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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 15: WHO ARE YOU

    Long Beach, Nassau county – New York – Bette’s beach house.


    Tina: “I’m sorry, Bette, I’m very sorry, I really love you… I’m…”

    Bette: (tenderly) “shush…, it’s okay, baby, it’s okay, I forgive you…, you were so young…, we both were so young…”

    Something cracks in Tina’s mind…, this wasn’t what she was expecting, what it’s Bette talking about? Tina removed the hand of her face to look at Bette whose eyes were as glassy as hers.

    Tina: “young? When?”

    Bette: “ten years ago, baby, in Santa Marta…”

    A frightened look in Tina’s eyes was followed by the retraction of her body, while the understanding brown sad eyes were looking at her with affection. Tina was scared; she moved to the other side of the bed covering her body with the bedclothes; yes ten years ago…, how does Bette know the details about her and Alex? Why she’s not mad at her…? That look in Bette’s eyes…, no…, it can’t be…, same eyes, tanned skin, hair, same voice, same taste, same scent…, same love…

    Tina: (nervous) “who are you…?”

    Bette: “I’m Alex, baby”

    Tina: “no, no, no, you can’t… you’re dead, Alex is dead, she died that day, ten years ago”

    Bette: “when? No, baby, I’m here, honey, I’m alive”

    Yes, she is here, this is Alex, and Alex is Bette, but Tina refuses to believe, how could Alex survive, what about Margarita’s email, nobody found the body of a girl, how did Bette survive?

    Tina: “no…, it can’t be…, what you did Alex, please tell me the truth…, I’ll cover for you, honey…, did you blow the boat? Are you a kind of terrorist?”

    Bette: “what? No, Tina, what are you saying? And what boat are you talking about?”

    Tina: “the ‘Reina del Atlantico’, the explosion…, you were there”

    Bette: “me…? I wasn’t in any boat, baby”

    Tina: “yes, you were, you told me that you were going to board a boat to go to  Puerto Rico that morning, to meet someone, you told me that the boat was the ‘Reina del Atlantico’ and that you would come back for me”

    Bette remembered that she gave Tina or Randy the name of a boat that she would board…, yes it may be that name, the ‘Reina del Atlantico’

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    1. Hi proteonomics, my friend!

      You take care of yourself too!

      Wow, amazing chapter! Tina does now know who Bette is, Alex and that she didn’t die ten years ago. I am glad that they could talk about it without one of them leaving or having a big fight. And Bette ask Tina to marry her just like she wanted ten years ago ☺️ Together they can fight the evils. I have faith in that!

      You disclosed so many things in this chapter, mainly about the family Kennard and Porter. When they are going to talk with Maxine and Kit i hope they react like they did now. Calm and mature. They have to give them the time to explain why they seperated them ten years ago and withold the truth. Looking forward to that talk.

      Melvin is a real bastard, i hope he get the punishment he deserve, he is a disgusting man and if he lay one hand on Bette i will personally cut his hands of!

      I am so happy you found the time to update! Take care my friend ????

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thank you, I’m doing my best to be careful, we all must take care of ourselves and the others too.

        I’m glad you liked the chapter. And yes, now they know some of the truth about 10 years ago, and Bette is still desperate to have Tina with her.

        Tina is right, they have many things to find out before to go farther in their relationship, but they love each other very much.

        You’re right, now they can fight together against the ruffians.

        We’ll see what Melvin Porter has in mind, but definitely, he has a lot to do with what happened to Maxine and Tina’s mom.

        Thanks, my friend for reading, commenting and following this story

        Take care.


    2. P

      Okay, so Alex and Randy are finally reunited. It did surprise me that Bette is purposing marriage already. They are both going from relationship aversion to purposing marriage, babies and forever within a few hours. Not a very mature approach to a commitment of such major importance in their lives. I can see moving in together given their concern about safety and protection for each other. But since both have been relationship averse for the past ten years (more than 1/3 of their lives), I would think they would take some time to experience a relationship before they started talking about marriage, babies and forever. They barely know each other and have made several false assumptions about the other which have caused a few minor problems. I would think that they would like to know and confirm that they are compatible in attraction, in values, in goals and in temperament before making such a commitment. It just appears that they have not matured much more than they were ten years ago and are still in their dream like mind set.

      In this chapter, you have revealed a bit more about the family. Mabel is Tina’s mother and Miranda was the adopted mother and Maxine was the godmother. Now what happened that Mabel gave up her baby? Why is she so fragile? And now that Tina knows Maxine is Bette’s mother, I’m sure that will be an interesting conversation.

      I am anxious to see if Melvin is going to reveal any redeeming qualities and protect his daughter Bette from harm from Aaron and William and Faye Buckley. He is scum but he owes a duty to protect his family from harm. Is money really that important to him?

      I really like this book….I cannot get enough…. Thank you for this update and I look forward to more…

      • Hi Martha:

        Yes, I agree with you, Bette is too impulsive, she is the one that has gone through a lot looking for Tina’s story and her relation with her and her mom; Bette has been desperate finding the way to understand what happened with Tina, even before she heard from her about Dawn false story; and now she wants to marry her. But you could read that Tina wants to know more about their past and about their families before to take another step forward.

        Now, I think they have an appreciable knowledge about the other, they were chatting in BP, which brought their souls close especially for Tina, who didn’t know who she was chatting with. And they fought, they a lot, they hurt each other, and made peace; they reach the point when their hearts couldn’t hold their feelings anymore and they are a little passing that point. Of course, many other things will test their feelings and there are many more things coming and I hope that Bette and Tina could pass the exam.

        They will discover in a few chapters, why most of the women that know the past, think that Miranda Kennard is/was a problem, and blame her for many things, but Maxine is right.

        About Melvin, well, he is not a good person, but Bette is his daughter, we’ll read how things will develop here.

        I’m glad you like the story. Thank you for reading and commenting.


      • Hi Deanna:

        Long time, thanks for your encouragement, I will continue this story until the end.
        Sorry, I wasn’t able to update on time, but these last two months have been very hard and busy for me.



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