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    Retrouvaille Chapter 22

    RETROUVAILLE: French word meaning to find each other again.

    When two hearts meet after being apart for a time, the world fades away as they meet and share the purest of loves.  They are invincible at that moment, and that is the magic of their love…

    Tina sat in the back patio area of the restaurant waiting. The sun had set and the evening had brought coolness to an unusually warm day. The fire ring sat in the center of the patio and brought a nice glow that gave her an unintrusive  view of a couple quietly sharing an intimate conversation. The woman slightly touched her partner in a flirtatious manner, giving off the idea that this was their first date. Tina smiled in a reflective manner to herself. Tina’s white linen blouse moved with the cool breeze that made its way through the patio and gave off the scent of Jazmine that was growing on trellises around the patio.  She sat back taking in the room and its occupants.  Being that it was Wednesday evening, the crowd was light allowing for privacy even while in the open dining area. She decided this was not a night for alcohol, so she sipped her iced tea slowly, patiently waiting with hopeful anticipation. 

    Bette stepped into the restaurant, quietly assessing the room.  As her eyes scanned around, she recognizing the back of a strawberry blonde woman, a woman no matter what angle would always be etched into her mind.  Bette’s slacks swayed with her graceful stride as she slowing made her way through the dining area garnering looks from both men and women as she approached the door to the patio area.  Her gaze never left the woman’s back and as she drew closer she noticed how the light from the fire ring danced off the woman’s hair giving off an image as if it she was a dream. Bette approached the table from behind the woman. As she made her way around the table she caught the woman’s gaze and gave Tina an uncertain version of her enchanting Porter smile. Tina gave her back a kind smile, something that wasn’t an act that was studied, false or something learned. It was genuine and captivating all at the same time. Bette held the table as she slowly sank down into her chair never breaking eye contact getting lost in the emotions swimming in Tina’s gentle hazel eyes. Tina held her gaze despite her desire to lower her eyes from the intensity of emotions that were emanating from the expressive brown eyes before her as Bette placed her purse on the chair next to her. Bette gripped the cloth napkin that sat on the table in front of her in an effort to contain the level and variety of emotions that moved within her as she continued to gaze at the woman she had known for close to half her life. Tina slowly, hesitantly reach over and grasped Bette’s hands.

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    1. ‘How is it that two souls that are meant to be, struggle so hard to be?’

      I am going to read this chapter again but wanted to post. What you have written is so incredibly beautiful and powerful and real. I was moved to tears at being part of Bette’s ‘process.’

      ‘Bette was looking for guarantees and they don’t exist but the reality was they were not going to do it over. Age and maturity was pushing them towards creating something new and at this point, it was a a choice and a chance that involved her full commitment to try. It was then that Bette realized that she was more afraid of living life without Tina then staying stuck and being in a position to wonder what could have been.’

      Both Bette and Tina realize they have a lot of layers to peel back on the onion that is their 20 plus year relationship – separately and together as a couple and as a family. That they are willing to do it carefully and thoughtfully and with the realization that it will take time and result in a lot of painful reflection and tears is healthy and bodes well for their future. Love the porcupine analogy. Really does apply. And Tina’s response:

      “ ‘ Tina met her gaze with reassurance, ”Well I guess we have been poking and running from each other for a long time, especially me.” Tina reached out to Bette, taking her hands, slowly leaning forward coming up close enough to feel Bette’s warm breath. ”Let’s work together and find that comfortable distance,” Tina looked at Bette and continued, ”I don’t want to be controlled by our past. The more time I spend with you, the more I see that we have always belonged together.’ “

      They really do have a chance. It is also great that Bette wants to find out the answers about her mother and even better that they are focusing their time and attention on Angie. Congratulations. So very well done.

      P.S. I sure hope Bette gets to take Angie to Yale. Please. Please.

      • Billy

        So glad you enjoyed the trilogy. It was so important for me to capture the full range of emotions as they turn and start moving towards each other.

        Now things will looks familiar on the outside, but inside both will continue to struggle. There love is being depicted as strong and the lifeline they will hold on to as the move through their next challenges as a couple and individual.


    2. Congratulations SuperK with your own relationship!!! I wish you a beautiful weekend!

      I agree ???? with Billy, she said it all!

      Bette showed that she has grown so much that when she realized she couldn’t fully invest and trust in a relationship with Tina, by going to Dr. Klein and talk about it and process her feelings and then went straight to NY to Tina and let her see her fear and pain. Maybe now they can really work on rebuilding their relationship.

      Awesome chapter!

      • Bibi,

        Yes…. the growth. Maturity has its advantages if we pay attention. Our girls are paying attention and acting like adults with taking the harder road, which in the end will lead to greater happiness.


    3. Very touching chapter… the love they show each other is so very pure…it’s just their individual hang ups sometimes gets in the way and causes hurt and running and failure to give of themselves and mostly fear of loss. I love that when Bette realizes that the choice is really simple – don’t try to repair the relationship and seal your fate to being without Tina or go for the chance you have before you and give all you got for who knows, it could work. Thanks to the good doctor for helping her work that out.

      I agree with the previous commentators. This is a well written lovely chapter. I could see the internal struggle Bette has been facing and I see the hope in Tina that things can work if given a chance. I love the “knowing” that each was committing to trying. This really is a well written approach to a reconciliation process. So many mixed emotions in Bette’s tears – release of anger, and apology, forgiveness and just an undying love. The process is not complete, just the beginning. But a solid beginning. This is a very good sign for this couple – very good.

      Thank you for this chapter…

      • Martha

        They made it! Wow, To be honest I wasn’t sure if I could get that turn to work. It is touching because we know what they have been through and yes what happens next will be just as hard.

        As I take a deep breath and begin thinking about how I will have them move through their reunification, I realize that this would be so hard in real life. The choice is so simple that the chance is so big.

        Thanks for reading and encouraging.


    4. Great chapter Supe. I agree with everyone’s comments – Martha hit the nail on the head saying that the process is not complete but the beginning. I hope this time it sticks, I don’t think either one can take another break up at this point. Bette goes all out to let Tina know she is willing to give it another try. Fingers crossed. Thank you for this lovely start to the weekend.

      • BK

        Trying to formulate the reconciling piece and yes it is so hard. I am trying to move them through this and I do not want 100 chapters. I might need to take a break to plot it out correctly. We will see, you know how it goes, inspiration comes at odd times.


    5. Superb Chapter!

      Agree with the comments above and so look forward to them now moving forward to a forever relationship that they both so deserve.

      Well written beautiful chapter, a great start to the weekend

      Stay safe and well, and enjoy your weekend

    6. What a beautiful chapter SuperK! I loved how you played with their body language, really bringing us into every touch and every gaze shared between them. Gosh, I really needed this chapter today. Have been so worried about these two. I am wondering though, if Bette’s going to tell Tina that she is looking into her mother’s painting. I notice how Tina had the impression that Bette got a call from Dani that something had gone wrong at the gallery in Paris. But I thought the only reason she was going was to track down the artwork. Hmm. Not going to obsess about that. Bette is finally letting down this last wall and I just hope that nothing comes between them. Bette seems to think that finding her mother and addressing these past wounds will be the only way to truly heal and move forward with Tina, but I worry about introducing her mother into the mix now. Hopefully they’re in a stronger place when that happens. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    7. SuperK
      Oh it’s pure joy to read your words. Emotional, threatening, sensual, healing.. I love the corner our girls our turning! Looking forward to the chapter(s) that reveal their relationship with Angie as she’s approaching her time to come in college.

      Gosh the college experience made ALL the difference in my life. First time away from home and making decisions.

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