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    Blueprints—Chapter 2

    ”Damn Bette! My stomach was starting to eat my insides” Alice said as Bette walked in the front door carrying the bag with Alice’s lunch.

    ”I’m sorry. I was meeting with Tina and ate lunch with her” Bette replied as she threw the bag at Alice hitting her in the chest.

    ”Fuck!…That hurt!…..Thanks a lot Porter!…I didn’t need these anyway!” Alice said sarcastically as she cupped and rubbed her breasts through her shirt.

    Bette rolled her eyes and sat down in the chair opposite of Alice who shook her head

    ”What crawled up your ass and died Porter?” Alice asked taking her lunch out of the bag before setting it down on the coffee table.

    Bette shrugged “Maybe you did Alice” she said sarcastically

    Alice gasped and threw a tomato slice from her wrap which fell way short of the intended destination of Bette’s face

    “Ha you missed..Serves you right” Bette said folding her arms and not budging from the chair she was comfortably seated in

    “Seriously though what’s wrong?” Alice asked taking a bite of her wrap concerned at Bette’s demeanor

    “Well the offices I looked at were pretty much  shit. And don’t get me started on the houses. Ughhh. This is going to take longer than I thought I guess” Bette says throwing her back against the chair in exasperation “Although Tina said she had an office space for me to look at and gave me the key to check it out but I came here to save you from starvation instead”

    Alice raises her finger indicating she is about to speak but finishes chewing and swallowing the food in her mouth first. Bette glares at her as she waits

    “Speaking of..I was browsing the rental section on my laptop today and printed out a list of office space you might want to look into along with the one Tina wanted you to look at” Alice said taking another bite of her wrap. She points at a piece of paper on the coffee table

    Bette leans forward grabbing the paper off the table and studies it for a moment. “Wow Alice I’m impressed…These look promising”

    Alice bowed her head “So do I get a raise for that?”

    Bette cuts her eyes away from the list and glares briefly at Alice before reaching down to pick up the slice of tomato. She flings it hitting Alice directly in the nose

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    1. I’m really liking this…. So Tina and Bette are married to their work…. funny banter. Really funny when Bette says that the kiss on the cheek might make Tina spouse jealous especially in her presence.

      They are beginning to be attracted to one another… both professionals. I just hope that they do have time to have a real relationship which is binding and long term. With Tina’s promotion to Chief of Staff and a new research center, there are going to be high demands on her time. And Bette just beginning a new architectural firm is going to be time consuming as well. And they are both so young, with many prime working years ahead. This works for some, but it is difficult. I hope they do well…

      Thanks for this chapter… love the update… love to see more….

      • Thanks so much Martha3128!

        It does seem a stretch for Bette and Tina to build a relationship when they are in a sense married to their work. Really it’s because they have nothing on the outside worth trying to balance their lives until now. Without giving too much away I think you will enjoy how they go about trying to build their relationship and incorporate it into their busy lives.

        Thanks again!

    2. Liking this story. Alice is so funny. Calling them TiBette and shipping them is just hilarious. “Alice shakes her head “Never!..I’m totally shipping you two..Long live TiBette!” Just great! And Dana is in the story. I hope Peggy is going to make it. Somehow I think Helena may make an appearance. Is she does – stay away from Tina! Maybe Bette will go visit Peggy. Tina and Bette are really cute together. Very sweet. I like your version of them very much. They both seem well suited for their professions. Maybe they can fit a little love and romance in around their busy lives? Alice already sees it. Looking forward to more.

      • Billy! Thanks for the comment!

        I can assure you that Helena- if she does appear in this story- will have nothing to do with Tina other than to deal with her as her mother’s doctor. I hope that eases your

    3. I just absolutely love and adore this story so very much!! I really love the stories that don’t follow along the lines of the show. This story and your writing is so very talented and I’m just really anxious about where u are going to take them. Please keep writing and posting or else u will be truly missed.

      • Thanks for the lovely comment!

        I’m so pleased you are enjoying the story and I can assure you I’m not going anywhere. This story is completely finished so I will be posting a chapter weekly until the last one. I’m already working on a sequel and if everyone wants it then I will continue.

      • Thanks kiwipit!

        I appreciate you coming back to this story and are here for the ride!

        Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I look forward to your thoughts as well as everyone else’s as we go along!

    4. This is a fantastic story!!! I read a it when you posted it before. I loved it then too.

      I am not a Alice fan but in this story she is hilarious.

      The teasing and fun Bette and Tina had was a pleasure to read. Tina already trust Bette enough to tell her about Jacob, a good sign. And they share their Birthday, who would have thought about that, they have a lot in commen and i am with Alice, i root for Tibette! Now they have to talk with their spouses so that they can take steps to built a relationship ;)

    5. Loved the chapter, I’m glad to know that this fic is already finished. I will be waiting with baited breath for each new chapter. I am excited about reading this in it’s entirety including the sequel and anything else you want to write for us. Please post soon.

    6. This is a fun story to read. Shows us again that what ever the circumstances, professions or life style these two will find each other. Here’s to Bette designing the medical center of Tina’s dreams and here’s to Tina for opening her heart to a new relationship with Bette. So nice to watch from the sidelines. Popcorn popped and feet up on the coffee table reading. Fantastic. Thanks!

    7. Jlr921,
      This story is gonna be “fab”!!!! It has such a sweet theme.

      Anyway, the WebMaster has rescued my log-in credentials from Spam purgatory, so I can now join the faithful in commenting.

      WhoopWhoop let the fun begin!!!

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