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    Blueprints —Chapter 1

    Staring out of her window at the mountains some thousands of feet below, Bette Porter smiled as the plane she was currently aboard started its decent into Los Angeles. As the captain made his announcement over the speaker, Bette turned her head away from the window and rested it against the seat feeling excited as she was about to begin the next phase of her life and what she had been preparing her entire career for.

    As the plane landed safely on the tarmac and begin its short taxi to the gate at the terminal, Bette grabbed her purse and pulled out her cellphone hitting #1 on her speed dial.


    ”Hey it’s Bette. I just landed”

    ”Damn Bette. I thought your ass was never going to get here. I have been waiting on you forever”

    ”I know Al. I’m sorry..I got delayed in Denver because of the storm.”

    ”Yeah I know. I was worried that your flight was going to be grounded and if you couldn’t make it here for tomorrow the project was going to be pulled out from under you and given to someone else”

    ”Alice? That’s why I sent the plans to you and asked you to work with me on this. If I couldn’t have made it, I would trust that you could cover until I was able to get there. You would have no problem going over the plans.”

    ”Bette you really need your head examined. I mean thinking you could send me into a room full of executives and expect to present them with the plans to build the most state of the art medical center in the world. You do know I barely passed Speech 101”

    ”Yes I know and I’m shocked quite frankly since you can’t stop running your mouth. So I don’t know why you would have a problem running it in front of a room full of people”

    ”Porter just get to Baggage Claim #4 so we can get out of here. I’ve got your room all ready and it will be just like old times. We are roomies again!”

    Bette chuckled and rolled her eyes

    ”Well just until I can find a house. There is no way I’m going to stay and listen to your screaming through the walls with whoever you are entertaining in your bed that night”

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    1. What a story… Alice is a hoot! Treating her old Ford Pinto as if it were alive and with feelings and hate’s Bette.

      Bette as an architect and Tina as a doctor…. sounds like an interesting combination….This is really interesting.

      So Peggy has terminal cancer, unless Tina can save her… Tina lost a son to cancer 15 years ago. And she was 15 when she had the baby??? Wow…. that is really young.

      The reflex kiss of Bette on the cheek was a surprise to both me and to Bette.

      Great beginning to a story…. let’s see how it goes…

    2. Fantasic start and i look forward to read it!

      I don’t like Tina’s mother, what a meddlesome woman. She goes against all of Tina’s wishes and tries to impose things on her, such as giving Chris her phone number.

    3. I agree with Tina – be a father it’s much more than just give your sperm. It’s raise your child, care, protect and teach him/her. Like some once said – no one ever call bull a father. Cow – yeah – she is a mother – she feed and protect her calf. But bull – he just a donor. Chris a bull in this story

    4. You won’t believe when I say I read this story last week and felt bad when it has only 4 posts thank you writing again and please think to repost Southern comfort even it has a great start

    5. Love this beginning. I think I may have read this story when you first posted it. Sounds slightly familiar but so glad you decided to bring it here. I love the Bette/Alice relationship so comic, yet loving and caring for each other. Getting introduced to those two plus Peggy is going to bring major changes to Tina’s life and she will honor her son in tremendous ways with the revolutionary cancer treatments she’s dedicated her life and purpose to. I wouldn’t turn away Chris’ financial donation as the money will be for a great cause but she should direct him to her foundation and cut off any personal relationship or strings that he might think he will get from it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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