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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 8: REVELATIONS

    Lower Manhattan, Broadway and Prince Street- Friday.


    After almost forty minutes Bette, Alice, James, and Helena entered in Aaron’s office. Bette looked at Tina, who was sitting there, but the blonde turned her face away, Bette closed her eyes and turned to Aaron.

    Bette: “hello, everybody, what’s the problem, here?”

    Aaron: “good afternoon Dr. Porter, I’m sorry if I took you from your job in the central building, but I need you to tell them that you have authorized me to investigate about corruption in this branch”

    Joyce: “he’s accusing my client”

    Bette: “Dr. Kennard?”

    Tina: “I don’t understand, are you giving him the authorization to investigate himself?”

    Alice and Helena laughed.

    Aaron: “what…?”

    Bette: “please Dr. Kennard…”

    Aaron: “you heard her, she is disrespectful”

    Bette: “okay, we stop that here…, what’s the problem, Aaron?”

    Aaron: “I found proof that Miss Kennard is cheating on the company”

    Joyce: “you haven’t shown that”

    Bette: “stop, everybody stop; Aaron, I don’t see the point of summoning Dr. Kennard, it’s not your call to judge her”

    Aaron: “I’m the director of the branch; I have authority to call her to my office”

    Bette: “what for? Remember that you have a sexual harassment accusation pending, you can’t appoint her here without her lawyer, and perhaps yours too”

    Aaron: “I wanted to warn her…”

    Bette: “no, it’s a waste of time…, and your meeting with her is over”

    Aaron was astonished, but he let it go.

    Aaron: “okay…, this meeting is over, Kennard, Joyce, you can leave”

    Bette: “I’ll stay”

    Alice: “we’ll stay too”

    Bette: “no, just wait outside”

    Helena: “are you sure?”

    Bette: “yes”

    Tina and Joyce left the office of the director followed by Alice Helena and James; they met Sharon who was outside. Inside the office, Bette warned Aaron.

    Bette: “okay, let me tell you something here Aaron, you could do any investigation, but given the circumstances, you can’t accuse anybody, if you find information, you send it to us, and we are going to decide if there is or not proof enough to take any decision”

    Aaron: “but I have proof”

    Bette: “well, send whatever you have to us and we’ll decide; so, we don’t need to come here, Aaron, you should use and email, why did you call us?”

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    1. Well they are getting closer and their attraction to each other is getting stronger, but they are no closer to discovering who they really are to each other. So will something happen to keep this meeting of each other on Friday from being a complete fiasco?

      Good chapter….leaves me wanting more. Waiting anxiously for the next chapter.

      • Hi Martha:

        Yes, they are getting closer, but for me, the most important thing is that they are knowing each other, in one way or another, and that will, in the future, make the difference from their relationship ten years ago and now, in both cases, they were attracted to the other.

        About the meeting on Friday, you will find out pretty soon because I was doubting between post a very long chapter, or split it in shorter ones, and the last is what I chose.

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


    2. Hi proteonomics,

      You call this a short chapter! Well i would love to read more short chapters 😁

      So they will meet in person and Tina knows who GL is. They are both playing with fire and yes they are very attracted to each other and both play the game hard to get.

      Bette is in a difficult position, protecting Tina from that asshole and on the other side the branch and 100 employees who are in danger to lose their jobs as Melvin get what he wants.

      I really love this story!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Yes, you’ll have your wish done.

        Well, we know that Bette knows Tina = SG; Tina, however, is only 95% sure that Bette=GL, but as everybody could understand Tina must be very mad, because if she is right, Bette may have been playing with her feelings, knowing what she feels about her, Tina may think Bette is taking advantage of the situation to get her; you may remember that Tina thinks that Bette is a player (what she is in a certain way) and Tina is not far to be the same,

        Yes, both are playing with fire and they are almost new in this game, they haven’t been in love before (just Randy and Alex), Bette has had girlfriends but for a very brief period of time and most the times she didn’t call them girlfriends but just dates; but in case ofTina is worse, she hasn’t had girlfriends or dates she just has friends and one-night-stands. So, we know what to expect here.

        Yes, Bette is in a difficult position and it could be…., you know.

        This is a short chapter in comparison with what I use to post, but they will keep coming.

        Thank you, my friend, for your comment.


    3. proteonomics:

      It was a short chapter( for youXD) but very attempting, they were getting closer and closer, and I hope Aaron wouldn’t do anything worse to our Tina, she has suffered enough. And god, these two really do look like teenagers, Dr. Kennard and Dr. Porter? It was fun when I read that, how could they possibly not know they’re in love? Well, need to wait till the next chapter to find out.

      You are a good writer, and I believe one of the reason the new show could be reshoot was because there’re people who wrote amazing stories for the characters in TLW to made people remember them, especially for Bette and Tina, I know the situation was hard for all the tibette fan and the writers, but even so, we have to keep going.

      Thanks for the great chapter, my friend, bring it on the new one as soon as possible!


      • Hi CJ:

        Thanks, for your kind words, yes this is what I call short chapter 😂😂😂

        Yes, Tina has suffered a big deal, and Bette really care for her but the situation is that they have no experience whatsoever with real love, they are like teenagers in that department, Bette and Tina, both know how to treat girls and how to make them feel sexual pleasure, they know how to make good friends and to interact in social world, but each of them only have one experience of falling in love and that was ten years ago; though it was only one day, that was the only time they fell love (or at least that is what they thought), after that, they avoided any serious relationship, but now they found what the lost ten years ago and they are like teenagers in that matter. I know it’s funny.

        Thanks, my friend for your comment.


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