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    Family Chapter 24

    One month later

    Bette sat in bed staring at the ceiling, listening to the quiet. She had the house entirely to herself, because Angie had spent the night at Tina’s. Angie had developed her own schedule which appeared to Bette as combining both homes into one. She would start her day at one home and end it at another. Guess that is how teenagers manage the homes of divorced parents, Bette had thought. Ever since the trip to New York, Angie seemed to be doing better. It appeared that Angie’s worries had been addressed. Dr. Stewart had helped Angie with opening up about her worries to her and Tina. Neither, Bette nor Tina had realized the level of impact their problems had on Angie. Now that Angie had voice her worries, Bette and Tina had spent more time talking to Angie to sooth her concerns. Her academics were back on track and she did not play sick as often. It was good they caught this early, so it did not impact her grades. Most of the colleges Angie applied to were highly competitive East Coast schools and more in likely she would be accepted to one of them. Bette took a long deep breath at this thought, but she kept reminding herself of what Tina had said, ”She is only leaving us physically, we will always have her in our hearts and minds.” This was a nice thought, but Bette liked it better when her people were around her.  Whether she liked it or not, Angie was beginning to move into adulthood and that meant leaving home.

    It was Sunday, so she was going to put that worry away until Monday. Tonight was family dinner night. It was Bette’s turn to cook and she hadn’t a thought as to what she would make. She slipped out of bed and headed down to the kitchen to start some coffee. The house was too quiet when Angie was not around.  The noise had become more comforting over the last couple years when Bette had been struggling with so many losses.  Hopefully, she won’t have to deal with the loneliness brought on by the quiet if Tina moves in before Angie is off to college, she thought. Bette shook her head, it was too soon to be thinking about the changes to their living situation.

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    1. I had so much I needed to do when I got the notification that you had posted an Update!
      I still have so much that needs to be done!
      Thank s for the Chapter which I so enjoyed and was worth leaving all my other errands for.
      Sorry it’s coming to an end but perhaps you’ll consider a sequel.
      Loved it!

      • SG

        Everything finds its ending and from that a new beginning. My wife has told me to continue with the story in a series. I am not sure yet, my schedule is filling up with the turmoil of the world due to my job, but it is an interesting idea.

        I got a few more things that need to be cleared up and will happen in the next few chapter.

        Stay safe

    2. Great chapter SuperK!

      Slowly they are moving in the right direction. But Bette is still not there, the trust isn’t completely back.

      Good that they talked about Kit and how Bette is hurting that Tina didn’t get for the funeral, even as a friend. Her reasons for not going still sounds weak in my eyes. She should have been there at least for Angie.

      Glad that they talked with Angie and that she feels more secured.

      Bette and Tina are on the right pad but still have a way to go.

      Love this story!

      • Bibi

        When it really comes down to it, it was a choice Tina made and there is nothing that can be done about it. Tina’s reasons were her own and we all may disagree but it was her decision to make. But Bette’s position is how she will respond and can she find a place for it so it will not impact her efforts to reconcile.

        In my 54 years I have come to realize there are things that can’t be changed And somethings have to be let go of to be happy and sane.

        I think I have become to philosophical. Lol


    3. I was so happy to see this post. Glad that Bette and Tina are doing the work to reconcile in a truly healthy manner. Tina seems ahead of Bette on being ready to resume their physical relationship but Bette has a lot of trust and abandonment issues to resolve. And then there is Kit. They may find that Bette will never fully understand and Tina may have to accept that this is one screw up that she just has to own. It does not have to end them. But it may always be something that causes Bette pain. Heartbreaking but a step forward that Bette talked about finding Kit and needing Tina. Forgiveness isn’t easy. However I like what the counselor told Bette: ‘As they entered, Bette recalled something Dr. Klein had told her about forgiveness. ”It’s given without the other knowing it or even at times deserving it. Forgiveness works quietly. The words don’t have to be heard and the the person being forgiven doesn’t even have to care. It’s a gift that can’t be earned and it is cleansing for the giver.” Bette smiled, as she felt herself releasing more of the emotional toxins and refocusing on what was important for her happiness.‘ This may happen regarding Kit and Tina leaving. We know that Kit would tell Bette to forgive Tina. Bette is still hurting but making progress. Also it is good that Angie is being included and is feeling better although I still don’t understand why Tina seems to be the primary parent. Angie seems to spend more time with her and if I read it right Tina took her to counseling.

