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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 21: ESPIONAGE

    Brooklyn – Tina’s apartment – Saturday 6:00 am.


    Complying with Bette’s request, Tina sat on the bed at her side listening through the spiker of the phone to the crying voice of her sister.

    Bette: “calm down, Louise, tell me again what happened”

    Louise: “I showed the picture to my mom, and she changed, she had a crisis, I tried to calm her, it worked for a little while, but after a few minutes she started screaming again and I had to give her a tranquilizer, then, she woke up around 2:00 am crying and shouting, it was very sad and scary, I brought her to the clinic and called Kit, but she still was out of control”

    Tina: “how is she now?”

    Louise: “hi Tina, Kit gave her a strong sedative, but she’ll wake up any moment and will cry again”

    Bette: “did she say anything about the picture?”

    Louise: “yes, she recognized Buckley and said much nonsense…, you better come here”

    Bette: “we’ll be there as soon as possible”

    Louise: “by the way, Kit knows about the picture, I had to tell her that I was curious to know if my mom knew that woman”

    Bette: “does she know I gave it to you?”

    Louise: “of course, where else could I get the picture from”

    Tina: “can I come too?”

    Louise: “sure, I don’t think mom will recognize you, she is not even sure of your existence, but it’s important that you’ll be here”

    Bette: “perhaps it’s better if Tina remains out of your mom’s eyes, at least for now…, we’ll be there in a few minutes”

    After the call ended, Bette and Tina looked at each other.

    Bette: “it wasn’t a good idea, after all, to show the picture to Mabel”

    Tina: “do you think she recognized Buckley from Santa Martha?”

    Bette: “I bet she did, and perhaps Mabel was aware of her relationship with Miranda”

    Tina: “we don’t know if there was a relationship between them or perhaps everything was in Buckley’s mind”

    Bette: “yeah, you right, let’s take a quick shower and go to the clinic”


    Lenox Hill – Hart clinic – eighth floor – room 823 – Saturday, 9 am.


    Bette and Tina finally arrived at the clinic, even though the road was free of traffic, the shower wasn’t as quick as they intended; anyway, here they are in Kit’s office along with Louise and Kit.

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    1. ¡Hola, Proteonomics! Está historia se pone cada vez mejor ahora ya sabemos por qué
      Melvin no puede ver a Tina y estamos descubriendo todos los secretos que Peggy no les había dicho, gracias y esperando el siguiente capítulo.

      • Hola Escorpion!

        Gracias por tu comentario, estoy contenta de que te este gustando la historia, como dije la vez pasada, poco a poco se van a ir descubriendo nuevas cosas.

        Todavia habrá mas novedades, pero todo se mostrara a su debido tiempo.

        Muchas gracias por seguir esta historia.


    2. Okay this clears up some of the mystery. Mable and Miranda were lovers. Mable wanted children so she married and had Louise. Then she got pregnant with Tina; some incident occurred in which Tina was transplanted into Miranda to save her life. Miranda gave birth to Tina. Buckley was in love with Miranda, but Miranda loved Mable. Melvin went after Miranda for her money and possibly killed Miranda. Maxine rescued Tina when Miranda was attacked or disappeared and become Tina’s god-mother. But Melvin could not know about Tina because Tina was Miranda’s heir and entitled to all her money which Melvin wanted and still wants. Maxine raises Tina in South America and her daughter Bette is raised in America by Melvin and under the supervision of Peggy and Sharon and Mable possibly, and Kit. Maxine did something in the US for which the statue of limitations will run out in 10 months, so she has been in South America for the past 10 years at least. And for the past 10 years or so, the company has been created and grown in the area of creating new inventions and has been owned by the families of this tight knit group. However the men only want it for the financial gain where the women want the company to give young enterprising young people a worth profession to work in. All of the children of the original owners are ending up as the new management of the company and the men want the money from the company with no regard as to what happens to the employees or the company itself. And the men are willing to do anything to get it – murder, forgery, thief, and fraud. And Melvin is the ring leader of men. And Peggy is the ring leader of the women. And Faye Buckley who still loves Miranda is willing to be Melvin’s pawn if it gets her closer to Miranda.

      So, now is Miranda really dead? I think not. I think everyone believes in their heart she is alive. Reason: There has been no distribution of Miranda’s property to Tina, or has there been. Tina owns the apartment building she is in. Could she own the company buildings and the Hart Clinic as well? Could that be where Tina got all her resources – from the inheritance of Miranda? Or maybe Maxine helped Miranda set up a trust so Tina would have resources to purchase the apartment complex but Miranda still owns the other commercial buildings?

      Mable is upset by the picture with Faye Buckley. Mable probably blames Faye Buckley for the “death” of Miranda by helping Melvin. Melvin probably had Miranda killed or at least assaulted. Mable believes Miranda and Tina are both dead and her health has declined as a result of her grieving over their loss.

      So why are older generation keeping all these secrets from the now adult younger generation? If you don’t have the facts, you are far more likely to make poor decisions or a major mistake than if you do. Tina’s life is in danger and yet she has been wandering around this company for many months now. At any time, Melvin could have in advertently run into her. That would not be good. If Buckley knows about Tina, it will not be long before Melvin knows about Tina.

