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    Chapter 2. Interview with the Vampiress

    Tina slowly opened her eyes blinking a few times..her focus slowly returning to take in her surroundings immediately concluded that she was in a place she did not recognize. She pressed her hands against the sheet feeling the mattress concave under her movement. Her gaze shifted forward to see a candle burning in the holder mounted on the wall across from her..The flickering light illuminating the entire room. She shifted her gaze back to a Victorian style rocking chair placed closely by the bed she was currently occupying. Slowly she lifted her head and turned slightly on her side feeling something fall from her forehead and onto the floor..As she was leaning over to see what had fallen she jumped at the door making a shrill creaking sound as it opened. Her gaze shifted to the sight of the woman that had saved her in the alley and that she had met on the bridge in the park..All the events of the night began flooding her mind at once.

    “……I am a vampiress” the last thing she remembered hearing before everything went dark. Tina couldn’t move or speak at that moment…She didn’t know if it was from fear or from the gentle, nurturing look the woman was currently giving her.  She knew she should either be screaming or trying to get away but something inside of her was telling her not to be afraid.

    “Let me get that for you” Bette says walking cautiously toward the bed as to not startle Tina. She reached down quickly picking up the hand towel off the floor “Are you feeling any better?” she asks stepping back maintaining her distance

    Tina slowly nods finally finding her voice “Yeah…uh….Where am I?” she asks feeling like she knew the answer but needed confirmation

    “You are in my home. I brought you here after you fainted” Bette replies watching as the blonde lightly rubbed her forehead with her right hand

    “I remember you told me..uh…you told me you were a..uh..a..uhmmm“ Tina couldn’t bring herself to say the word not because she couldn’t say it but because saying it would make everything real

    “…..a vampiress” Bette finished her sentence. Tina let out a breath and so many questions flooded her mind.  She should be screaming right now but the woman standing before her did not look like a monster. What monster would go to such links to save someone’s life? Were vampires even real?

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    1. So, where did Bette get her super strength?

      And we have a little history about what happen with Christina and Bette. And Kit – Bette saved her by her life and Kit choose Helena and others and not Bette.

    2. So Bette saves her sisters life and as thanks Kit chooses the coven side, nice but not.

      This must be very confusing for Tina but she does trust Bette.

      I am ready to take down Helena, a totally evil bitch!

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