      This has been a great story, one I do not want to see end. It is very well written and has been an emotional roller coaster to be sure. That Bette is as far along as she is given what happened after the last charity auction is pretty amazing and also authentic. No more meat tagging
      Bette is right. Well done.

      • Billy

        It is interesting that you zeroed in on Bette’s recovery. I am fortunate enough to have access to therapists. So I asked what Bette’s journey would look like and I got several versions, one of which is the one I wrote. Highly intelligent functioning people can bounce back quickly if they can embrace the emotional work needed to move past whatever is the obstacle to their well being.

        And yes, Tina did her job and busted the “meat Tag”.


    4. This was a great chapter. The reconciliation is moving along at a slow pace, but that is to be expected. It takes time to get through the issues which led to the separation and divorce. It takes time for each of them to go through a self realization process to see their part which lead to the split. And it takes time to communicate what was and what exist in the present. And feelings and fears are not easy to deal with until a level of trust and security are established. Bette is still feeling hurt and betrayed by Tina. The fact that she figured Tina hated her is an indication of how deeply hurt she felt when Tina left.

      It is obvious that Bette wants to know and understand what caused Tina to leave. Tina is still not articulating her reasons in a clear and understandable fashion. She may not be able to ever but she’s trying. And in the end, regardless of what the reasons were, Bette has to be secure in the assurances from Tina that this will not happened again before reconciliation has a good foundation..

      Bette acknowledging that she and Tina would need to get past this event was a truth they both need. But saying it and actually putting it in the rear view mirror are two different things. It will take forgiveness. I love what the therapist said:.
      “As they entered, Bette recalled something Dr. Klein had told her about forgiveness. ”It’s given without the other knowing it or even at times deserving it. Forgiveness works quietly. The words don’t have to be heard and the the person being forgiven doesn’t even have to care. It’s a gift that can’t be earned and it is cleansing for the giver.” Bette smiled, as she felt herself releasing more of the emotional toxins and refocusing on what was important for her happiness.”

      This indicates that Bette is on her way to forgiving Tina. Tina also needs to forgive herself for causing the pain and disruption in Bette’s and Angie’s life. I feel they are on the path…not quite through it but on the way. I see the talk on the patio before the family dinner as a real positive and just one more step toward reconciliation, with many more to go. They have made some real progress and that is a good thing.

      Really a terrific chapter… love to see more. Thank you for this truly terrific story….

      • Martha

        Thank you for the support, I think this story was perfectly described as an emotional roller coaster and that is exactly what I was striving for. I am hoping the the reader feels the emotional struggle that the characters are in at the time.

        I have listened to some many sad songs about breaks up just to get in the right frame of mind.. Lol


      • D

        We are moving albeit slow towards getting them together. I think they are both thinking the same thing and wanting the same thing, but they are definitely on different sides of the bridge.

        I love reading the readers perspective because I am two chapters. LOL


    5. SuperK
      You must have your Super Cape on trying to tackle the whys of Tina and missing the funeral. Stupidest writing in the history of show writing. So dumb for them to give her that story line and I applaud your bravery in trying to answer it. SuperK! Able to leap from tall buildings and tell why Tina is an idiot!
      I like the way you have Tina stand by her decision, even though she can not give Bette the answers she wants. She is not hiding. She is saying, YES. I hurt you. I don’t know why I did but I acknowledge that I did.
      Having gone through my own painful moments I can say with 100% certainty that I made some stupid decisions and hurt family because I could not take on anything else. I was at my limit. I would like to think that is what you were alluding to, that Tina was just… DONE. Hopefully she will get some therapy that will help her understand why she does what she does but not having an answer to me is like saying… She just couldn’t. It was all too fresh, too raw.
      Not trying to put words in your story, that was just my take away. Thank you for tackling this. And keep writing, I am waiting for the next chapter, cape less and waiting to see where you take us.

