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    Life, Death, Realty Chapter 9

    The sun was setting.  Bette sat at her desk in her home office staring at the boxes she had brought home a few weeks ago.  She had kept the office and they had converted the spare room into one for Tina.  Separate workspaces were working out much better she thought as she stood and walked over to the bookshelf that she had converted into a makeshift bar.  She pulled out both her scotch and a glass.  The depth of the smell and the hint of the flavors rose to her nose as she poured herself a drink.  She swirled the auburn liquid as she took a few steps around her desk, leaning up against it while she took a slow sip.  She stared once again at the boxes that had been stacked in two piles, one made up most of her office from work and the other the research for the lost painting.  She still struggled with the notion that there actually may exist a lost painting from the Nazi era. Peggy’s story about the Russian really intrigued her to such a degree that she started sifting through European News trying to find something about the man.  She learned a great deal about the wealthy entrepreneurs that were not well liked by the Russian public.  It was said they were about as popular as a man idly burning millions outside an orphanage.  These oligarchs were and still are well connected and thought to be the cause of much of the turmoil that plagued the Russians after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Bette took another sip as she continued to sort through her thoughts about the oligarch who may have purchased the Kerschner.  It was clear from the research and the little information from Peggy, that the Russian she spoke of probably had been purged by the Kremlin.  If that is what happened to him, what happened to all his assists?  She read that part of what made these individuals so unpopular was that they stashed billions of dollars in private Swiss bank accounts rather than invest in the Russian economy.  If that was the case, the painting is probably in some storage compartment somewhere in Europe.  Bette chuckled to herself as the thought of this amazing find boxed away gathering dust with other items purchased during buying sprees.

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    1. Hey SK,

      Great update. So pleased to see Tibette finally building their relationship & having trust in one another.

      Bette has definitely grown as Tina has too,

      I am so waiting for Kelly to get hers BIG TIME!!!

      Sad truth about Covid & all the deaths that will come.

      Thanks so much for the update, especially with you being so busy with work.

      Take care & breath deep.

      • You have verbalized my thoughts.

        SuperK has really exceeded expectations in walking this family thru some extremely difficult terrain. And dealing w/ our real-life Covid reality makes this compelling story a classic

        • DT

          I am humbled by your reply. I so much wanted GQ to address COVID in their story arch, but it is not surprising that they did not take on this complicated subject given they cannot even handle canon.

          I am trying so hard to have our girl navigate what we have been for the last 2 plus years.

          But of course we still have the treasure hunt to really start moving as COVID become more manageable.


    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      I understand how hard for writer to to write justification of GQ stupid storyline about Tina not attended Kit’s funeral, but you wrote good about that.

      So waiting for more.

    3. Super K! So nice to see that you are continuing this story, I think DT said it best – the addition of Covid makes this story extra compelling. Imagine trying to reunite after all that happened AND dealing with the virus. And you write it so well , all the issues come in to play – the social togetherness because they have to isolate, Angie’s friend losing her mom. I love how Tina knows when Bette needs her. Senses that something is off and forces the conversation. There is no easy way to explain why Tina did not attend Kit’s funeral (because we all know she would NEVER). But you handled it the best way it could be handled. Tina does not make any excuses, she owns it and Bette decides to move on, accept the explanation for the sake of the relationship.
      Looking forward to reading more!

      • Agree with BK and the others. Regarding Kit? I like that Tina stepped up and owned it. Sometimes the answer is – yes – I did this thing. Tina apologizes for her actions. Now what to do? Bette is still upset and will probably never forget but has a choice to make. As you write: “Life is too short and having you here with me now is more important than holding on to something that cannot be changed.” So very true. Really good chapter.

    4. Hey Superk,

      So glad you posted a new chapter while being so busy!

      I can only say i fully agree with the comments from the others. Glad that Bette and Tina face the world together, united, one front to others like Kelly, that bitch doesn’t know what hit her if she causes trouble.

      Tina not going to Kit’s funeral, not being there for at least Angie, it’s still hard to understand. You do a great job explaining but still i really hate GQ and Marja they divorced Tibette and for Tina not going.

      They will not forget it but they both have forgiven and it’s time to move on.

      Thanks for this chapter!

    5. Thanks for this new update
      I agree with the other comments regarding Tina’s non attendance at Kit’s Funeral as she would never have not been there but I’ll accept the reason given by you.
      Looking forward to more

    6. I found this chapter to be a good chapter. The receiving of the news that the mom of Angie’s friend had died, the way Bette and Tina stood by her to comfort her in her grief even to taking her to their bed to assure her they were present was as supportive as one could expect of caring parents. And I find that going through this grief with Angie would naturally lead Bette to the thoughts of Kit and what she went through during her death. And it also serves as a reminder to Tina of the mistake she made by not attending the funeral. And I can see that it would lead to an emotional response of grief for Bette. I know that there have been times in which I heard of a death of someone I knew of and it would lead me to thinking about the death of someone I cared for very much. And seeing that Bette and Tina have difficulty sleeping with a restless teenager in the bed would seem such a natural for one or both of them to give up on getting rest for that particular night. I do appreciate that Tina knowing that Bette was still hurting over Kit’s death and her non-attendance, I see it as being courageous to go and see if she could offer some comfort or confront the lingering problem in order to heal the wounds. Facing a death of someone who is close to you is difficult. To face it without the support you thought you would have is even more difficult. And Tina is right… there is nothing she could say other than I’m sorry for what I did. For there is no changing of the past. Once done… its done. And at this point, it is up to Bette to be able to move on with the here and now. Nothing will change the past… nothing will change the fact that Tina left her. It is time for Bette to put it away, and move on. Kit’s death will always be a painful memory. Tina’s leaving will always be a painful memory. But if she allows it to dominate the here and now, she will push Tina away. And I don’t think that is what she wants. It certainly is not what Tina wants either. Reuniting is a process. And it isn’t easy. I think this comes across rather nicely in this chapter…

      Looking forward to more…thank you for this chapter…

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