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    Better Not Bitter Chapter 8

    A Few Weeks Later

    Bette woke up, as she usually did, just before the alarm went off so she wouldn’t wake up Tina. Instinct seemed to always pull her out of her dreams before the alarm sounded from her phone. She smiled as she looked over at the beautiful woman sleeping undisturbed besides her in their large king-size bed that Tina had said was too big when they bought it. They always ended up entwined with each other in the center of the bed so most of the bed went unused, except during those energetic nights of love making.

    Bette sighed as she moved her body in a slow deliberate manner and undid herself from Tina.  She wanted to stay in the comfortable arms of her girlfriend.  The label for their relationship brought a smile to her face as she inched her body across the bed.  But, she had a full day ahead of her and her responsibilities were pulling her out of this warm cocoon.  COVID had caused a lot of problems for the Peabody Foundation.  The Peabody Foundation was an international business and the problems brought on by the pandemic varied depending on the country.  Helena Peabody, who was in charge of the business end of the company, had reached out to Bette early on to assist with the never ending problems.  Together, they were trying to keep things afloat while this Pandemic crisis ran its course; a true test on the new leadership of this well established company. She was finding it more and more a nuisance to have to run to the office to pick up somethings she did not have at home.  For the most part, she and Tina had managed to share the single office.  As time went on, it became clear that the Pandemic was not going away anytime soon. The reality of having to continue to share an office was not realistic. Today she was not only gathering the necessary equipment to establish another work station, but bring the research for the lost painting that she and James had gathered to her home. 

    Bette made her way to the shower, stripping her clothes off along the way.  She reached in turned the knob and watched the water fall testing it with her hand before stepping in letting her full body be engulfed by the wetness. The warm water washed away the fogginess that was left from a bad night’s sleep.  She grabbed for the soap as the  conversations that have taken place as of recent passed through her mind.  It had surprised her how Tina managed the story of Laura. Tina’s conversation with Alice stirred up a lot of emotions about the past but it still seemed a good time to just let out all that transpired all those years ago at Yale. Tina seemed to take it in stride, saying at one point, ”We all have our past.”  Bette raised her head towards the water, stretching her neck trying to release the tension that had built as her thoughts went deeper through the conversations.  The issue around Tina’s uncanny resemblance to Laura and the similarities in specific aspects between Bette’s relationships was awkward.  There was no argument to Tina’s comment that Bette had a type the first time she saw the picture of Laura.  Bette surprised herself with a laugh that slipped out when Tina made the comment. Bette never really thought she had a type.  When she processed the notion of her attraction to Tina, it was more how she felt physically and emotionally.  This was the biggest relationship of Bette’s life and her love for Tina was unconditional.  Even with their arduous history,  Tina could stir in Bette feelings that she had never experienced before nor with anyone else, thus driving home the idea of a soul mate.  That was the depth of the feelings that lead her to commission the statue from Leigh Ostin.  Tina was ideally matched for her and she knew there would never be another.  

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    1. Hey Superk,

      Thank you for this chapter while you are exhausted, i can imagine that as a social worker you have a real difficult time and lots of work to do. Please try to take care of yourself and be safe!

      So much mysterie and then also the worry about Covid and that utter bitch Kelly.

      Very good that Bette and Tina talk but more important is that they continue to do that.

      I am not sure if it was wise of Tina to tell Alice that much but she is a friend and means well most of the time. Glad that Bette told Peggy, if one person can help Bette it is Peggy.

      Please try to look after yourself!

    2. Thanks for the chapter….

      I am concerned about the relationship between Bette and Tina. They are still very much living in their hurt and anguish and have made very little progress in forming any semblance of a good solid relationship. Tina is not happy that Bette will not step back from any challenge. Yet that is who Bette is and is never going to change. Bette is still anguishing about the fact that Tina was not there to support her through the Kelly crap. That is never going to change – it happened…. its done and cannot be undone. They are both wondering about what Kelly is up to, but neither will sit down and blue sky what the possibilities are and propose solutions. Both are too busy in their disappointment and angst in the other. None of this is good signs for their future.

      These two do not appear to be in a frame of mind of two newly reconciled people. The are more like an aged married couple who wonder why they decided to retire when they did. They are simply not ready to be spouses, lovers, constant companions. And I do not know if they will ever be. Both their lives are more consumed with their own thoughts than with interaction with the other. This Covid shut down could be a gift of time and a proximity to actually make some progress in their relationship…. to make plans for the future, to establish time schedules, roles in the relationship, identify triggers for problems, and most of all to be parents to Angie. Angie is reflecting her parent anxiety… her parents desire to escape home and to be out and about. The less her parents are able to deal with the confinement, the less Angie will as well.

      I really want these two to do well. I want their relationship to succeed. But the more they dwell on their fears and frustrations, the harder it will be to achieve a happy and sound relationship. Its time to forgive and move on.

      And as to Kelly Wentworth? Now that Peggy knows Kelly is snooping around looking for the painting? Ask her to do what she can to keep her away from Bette. And then let it go.

      Oh? What happened to Shane? She moved in with Angie and Bette when Tina was in New York. Haven’t seen anything about her since. Since the shut down is still in progress, I would have thought she would be still around.

      Thanks for the chapter….

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      What happen to Tina – did her cooking skills develop into Bette’s :) I thought only one person in their family could burn something during cooking :)

      And maybe it’s me – but i think they all too obsessed about Kelly. Too many mentions about that person.

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