      • BK

        You are too kind. I do have a cape as funny as that is, but I did not don it for the daunting task of explaining the contrived explanation for Tina’s absence at Kit’s funeral.

        The explanation though shallow was the only one that fit, and my approach with Tina emotionally came from exactly where you thought, that she was just done and didn’t know what else to do.

        I really hate what GQ did with these characters and every time I sit and try to come up with an angle it makes me more angry. So contrived were their approaches to the OG. And now they are taunting a Emmy nomination, ROTFL hysterically it made me sick.

        I hope, truly hope that JB stands up and starts taking control of the TiBette story arch. Covid sucks but it sorta gave them a gift with LH she has a little more free time to help correct the course.

        Anyways, off my soapbox. I am glad you are enjoying the story. I am squeezing out every emotional event I can work for the drama. The ones I have made up, are there to move the story. It is funny, I have not written seriously in almost 30 yrs and the first 3 chapters kinda show me trying to find my voice again, but in my humble opinion I did better, as did the other writers who took on the clean up mess. OOOPS back on my soap box. LOL

        Stay safe girl

    6. Hey SuperK,
      I was finally able to reread this chapter again. I so agree with BK on your bravery to really try and sort through GenQ’s disaster of a story line. It breaks my heart what they’ve done to our favorite couple. And I also agree with Billy. Tina’s got to own it. Bette may never get over it, but that’s love, isn’t it. They’re doing the work of making all of these pieces fit so that they can be together. I love this story. I sooo don’t want it to end.

      Thanks for the great chapter!


      • Risky

        Not brave, just frustrated. I wanted to be a TV writer, well this is my version of it. Even the way I have laid out the story arch was purposely set up to line up with the show.

        Sometimes when I am writing, I try to envision how the actresses would approach it so I can get as close to the show as possible.

        As far as Tina owning it. I think she is in a manner that still allows her to have her own feelings separate from Bette. Life happens, sometimes we are just along for the ride. LOL

        So glad everyone is enjoying this version of the mess GQ gave us. I went for the emotional pull, some people don’t like the sad, but I figure happiness is brighter when you have to go through the sadness.


    7. Hi SuperK,

      What a wonderful update. Awesome.

      Lots happening & much progress made with the entire family – Tibette & Angie. Nice to see that they finally talked about Kit & how they each felt & Tina got to explain the reason why she didn’t return.

      So glad to see that they are taking the little steps towards reconciliation & that they both want it to happen & last this time around.

      So glad that you are enjoying the writing & the journey for your characters, but also for yourself. I know I dig deep sometimes looking for the reasons why the character acts in the way that they do & what motivates them.
      You are doing a great job.

      Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

      Take care & stay safe.

      • Collins

        So glad you are enjoying it. The pursuit of the ‘why’, has always been at the center of my writing. It has been fun reacquainting myself with the art of story writing. Understanding the concept of story and how it relates to the ‘why’ can sometimes get complicated. I believe it is the job of the writer to explore the ‘why’ through and engaging story. Still working on the writing but I love having a forum to practice. I so love the feedback.


    8. OMG I have not been able to pull away……you posted that link this morning and now I’m wrecked. You are very talented. Everything you wrote was so believable. You covered everything. I really have to go start my day. lol it’s 2:00pm but I have to get going. Will write more another time but for now I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to create as you did. I think you should get this to the writer’s. I didn’t want to forward this story without your permission. Would it be ok to share this? I hope you are able to continue with this story.

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