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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 20: SUSPECT #2

    Lincoln Square, West Side – Tuesday – morning – Bette Porter’s office.


    Tina was on her way out of the stockroom when like a whirlwind someone crashed on her, it was Maryann.

    Maryann: (whispering) “stay here…”

    Tina: “what…?”

    Maryann: “shush…”

    Tina: (muttering) “what’s going on?”

    Maryann: “wait here until I tell you, please, it’s for your safety, I’m asking you this on behalf of Dr. Kit”

    Tina was amazed that Kit has asked this woman to look after her, however, the big question was what is out there that threatens her safety, and the answer came at that moment when she heard the voice of Melvin Porter who was looking for a type of coffee.

    Melvin: “do you have a macchiato?”

    Maryann: “I’ll be with you in a second, Mr. Porter…

    Then whispering to Tina

    … you’ll stay here until he’s gone”

    Tina: “hmm…, okay”

    Maryann went outside the stockroom.

    Maryann: “we don’t have macchiato but I can prepare you a café au lait”

    Melvin: “okay, I’ll take it…, were you talking with someone in the stockroom? Is Bette there?”

    Maryann: “no, I was talking by phone, an urgent message”

    Melvin: “you weren’t talking with my daughter, right?”

    Maryann: “of course not; but she should be here any moment”

    The door opened and Bette entered followed by Alice.

    Melvin: “there you are, I need to have a private conversation with you”

    Bette looked at Maryann with concern and the secretary assented with her chin.

    Bette: “what you want now?”

    Melvin: “it’s private”

    Without a word, Bette walked toward her office followed by her father; inside the man took a picture out of his pocket and passed it to her daughter while beginning to speak.

    Melvin: “have you seen this woman?”

    Bette grabbed the picture of Faye Buckley that her father has handed her. Yes, she recognized that woman, but, would it be wise to tell it to her father?

    Bette: “I’m not sure, who is it?”

    Melvin: “someone who could be behind the assassination attempt on you”

    Bette: “really…? Do you know her?’

    Melvin: “yes, but I haven’t seen her for a while”

    Bette: “with which of your evil pals is she working?”

    Melvin: “that’s none of your business”

    Bette: “my life is my business, not yours”

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    1. Welcome back!

      So Faye Buckley is or was friends with Peggy…. but also known by Mable, Miranda, and Maxine. Now she has close ties with Aaron and is being sought after by Melvin and William Wentworth. Looks to me like Miranda is trying to blackmail Melvin – give money or Bette will be harmed.

      Need more information to figure all this out…. Waiting with baited breath…. please write more….and soon.

      Thanks for this chapter….

      PS….still need to know why Tina cannot be seen by Melvin… Everyone seems to know but Bette and Tina.

      • Hi Martha, it has been a long time far from this place.

        You’re right about Buckley, she knew the old generation, Who’s asking for money, maybe someone who needs it or is mad with Melvin, however, that may be the person behind the bombing at Bette’s parking lot.

        Not everybody knows why Melvin shouldn’t see Tina, only the old generation; the young people only follow orders from the eldest. But in the next chapter, we’ll find out.

        Thanks for reading and commenting, your observations are always welcome.


    2. Hey proteonomics,

      That’s a long ago that you gave us the pleasure of a update on this story!

      I hope life is treating you well. Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️

      There is always so much going on in this story, so many clues and I still don’t know how to bring them together.

      Like Martha, I think it could be Miranda trying to blackmail Melvin, but why?

      Faye Buckley had an affair or was in love with Miranda and had an internship for five months arranged by Miranda? Is Miranda a woman who hooked up with several women at the same time? This must be difficult for Tina, the woman she sees as a mother may turn out to be a player who was not faithful. Why did Faye move from one group to another, revenge? Does she feel cheated and wants more revenge and is she the one chasing Bette and blackmailing Melvin? And what is it that Peggy is holding back from Bette and Tina, among others ?! What more can she tell about Faye Buckley.

      So many questions and not enough answers! And what is that with writers and their cliffhangers ?!

      Great chapter my friend, i missed you dearly! Please take care of yourself and stay save and healthy

      • Hi, my friend.

        Yes, long time away. and life hasn’t been easy, but t’s getting better now.
        The person who is blackmailing Melvin is someone who either needs money or is angry with him (or maybe both)

        Faye Buckley is a character who has many problems in her mind, Tina is sad because everything points to blame Miranda as a womanizer, but as Bette says, not everything is as it appears.

        Peggy is holding a bunch of secrets that she doesn’t know how to reveal and is making time for Maxine to come back and manage all the hidden things. In the next chapter, we’ll find out more about Peggy and Buckley.

        Fortunately, there was no cliffhanger here just a phone call. I’ll post soon the next one.

        I’m glad you liked this chapter. Thanks for your comments, my friend.


          • Hi SG

            It has been a long time,

            Well, it may look like a cliffhanger, but is not one of my classic ones.

            The answers will be revealed one by one, Here are the first ones, Buckley and Miranda with Mabel, and of course, why Miranda is Tina’s mother.

            More revelations will come in the next chapters.

            I’m glad you like this chapter, I’ll post the next one in a few days.

            Thanks for following this story, my friend.


      • Hi Deanna:

        Thanks to you for your patience.

        I will continue and finish ALL my stories, I had a little of a busy time, but I will finish everything I started, I promise.

        I know it was a long time since the former chapter and it’s hard to follow, I’m really sorry, I will post the next one soon.

        Thanks for following this story.


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