      Great mystery – please give us more….. Thank you.

      • Hey Martha, nice to read your-summary-comment.

        I would say that you are “warm” (~80% certainty, no “hot” which would be 90-100% certainty). Yes, many things have been uncovered,

        I’m not sure if Miranda and Mabel were lovers, but there was love, and so far is not clear if Mable married Frank to have children, I think it’s more complicated, but you are close on this.

        Miranda was different than Peggy and even stronger than Maxine, she didn’t marry a man and she was a kind of leader, confrontational, and the money that Melvin robbed was from the non-profit organization they were working for, of course, most of that may come from Miranda, but Melvin couldn’t get his hands in Miranda’s money, though probably he is still looking for that money.

        Yes, there is a statue of limitation for Maxine, because she was framed by her ex-husband.

        Now, remember not all men are vile here, Melvin, William, Franklin, Aaron are vile and/or perv; but Frank, Leonard Kroll. Marcus, James, Eric Tim, and a few others are not evil. But yes, you’re right the first ones want money, women, power whatever it takes.

        Peggy is the leader here in New York, but Maxine is stronger than she and Miranda were even stronger; I think Buckley doesn’t want to help Melvin, she hates and fears him. because of what happened with Miranda and her child (Tina), of course, the mental sanity of Buckley is a little in question, but you are close.

        About Miranda’s inheritance, that’s is yet to come in the next chapters, otherwise, the story would be ended here. but you are close, there are only 2 or 3 possible alternatives.

        Yes, Mable believes Tina is dead and blames Buckley and Melvin for that.

        Tina has been around in the company even with the danger to be seen by Melvin because there are certain reasons, remember since the beginning Kit asked Alice to take care of Tina and Kit was always monitoring what was happening with her, even Sharon (probably you have noticed her relation with Peggy is very obvious) was always taking care of Tina in Lower Manhattan and that is why initially Tina was given a job in that branch.

        Why the old generation hid so many things from the younger? Many things, shame is one of them.

        Well, I don’t want to spill more beans, but you did a very good summary, I’m only here tweaking certain points.

        I’ll try to post soon, this last week was hell for me 2 days no electricity and no internet and no tablet, hard to write, The next week would be better, but again job is in the way; but I’ll do my best to post soon.

        Thank you for your comments, they are always very welcome.


    3. Well, that’s answered some questions and raised more!
      Thanks Martha for a great summary All these M’s
      Seriously though really enjoyed a great Chapter and look forward to more.
      Not going to mention the Cliffhanger because I think it just encourages you
      Please stay safe and well and Post again soon.

      • Hi SG

        Great that you could read and comment on the chapter.

        Yeah, Martha did a great job, but as I pointed out, some things are a little different and many other surprises are yet to come.

        Oh, come on, you didn’t blame me for the cliffhanger!!

        I’ll post the next chapter as soon as possible.

        Thank you, stay safe.


    4. Hi proteonomics,

      What a pleasure to read a new chapter so soon!

      So much mistery and i thank Martha for her summary! She did a excellent job with that.

      We have a little bit more anwers to the questions but still there is more we want to know.

      Tina’s life is in danger and she must be protected at every cost, Melvin is a dangerous man and will not stop before he get what he wants, all that belongs to Miranda and can her money.

      The young generation is very smart but they have to be carefull, the old generation is hiding to much of what they know and due to that the young ones are curious and suspicious and have installed bugging equipment in Peggy’s office and car and the same with the phone of others like Kit. And the spy drones in the office and car, good work and thinking of the girls.

      What worries me that there are several plans to unravel every secret and that Bette and Tina have their own agenda too. I really hope that it will not blown up in their face.

      Thanks for the update my friend. Keep save!!!

      • Hi, my friend:

        Yes, good summary, but there are few corrections.

        Well, here we have some answers, but still more questions are coming.

        Big mistake for the old generation to hid so many things.

        The younger are doing what they can, and even Peggy will be mad if she finds she was bugged, that may save her life at a certain point

        I share your worries about the so many plans and Tina’s and Bette’s own agenda, Bette should watch her possessiveness. and I agree it could blow in their faces.

        Thanks, my friend for your valuable comments, I hope I could post soon.


    5. Hi proteonomics,
      Great chapter, dawn denbo isn’t she the same í who said Tina has a boyfriend to Bette when she came to visit Tina.
      Now will Buckley reveal about Tina to Melvin.
      I have a doubt why Maxine and Miranda are kennards are they couple or did I miss some story.
      Is Maxine framed of stealing money from NGO is that the reason for statues of limitation
      I don’t think William Wentworth or Franklin tried to kill Bette, who is that person who wants to take money and revange to melvin.
      Thanks for this fantastic story which keeps me engaged to crack the clues
      Please post soon.
      Take care.

      • Hi Kittu

        I’m very glad you liked the chapter.

        Yes, the same Dawn Dembo.

        Buckley is a coward if she’s afraid to say something because Peggy will go after her.

        No Miranda and Maxine are not a couple they in a certain way related, that will be revealed pretty soon.

        You’re right someone else is involved in the attempt to Bette’s life, that person is in the next chapter, but he is working with one of Melvin’s associates on the board.

        I will post the next chapter in a few hours.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


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