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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 10: DEADLOCK

    Lower Manhattan, Broadway and Prince Street-Monday, 8:00 am.


    Tina is walking through the corridors toward Aaron’s office, Sharon walks along with her, she recommended the blonde to ask Joyce to come as soon as possible, but the lawyer was already in the building looking for her, they were going to meet outside of Aaron’s office to brief talk.

    Joyce: “good to catch you before going to Aaron, tell me what did he said?”

    Tina: “I don’t know, a secretary came to tell me that he wants to talk, I was with Sharon and the security team in my office”

    Joyce: (looking at Sharon) “security team?”

    Sharon: “Aaron came one hour ago, he was fuming and desperate, he asked me if I knew who Lindsey76 is, and the only thing I know is what that person posted in BP”

    Joyce: “I get that, but why the security team is looking at Tina’s office?”

    Sharon: “he gave the order, so I went to make sure everything stays in order, they have ended by now”

    Joyce: “who else’s office has been checked by the security team?”

    Sharon: “no one else that I know”

    Joyce took her tablet and made some annotations, and then made a phone call, after a few seconds, she ended the conversation and commented.

    Joyce: “the mediation committee is in their way, they will be here in five minutes, I think that we should wait until they arrive”

    The wait wasn’t long, after less than five minutes the elevator door opened and Bette, Alice, Helena, and James were walking toward them. Immediately the Brunette looked deeply on the blonde’s eyes still remembering the hot kiss on the Memorial Glade.

    Bette: “good morning ladies, Sharon, what’s happening here?”

    Sharon explained Bette the search ordered by Aaron in Tina’s office and computers, and Joyce stated that Aaron has singled out Tina because no other worker has her or his office searched by the security team.

    Bette: “that’s very wrong, okay, Joyce you and Kennard stay here, we’ll talk with him”

    Tina whispered something in Joyce’s ears.

    Joyce: “hmm, Bette Aaron already called Tina, and we don’t want to give him any excuse to go against her, I think we should go first”

    Bette: “well, then we all should go together”

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    1. Oh oh, what a mess!

      I truly understand Tina’s reason to protect Bette, but boy the things she said and comparing Bette with her father, ouch!

      Dare i to say aloud who Bette is going to choose for the dare?! No, but we all know who it will be.

      I really hope Bette will make the right decision and will still protect Tina against that asshole Aaron. And Tina must share the documents she found and give it to Bette, Alice, Sharon or Kit. The future of 100 people is on stake. Tina doesn’t have to fight alone and start trusting others.

      Awesome chapter and i hope to read the next chapter soon!!! And please tell me we are leaving the hard parts and moving on to better parts for our girls?!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Happy New Year, sorry answering late, but I had to finish the new chapter.

        Yes, Tina’s priority is to protect Bette and the only way is to send her away, too rude, I confess but that’s the way she did.

        Yes, Bette has already a name for her “victim” in the dare, and I guess you know who it is.

        Well, I hope we are leaving the hard parts for the moment.

        And even humiliated and very mad at Dr. Kennard, Bette would still protect her.

        But the new chapter is already here.

        Thank you very much, my friend, for your comments and support.


      • Hi SG:

        Happy New Year.

        I’m very sorry your feelings are hurting, mine are hurting too. It was hard to write that part, especially in these moments, when TIBETTE is hurt by some…, well you know what I mean.

        But I tell you something in my opinion, and that I learned for experience when you love, really love someone, your interests are below to the other person’s needs, and that’s the case of Tina, she loves Bette, but Bette’s life could be in danger, Tina has to do anything even sacrifice her feelings for Bette safety, and if she was so rude it’s because Bette was so insistent and Tina found that it was the only way to send her away.

        I’m posting right now, the new chapter. I hope you like it.

        Thanks for your comment.


      • Hola Escorpion:

        Feliz Año Nuevo!!!

        Asi es, Bette va a poner a Tina como su reto, ella la va a retar en este concurso.

        El nuevo capitulo ya lo he subido, y espero que te guste.

        Mi tiempo de vacaciones se acabo, estoy subiendo hoy dia my cuarto capitulo en dos semanas, y ahora debo empezar a trabajar, you voy a subir el siguiente en dos semanas, si puedo lo hare antes.

        Gracias por tus comentarios.


    2. I am trusting in you to make things right between Bette and Tina. I know that Tina wants to protect Bette but she was unnecessarily harsh when she compared Bette with her father. Melvin is a bad dad and a criminal. I am concerned about who is Aaron’s spy, the one who told him that Tibette’s romance was over. I am looking forward to see what will it take for Tina to learn to trust Bette.

      • Hi JS:

        Happy New Year!!!

        Thanks for trust in my story, yes, Tina wants to protect Bette, but, as Bette was very persistent Tina had to do something to send her away, now Tina doesn’t know at this point the relationship between Bette and her father, she only knows that the old man is a womanizer and some other few gossips; when she said that, she was desperate to elude Bette questions about the files posted in BP, at the point that she said that Eric was her boyfriend, then that Kate was her girlfriend, so Tina was almost out of her mind trying to protect Bette.

        Yes, I would like to know also who is Aaron spy, but we’ll find out in the next chapters.

        And Tina will trust Bette pretty soon. The new chapter is already posted.

        Thanks for your comments.


    3. Please do not let Tina be the dare. Bette choose anyone else but Tina. Volunteer yourself before you choose Tina. Tina has already had her hours and pay cut and Bette is doing nothing….. Bette, you have no idea if Tina knows anything about your Dad. She been with the company only 6 months…

      This is a mess…..Tina and Bette are both so stubborn…..please help them get together and trust each other. They need each other!

      Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! Love this story.

      • Hi Martha:

        Happy New Year!!!

        Too late, Bette already challenged Tina and this one accepted, but it would be good for both of them.

        But you’re totally right, Tina knows almost nothing about Bette’s dad, and she didn’t expect that big reaction from Bette.

        But those silly girls are in love already even if they try to ignore it, a little suffering is good to help them to realize what they are about to lose. As I say, the higher they go, the deeper they fall, and they are deeply falling in love.

        Well, the new chapter is there, and you can see how it went.

        Thanks for your comments.


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