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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 14: MISSING DAY

    Midtown Manhattan, Bette’s apartment early morning.


    Louise: “look, Bette, I came here in peace, to have an adults’ conversation… I need to know, what are your intentions with her”

    Bette: “why do you need to know?”

    Louise: (sighing) “okay, I think we’ve started with the wrong foot…, let’s do this again”

    Bette: “okay, but I’ll need a good explanation”

    Louise: “on one condition”

    Bette: “what condition?”

    Louise: “don’t talk with Kit about this conversation”

    At this point Bette was more than intrigued, what is what Louise knows that she, Bette, doesn’t know about Tina and why she doesn’t want Kit to know they are talking about that.

    Bette: “okay, we have a deal”

    Louise: “well, Bette, please tell me what are your intentions about Tina, my sister”

    Now Bette was pale and astonished, she stepped back and looked at Louise face, and what she saw made sense, same hair, similar eyes, and lips, alike features; how couldn’t she notice all of these before.

    Bette: “fuck, Louise, why you didn’t tell me?”

    Louise: “first answer my question”

    Bette: “okay…, my intentions with Tina…, well…ahem…, oh shit, who do I wanna fool…, I’m in love with her, I’ve been falling for her since a long time ago, and it’s mutual, I know because she confessed it to me; we had a fight when she accused me of harassing her and compared me with my father, but she did it because she thought that in that way she would keep me away from the same people who hurt Nadia…, but we couldn’t hide our feelings for each other, and that’s what we showed in the Hamptons”

    Louise: “hmm, I watched the video…, she is very good, almost took you down”

    Bette: “I love her, I told her that if she loves me I will surrender myself totally to her, and it’s true”

    Louise: “what did she say?”

    Bette: “she said that she already loves me”

    Louise: “wow…”

    There was a short silence

    Bette: “Kit asked me about Tina, she watched the “dare” video, and saw us kissing in the recording Nadia brought for me, I told her that I love Tina and I told her my fears about her”

    Louise: “what fears?”

    Bette: “that maybe one day she’d abandon me”

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    1. A cliff hanger… close to realizing the truth – Alex and Randy are together again. They just need to acknowledge it to each other and to straighten out the false assumptions each made about that time ten years ago. This is going to be very emotional for both of them.

      Wonderful chapter….so much more to go in this story. But at least our girls are finally alone and sharing themselves with each other.. “we both were so young”. Try not to keep us waiting long….I want to know how Bette and Tina resolve the mystery of Alex and Randy.

      Is it possible that the Miranda Kennard is a sister to Maxine. Bette and Louise now have a picture of her from college. If should not be very difficult to find out who she is. So the Kennard sisters are Maxine, Mabel and Miranda. My guess is that Miranda is the adopted mother and Mabel is the birth mother? If Mabel is Louise’s mother and Tina is her sister, is Mabel not her mother? Or is Miranda the birth mother and Mabel was the adopted mother and Maxine is the god mother. Something is missing to make the connections fit. Why was Tina raised apart from both Louise and Bette? Obviously, I need more information.

      Get us another chapter really soon. I am on the edge of my seat waiting…..Love this story.

      PS…glad Bette and Tina are not sisters…..

      • Hi Martha, I’m glad you like the story; well, we are at the door of finding new things and to see how Tina would react to the realization that Bette = Alex.

        Yes, there are several things coming, and so many adventures and things to uncover in the company (the bureau) as well as in their own lives; I’ll just, slip something here, everything is related, the company with the family situation; this Bureau started as a family business and there is a deep connection and it would surprise you when you find out.

        Martha, what may you think that Mabel and Miranda could be sisters? It’s the contrary, but we’ll see this in another chapter.

        Miranda and Maxine are not sisters either, but according to their last name they could be related, but everything will be revealed in the far future in this story, now we need to have our girls together and free of the uncertainty of their past.

        Let’s the party starts.

        Thank you for following this story, and for your valuable comments.


    2. Hola proteonomics que sorpresa tan agradable que subieras el siguiente capitulo
      me encanto y mas porque bette sabe que tina es randy y quiero saber que pasa
      en el siguiente capitulo por fa y si puedes puedes subir otro de aqui a el domingo
      o antes sabes que encanta esta historia gracias

      • Hola Escorpion:

        Que bien que te siga gustando la historia,

        Mira, voy a tratar de subir el siguiente capitulo pronto, yo se que esta emocionante la historia, pero no creo que sea para mañana

        Solo te digo que la historia se va a poner un poco más compleja, pero nuestra fabulosa pareja va a estar junta.

        Gracias por tus comentarios.


      • Hi SG:

        If you have read the first two pages of this chapter, you could understand why I had to cut the former chapter in a soft cliffhanger, because if I cut when Bette says that she “rather die…” you and the other readers would kill me.

        Somehow, I hope that this new cliffhanger will bring something better. I had to cut the chapter here because the length of the chapter was going to be too much and hard to express everything. What comes to require a whole chapter to digest.

        Well, I hope to have your understanding of my cliffhangers, though I know you don’t like them.

        Anyway, I hope to post the next chapter soon.

        Thanks for reading and commenting and following this story.


    3. Oh my god, it took me a few days before i could read this, what a shame!

      What a fantastic chapter!

      I agree 💯 with Martha’s comment!

      But man, always ending with a cliffy, how dear you 😉

      I will wait patiently for the next chapter! Take your time, i know how busy you are!!!

      • Hi, my friend:

        I’m glad that you could make it reading this chapter. I know that you like TIBETTE (as I like them) together, so this is my dedication to us, the TIBETTErs.

        As I commented in Martha’s reply, the party is about to start, which means that they, our wonderful couple will start their journey together.

        I’m sorry for the cliffy, but you know I like them and I’m a teaser 😂😂😂

        Well, I’ll try to post soon.

        Thanks, my friend, for your kind comments and for following this story.


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