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    Beginning Again Chapter 23

    Tina laid next to Bette listening to the familiar sound of Bette’s slow breathing while she slept.  After their talk, it had been rather funny how sheepishly Bette admitted she had forgotten to book a hotel room. Tina had insisted that Bette stay with her and Angie.  Bette was hesitant to accept at first and when they got to the hotel room things were a bit awkward.  Exhaustion helped them both quickly move past their inhibitions and move into familiar positions when they settled in bed to go to sleep.  Tina had edged herself tentatively closer as Bette reached around pulling her into a spoon position.  Tina happily took Bette’s hand and  brought it close to her heart. Tina reflected how it seemed both took pleasure in having the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with each other in an intimate manner, but neither had to voice the need to wait for any further physical intimacy.  Tina had quietly smiled to herself, not knowing Bette was doing the same as they closed their eyes and drifted to sleep.  Tina thought about the conversation they had late into the night, not realizing how late it was until they were told the restaurant was closing.  The honesty, the openness and how it was clear they had both reached a point of understanding that allowed for the forgiveness of themselves and of each other.  This was the emotional nourishment that they both needed from each other and it would be the lifeblood of their new relationship. Tina thought both seemed more at peace, but she wasn’t surprised that Bette was struggling with trust issues.  She always knew that would be the biggest obstacle to a complete commitment.  Tina knew now more than ever that she needed to stay close and continue to show her devotion to Bette no matter how long it took.  Tina started feeling warm and then she felt the sweat building on her forehead.  Dam, she thought, fucking hot flashes.  She slowly untangled herself from Bette, trying not to wake her with her movement and the heat radiating from her body.  Tina watched as Bette slowly opened her big expressive brown eyes. ”Good morning,” Tina said with a warm smile.  ”I tried not to wake you.”

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    1. SuperK,
      When I saw that U had posted, I immediately dove in. Thank you for the refresher that your writing brings. Especially in these perilous times.

      Will continue applying your healing balm as though I was Bette, Tina, or Angie.. ????

    2. I really love your story. Thank you for letting Bette take Angie to Yale. Made me smile. Our girls are working towards getting back together forever and they are doing it the right way. So glad they are doing couples counseling. Somehow I doubt it will take as long as Tina thinks. Angie is still a little scared about what it all means and I hope she can be part of the healing and that she gets to witness her parents full reconciliation. Trust is essential on all sides. Tina needs to trust herself not to leave again. Bette needs to trust that Tina really is going to stay forever. And Angie needs to trust that her parents will be okay without her and she can go to college. Lots of moving pieces but everyone has the same goal. And with the love they have this looks so very promising. Again, great story.

    3. Bette the romantic…. dinner at that special place. Privacy so they could talk and begin to air things out. Love that Tina invite Bette to share her room since she doesn’t have one. And I love that Angie shows up finding her Moms in their pj’s what a surprise considering she thought Bette was in LA. And the fact that Bette went with Angie and Tina to for the Yale tour was simply outstanding. Even though New Haven, Connecticut is a long way from LA, I’m hoping that is her choice.

      I really love that Bette suggested couples therapy. With the right therapist and settings and amount of time spent, they could resolve most of their problems in months rather than years. I have a feeling that before Angie goes away to college – Bette and Tina will be a solid couple living together. They may not have every problem resolved – but they will have a process by which they can resolve whatever is still a stumbling block.

      Its good to see these two coming to the decision to try. They belong together…..

      Thankyou for this great chapter…. now, let’s see what Bette finds out in Paris…..

    4. Thank you for posting this chapter. I enjoy your writing so very much! Love all the special moments this couple is finding time to share. I knew Bette would find a way to meet up with her girls to see Yale! With all the things going on in our lives today I find myself anxiously awaiting new chapters by wonderful writers like yourself. You bring a smile to my face when I open this site and see your post! Thank you for bringing a little bit of joy into some long lonely days!

    5. Great chapter

      Love how Bette and Tina are making progress and that Bette told Tina that before she can give herself totally she needs to deal with her own issuess ,Her mother abondening her and what it did with her. But she is serious to give them a healthy chance on rebuilding their relationship, she even suggested couples therapy.

      Very good talk between Angie and Tina, i hope that Angie will have a little bit more faith and is more reassured so that she can make the right decision which university she is going to apply and not to be afraid to leave her mothers.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    6. SuperK, this was a wonderful chapter. I love how they are moving in the same direction… towards each other. Bette not thinking to book a hotel room cracked me up, she was so eager to get to see her girls that she rushed to be there. Details details! We can all see the reunion coming and yet watching them take tentative steps to each other is very satisfying. Such a nice way to spend my Sunday, reading this chapter was a perfect end to the week. Thanks!

      • Z

        Bette has been stuck for so many years and now finding out through therapy what the life long consequences of her mother leaving have done to her, pushed her to needing closure. Wanting desperately to understand why her mother never contacted her after leaving.

        It is not uncommon when a parent leaves a child at an early age for them to blame themselves on some level for the parent leaving. Bette was still at a formidable age, it is not surprising she had issues with abandonment. In this story, Tina, leaving just poked a hole in a wound that never fully healed.

        Hope that helps.


    7. SuperK,

      Hey pal, thanks so much for this terrific update. So many details & lots of exploring.

      The talk with Tina & Angie was great.

      So glad that Bette & Tina are finally on the same path & willing to put in the work to make it work out this time.

      Yes, Bette needs closure on her mother’s actions – so sad.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter & looking forward to what Bette discovers.

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