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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 9: FINDINGS

    Lower Manhattan, Broadway and Prince Street-Tuesday, 10:30 am.


    Tina has worked all the morning, apparently in a new project, but indeed she was doing something else, she was waiting for the little program that she has uploaded yesterday evening, to find its way to the supercomputer and send a signal to her personal tablet to proceed to the next step.

    The program she used is a slow bug of low speed but able to enter in protected accounts and computers, Tina chose it because it’s unnoticed by most types of protective software antivirus and anti-malware, the little program overpass passwords, codes, loops and all type of firewalls and it’s almost undetectable; the only problem may come if it is detected because the program can’t be used again and the hacker could be discovered. But Tina knows how to make some variations in this to produce a new one.

    This morning the blonde found that her bug was able to enter the supercomputer and, with a little luck, Tina could find the precise passwords and codes to open the folders of the director of the branch, most of the files inside were related to the regular operations in the building, but there were some suspicious folder, one of them was called “Garbage Projects”; ‘why Aaron has a very well protected folder with trash projects?’  The blonde was suspicious, she copies the complete folder and went to the next one “Personal Transaction”; ‘what this means? Does Aaron have secret transactions which don’t belong to the company?’ again, Tina copied the folder too, the third folder with extra protection called her attention “Associates” she didn’t think about this, she just makes a copy in her tablet and took them home to study.


    Lenox Hill-Hart clinic two weeks later, Wednesday early morning.


    Alice is in room 402 waiting for Tina while talking with Kit.

    Kit: “what exactly did Tina tell you about not having a meeting with you in the central building?”

    Alice: “she doesn’t want to meet there with me because of your sister; she doesn’t want to see her”

    Kit: “did she say why?”

    Alice: “no, she just said that it takes longer for her to go back to work if we meet in Lincoln Square”

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    1. Doctor Kennard has accessed the information that Bette needs – The Chinese purchase agreement, the codes to the safe deposit boxes where the original documents are and so much more. Come on Tina,,,,talk to Bette and show her what you have. Tina will then be protected by the balance of the board. What Tina has is the proof and the scheme which the board has been steeling from the company. If Tina is truly going to get her revenge on Aaron, she needs people on her team.

      Very intriguing story….love it..

      • Hi Martha:

        Well, is not that simple, Tina doesn’t know what the other documents, are useful for, especially the ones from Melvin’s folders; she may think that the document about the Chinese company is the one Bette is looking for, and she is wrong.

        Now, Tina is posting the plagiarism of the projects and the commercialization of them, but that has to be proved, and an investigation has to be done, but for Bette, those aren’t the main thing she is looking for, so, the game will keep rolling for a little while.

        There is still the third part of this long stage of “Tina and the secret files”, I’ll try to post it this week, and then as I announced the trend will change in this story.

        Thank you so much for reading and leaving so nice comments.


    2. When will we get the third part?!!!

      My god, Tina found all the important stuff and started her war against that asshole!! But she needs some help and should go to Bette and give her all she found. She found what Bette is looking for. They can team up against Melvin, Aaron and the others.

      Their meeting went quite well and they shared their first kiss 😍 But their is so much going on and so many secrets they don’t know about, it will be a bumpy road before they will be in a happy relationship.

      Thank you for keeping Tibette alive in your stories proteonomics! After reading that the writers of the show indeed let Tina fall in love with someone else, my little hope i had was crushed 😥. But i am so happy and grateful we have writers as you who keep Tibette alive.

      Thank you my friend 😘

      • Hi, Bibi:

        The third part will come this week, at any moment.

        Yes, Tina found the files, more that she was expecting and that she could understand the use and importance, but as I wrote in Martha’s reply, it won’t be easy to join Bette in this battle against these ruffians; first of all, because she doesn’t know what files Bette wants.

        Yes, the meeting went much better than they initially thought, but now, it comes the effects, Bette pushing and Tina pulling (😂😂😂), so, in the third part we’ll see new things between them, and you’re right, the way will be bumpy.

        I know it’s hard to watch the new show being a TIBETTE fan, and it is also for some of the writers; I don’t know about the others but for me, in my stories is BETTE with TINA, no Bette with someone else or Tina with someone else; and as long as there are people who read TIBETTE, I will continue writing TIBETTE.
        But is there are no readers, I will rather write Rizzoli and Isle, Buffy, the Fosters, orange is the new black, Carol, Gentleman Jack, or anything like that, because I honestly can’t write Tina or Bette with someone else, it goes against my inspiration and will (eww!!! 🤮😱🤬).

        Thank you for your comments, my friend.


      • Hi SG:

        I agree they should work together, but still need to clean the way and the distance between them.

        As I said before, I’ll post the third part anytime this week.

        As long as you read TIBETTE, I’ll fight and post to keep them alive.

        Thanks, SG, for your comments.


    3. My my, well done! Dr. Kennard! I am so impressed by Tina’s smart brain, her intelligence did make smart revenge to that Aaron Kornbluth. I just hope that Tima can trust Bette and let her help with what she’s doing. I understand that she wanted to protect Bette but now Aaron had an eye on her, I really hope that she can quickly get rid of him in the next chapter.
      Please be nice to Tina, she’s suffered a lot, knowing she’s brilliant was very nice, but she needs Bettes’s help, and they need to confess their love to the other, they are grown-up people who still act like immature.
      The new show is slowing biting of my patience and my respect for the L word, we need more dinette and bring happiness and love back. I believe you can do that my friend, this was such a great story.
      Please post soon and do no harm to our Tina, thank you my friend.

      • Hi CJ:

        Yes, Tina made a smart decision on hack in the supercomputers; but she doesn’t know how valuable is her discovery, and she is using what she thinks is the most important in her war against Aaron.

        Tina knows that Bette needs to be nice with Aaron because the jobs of many people are at stake, so she thinks that she must take some distance from the brunette (she wants to “protect” Bette), especially after their first kiss.

        I would like to kick away Aaron too, but he is as sticky as a tick, so, we have to wait a little bit more.

        The reason why both Bette and Tina are so childish about long term relationships is because of their past, ten years ago they lose someone what they thought was the love of their lives, and in a certain way they refuse to look for someone different, Bette was looking for Randy (or equivalent) in all the girls she dated; Tina didn’t, because she thought Alex was dead, she just wanted quick and easy flings; so they have no real experience in that matter.

        Joey, as I said, I’ll keep writing TIBETTE, and if nobody reads TIBETTE anymore, I’ll write about other couples, but I won’t, I can’t and I don’t want to split TIBETTE. And about the show, you already know my opinion.

        Thanks for your very nice comments, my friend.


    4. Fascinating story! I like stories where Tina is alpha and more intelligent than Bette. Impressive how Tina has hacked into Aaron’s computer and managed to de-crypt his files. I am sad that Tina still doesn’t trust Bette and inferred that Bette as head of the mediation committee was not doing her job. I hope they get a chance to talk and find a way to take down Aaron, Melvin and the other clowns.

      • Hi JS:

        I also like stories where Tina is as strong or more than Bette, I like each of them sharp and skilled in a complementary way, making a team to face the world and the worse situations.

        Tina has a ghost as a companion, that ghost is Alex, who she thinks is dead, and it’s not that she doesn’t trust Bette, she is building walls to fight what she’s feeling for her, but the walls are about to crumble in two chapters.

        Those walls are the cause of why she put Bette in the middle of this war, but after their first kiss, Tina realized her mistake; fortunately, Bette’s feelings are deep too.

        To team together they need first to openly trust each other and open their hearts, after that, the world is theirs.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.


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