me”

    The meeting ended and Alice was left alone in the room, after 10 minutes Tina arrived.

    Alice: (opening the door) “hi, Tina, tell me how are things in the branch?”

    Tina: “no very good, saving money at the moment”

    Alice: “we’re not going to let him downgrade you”

    Tina: “it doesn’t matter, I’ll be fine.., please, don’t tell Dr. Porter”

    Alice: “too late Tina, Porter is part of the HR table, she receives a copy of any report, and Aaron has sent a report about you”

    Tina: “shit…, I didn’t want her to know”

    Alice: “don’t worry, she will do nothing”

    Tina: “that’s fine…, is she hurt?”

    Alice: “very…”

    Tina: “I didn’t want to hurt her, but I didn’t have another choice”

    Alice: “why did you do it?”

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      • Hola Escorpion:

        Feliz Año Nuevo.

        Gracias por tus palabras, y por seguir esta historia. Yo he estado subiendo los capitulos especialmente por los lectores que como tu me lo han pedido, por suerte he estado de vacaciones. Pero mis vaciones de fin de año estan terminando y mi tiempo disponible para escribir es menor.

        Yo espero subir otro capitulo en dos semanas, pero si puedo lo hare antes.

        Gracias de nuevo por tu comentario y tu apoyo.

    1. Tina…Tina. How could you postpone a night with Bette after that dance, walk on the beach and make out session? This “slow ….slowly” business is driving me to the showers! Get together with Bette and tell her everything and allow Bette to tell you everything. So many of things you could help each other with. So many mutual goals you could accomplish. You need to be together!!!

      Great Story… the Dare was nothing like I thought it would be. This was an impressive scenario. and your writing was great. This story is coming along nicely. Most of Tina’s friend Maura is backing down from her original analysis of Bette now that she sees the changes in Bette’s behavior.

      Now what is Jody and Kelly up to? And what can Aaron be thinking now that he has witnessed Bette and Tina’s Dare competition? He’s a fool if he doesn’t think he will come face to face with Bette at some point in the future.

      Great…Great Chapter…. waiting for more.


      • Hi Martha:

        Happy New Year.

        Yes, I was also pulling my hairs about Tina’s attitude on the beach, yes she was very horny as it was Bette, but she had lots of hard experiences and has an incredible control when it’s about the safety and life of someone she loves, she has done that for her godmother, but that is another story that will be told in very later chapters.

        What we learn from this is that Tina is very in love with Bette, and she may not how and when it happened because she was all the time in denial and the same happens with Bette, now it’ll start a new game for them.
        Another thing we learn here is how women can support each other, not only Bette and Tina but the friends on each side support them.
        Now we have to give them some time to woo each other, remember this is something they don’t know very well, for Bette perhaps it’s a little easier than for Tina who goes easily from friends to one-night stands.

        Another thing that we see here is that Aaron is desperate and scared, he is asking her allied Fay Buckley for help, and some scorned exes of Bette will be dragged in this game.

        Well, the worse hard times for our couple have passed for now.

        Thanks for your valuable comments, Martha.


    2. Hi proteonomics,

      Happy New Year 🥂

      Wow, what a long chapter and that dare that Bette choose, amazing and sexy!

      Tina is a match for Bette, she was very bold and turned Bette in a Pussycat 😉

      I can’t wait to see Aaron being fired, he is a total asshole along with his supposed friends, treating that Melvin take all from Bette, he knows that Tina is about to expose everything, but he don’t know that she has all the files. He is in trouble and even more a slimy asshole (sorry, my favourite word for him 😁) Faye is trying to plot something with help of the two most annoying girls in the world, Jodi and Kelly. Sure hope that will backfire!

      Thank you so much for this wonderful chapter. Enjoy the free days you still have!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Happy New Year.

        Yes, this is a long chapter, initially, I was going to split it but I decided to leave it like that because the next will be posted in two weeks, though if I can I’ll post sooner.

        Well, in civilized times like the current moments, dares are less brutal than like 100 or 1000 years ago, but still are hard, and this dare was especial; the reason why Bette chose this song is that it was the first song she danced with Randy and made her hornier than she was that evening 10 years ago, and Randy danced it batter than her, and it brought a little deja vu for her, and for Tina too.

        I’m sorry, you’ll need to wait to see Aaron fired because now is time for the mating game between Tina and Bette, and additionally they need to discover who are they and how to heal their wounds. They need to prepare themselves for the fight.

        Question is who is Fay and what the hell she is doing allied with Aaron?

        Okay, I stop my clues and will rest a little (btw that story of DBFF “what happened” it’s super great, I’m starting reading too)

        Thanks, my friend for reading and your wonderful comments.


      • Hi SG:

        Happy New Year.

        I’m glad that you liked the chapter, sorry it was too long, as I said, it’s long because I may not post in two weeks, I hope that the long journey of those 10 previous chapters will be compensated with this new part of the story, just have a little patience, please, with this teasing writer

        Thank you, SG for reading and commenting.


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