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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 2: THE PARTY

    Lincoln Square, West Side


    Kit: “did I say that…? Let me think…”

    Bette: “what…? Oh don’t tell me you asked me to call you because you wanted to know what happened at the meeting today, is it that?”

    Kit: “well, that’s right how things were in there …?”

    Bette: “oh, come on Kit.”

    Kit: “just tell me what I asked and I will give you the surprise.”

    Bette: “fine…, things were okay for us, we exposed them… again, but now it’s not only us, Phyllis and Peggy are aware of the manipulation and the embezzlement, and they are with us, but it would be better if we had someone else in the board.”

    Kit: “how many new positions are remaining open?”

    Bette was astonished at Kit’s question; she would think her sister was going to ask about the promoted and downgraded personnel.

    Bette: “there are three openings, but Kit, why are you interested in the number of new positions; do you have someone in mind?”

    Kit: “hmm…, Bette you know that one of our missions, here, is to find the best candidates for the different companies that require our services and the Bureau is one of them.”

    Bette: “well, now you know…, do you wanna know about the promotions and downgraded inventors?

    Kit: “… sure, tell me.”

    Bette: “only three promotions the others were deferred to the summer meeting, and also two unfair downgraded.”

    Kit: “who?”

    Bette: “Maura Isles and Stef Foster were downgraded, and Lenore Fairbanks was promoted from 2 to 1, Shane is now Inventor 5 and Jodi went from 5 to 4.”

    Kit: (serious voice) “did you propose Jodi?”

    Bette: “no, I abstained, your father proposed her.”

    Kit: (angry) “isn’t Melvin your father too.”

    Bette: “well, yeah, but … I wish he weren’t.”

    Kit: “but unfortunately he is …, why did he do that?”

    Bette: “I have no idea… well, my surprise?”

    Kit: “very well, Bette, in two weeks is your birthday.”

    Bette: “I knew a surprise for my birthday.”

    Kit: “yes, I know you need a very big place for all your guests.”

    Bette: “are you renting a place for me…? Because I would like a place around the beach, private if is possible…”

    Kit: “wait… wait… wait, stop, I’ll give my house for the party, but I don’t want people breaking my furniture and spoiling my fine decoration, so I will be in the group that will prepare the place.”

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      That was a really good chapter!!!

      What surprised me was this:

      “Bette: “the board of the Bureau, the majority is corrupted and we need all the shareholders to be present in that board.”

      Kit: “well, Porter’s family have the 15% of the stocks and Melvin Porter is there, William has 10%, Franklin has 10%, Peggy 15%, and Phyllis 10%, Hart’s family have 20% and the Kennard’s heir has 20%.”

      Who is the Kennard’s heire? Is that Tina’s mom who went missing? Is that why they try to find out of Tina can take the place in the board by recuiting her and by testing her?

      Bette and Tina in the same place, will they meet and recognise each other? Tina mentioned about the Cameo and Bette wears one. Did i picked up the clue this time?

      I am very into this story, like your other stories there seem to be more than one story line. And i know you will reveal all of them slowly.

      Thank you for update!!!

      Looking forward to the next one!

      • Hi Bibi:

        I’m very glad that you liked the chapter.

        I see, I launched the bombshell and it would be confusing for many of you, but I did on purpose.

        Who is the Kennard’s heir? you must remember, Tina’s last name ‘Kennard’ is her adoptive mother’s last name (chapter 1).

        Now, Tina was recruited for many reasons, and her participation of the board is a long shot, but it’s also a good a possibility, but you will learn those reasons in the next chapters.

        If Tina and Bette would recognize each other, that is a possibility, I would say that Alex has more possibilities of recognizing Randy because this one removed her makeup before departing from Alex; now Randy may not recognize her first love easily, because she never saw her without makeup.

        And yes, you’re very smart, the cameo, it’s the same, and Bette loves it, she wears it frequently.

        You caught one of the clues, congratulation, my friend.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


        • P – Both Bette (Alex) and Tina (Randy) will be wearing makeup at this party. Won’t they? And I do not think the makeup will phase them. They will know each other by their body shape, they way they move, their voices, the way they phrase their thoughts, their eyes and their hair. Bette has an affinity to smelling hair. And Tina loves Bette’s hair. They will instantaneously recogize each other if they get close enough to talk. Ten years is a long time, but they were attracted to each other by more than just their faces and those things stick in your memory. The cameo is just one of many identifying features between the two of them.

          I would also like to point out that Kit and Dan Foxworthy were working hard to keep Tina from public view until this party. So Kit and Dan have a reason for this behavior. They certainly want to keep her away from Louise. This is intriguing. And the phrase “I thought I saw a ghost” must have more meaning. A ghost is the representation of someone who is dead but has returned to earth. Does Tina look like someone Louise knew? Evidently Dan Foxworthy and Kit Porter know this and that is why they are keep her under wraps until the appropriate time. This is another subplot in the story. P….you are weaving a very large basket of intrigue and I love it…

          Thanks for responding to the comments….


          • Hi Martha:

            You must be a mind-reader 😂😂😂😂

            Yes, you’re right is not easy to forget someone who you loved so much in body and soul as they did or as they still do. But, they were together for less than one day and they were very young (I guess around 17 or 16) and Tina thinks Alex died, and Bette has her own ideas about Randy in a faraway country.

            I agree they will have some suspicious or maybe they think they are seeing mirages or their minds are playing tricks with them, but we will see what happen in the next chapters.

            Again, Martha, are you reading my mind? Yes, Kit and Dan are hiding Tina from many people, there is a justified reason (remember Leonard Kroll).

            Louise has seen a ghost, but she doesn’t remember who is it.

            Well, I’m happy that you like mystery and that this story is giving some of it. I hope to make this much better.

            Thanks so much for your comment.


    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      But i don’t understand one thing –

      ““Bette, you could represent the Kennard’s heir, after all, you are Maxine’s daughter.” – Bette and Tina are sisters?

      • Hi Zhenya:

        Very smart, you are almost finding an important clue, Bette is Maxim daughter, and apparently, Maxim last name is Kennard.

        Now in chapter 1, when Tina received the email from her godmother (Mamax), I mentioned this one raised and adopted Tina and gave her her last name, so, Tina isn’t Bette’s sister, (she can’t be); but this is a very important clue to figure out what happened 10 years ago.

        I hope this could clarify your doubts.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


      • This was definitely a line I read and re-read because I thought the same thing. Lol I was very much confused. Might have to go back and read this story from the very beginning as I seemed to have missed a lot of important details and couldn’t remember the first part while reading the added chapter.

        With that said, I’m very interested in this story Proteonomics! And I can’t wait to see what happens next. PPS!

        • Hi JBLH:

          Oh my God, so sorry you also got confused 😄😄😄

          But if we think about this, Tina has the same legal rights than Bette, respect to Maxine’s heritage. But we’ll see what happen in the future.

          I’m glad you are interested in this story, thank you for reading and commenting.


    3. The corrupt ones – Melvin, Franklin & William own 35% total. The non-corrupt ones own 65%, If all the members are present or represented then the non-corrupt members can overwhelm the corrupt ones.

      Cannot wait for Bette and Tina to meet again for the first time in ten years. It seems in the interuim, they have both lived similar lives in rejecting relationships in favor of the one night stands. Of course Bette has been dating Jodi for 5 months but are at the freind with benefits stage. Seems like a not so satisfying life style to me. Of course, we do not know if Bette or Tina even know the true name of the other. They know each other as Alex and Miranda or Randy. Bette see no connection between the Kennard seat on the board and Tina, as she does not know Tina’s name..

      And I am going to make a guess that Maxine is Tina’s god-mother and not her mother. Maxine as possibly as trustee of the Kennard estate, holds the voting rights on the board. I’ll wait to see how things develop.

      Good story so far…..waiting with baited breath for the next chapter. This is a good cliff-hanger.

      • Hi Martha;

        Yup, Bette has done with Jodi and as she said, that train is already gone and never was an option.

        And yes, you’re very smart, Maxine is Tina’s godmother (mamax), and her adoptive mother, Maxine last name = Kennard, (maiden name) and so it’s Tina’s current last name.

        Bette is Porter (her father’s last name), but she is Maxine’s blood daughter.

        The key to this situation is in the past I’ll say more than 27 years ago.

        The Harts don’t want to participate in the board, and Bette is following someone else advice (I shouldn’t say more, it’s part of the mystery).

        I will only say that ‘read what happened to Leonard Kroll’; well I won’t say another word, but you will find out in the next chapters how these corrupted guys keep the majority in the board.

        Now, for sure (chapter 1) Bette doesn’t know who Christina Kennard is and Tina doesn’t know who Elisabeth Porter is.

        I’m glad that you like the story so far.

        Thank you very much for reading and commenting.


      • Hi SG.

        Thanks for your comments, and sorry for the cliffhanger, but this was an easy one😂😂😂

        I’ll post in two weeks, according to my calendar on September 27th, (I hope this time won’t be full moon or werewolves or vampires) and I’ll do with no delay.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


        • You may have realised, or not, that I have not been reading or commenting for a while.
          I have moved home and not been connected to the Internet for a few weeks! Didn’t realise I would miss it as much as I did!
          Additionally I have had a few Health scares following an Operation which have resulted in a few Hospital visits. I have now had the all clear on all but one issue and am beginning to put together my new life so I am back to read and I hope comment.


    4. proteonomics:

      Sorry, I’m late.
      This was a long chapter, but who will complain about that? I’m glad that we can know more details about what happened between Randy and Alex, they looked so innocent and young, I felt that it was who they really are, The one night stand and the friend of benefit are not their instinct, but I could understand their feelings. The loss of the love of their life. (What they think so. But I still think Bette should get rid of Jodie.

      You are such a tease, I can’t wait for them to meet each other, though I’m a bit afraid that their first meeting won’t be as smooth as we thought. What I hope that they could recognize each other as Randy and Alex, but I knew you won’t let things happen so easily, will you? Brenda’s exsist was not a good thing, please get rid of her.

      I’m impressed that you can build the attempting and the story structure so well, not in a rush and take your time to build each characters personalities. Even I felt so sad when Tina thinks about Alex, they truly belong to each other,.

      Thank you for the wonderful chapter and please solve the cliffhanger! Can’t wait for more!


      • Hi CJ:

        Thanks my friend for your kind words. Well for starters, I must tell that Bette is already done with Jodi if she sometimes sleeps with her is like people say “friends with benefits” no feelings and no hard feelings, Jodi has her “girlfriends”, as well as Bette, has hers.

        What happened between Ales and Randy is still in memories that you will read in the next chapters, sometimes I think it’s a little hard to understand if you weren’t there, so, I’ll try to do my best to show how they felt and how they blended their souls.

        You’re right the re-encounter won’t be easy and many things will happen before they acknowledge each other… I mean you better read it in next chapters (I’m talking too much again).

        Don’t worry about Brenda, because there is also Sam and Kate and you can’t imagine how many admirers Tina has here in this story; but as it happens with Bette, nothing serious.

        Okay, you’re right, I’m a teaser, but don’t tell anybody, please 😂😂😂

        Just wait and look for the hints I’m leaving in each chapter.

        Thank you, CJ, glad you’re following the story and like it.


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