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    Blueprints—Chapter 7

    After singing Happy Birthday to Dana, and her embarrassingly blowing the candles out, Alice grabbed a knife and started slicing the cake.  Bette and Tina were standing back behind the crowd who had surrounded Dana and Alice eagerly grabbing at the plates as Alice served them

    “Alice went all out for Dana didn’t she?” Tina said wrapping her arm around Bette’s waist pulling her close

    “Yes she did.  She loves Dana.  I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time” Bette said leaning in to Tina’s embrace

    “Well I know Dana loves her.  She talks about her all the time.  I feel like I’m a third wheel when it’s just her and I” Tina chuckles as Shane approaches them smiling with a beer in her hand

    “Finally you two got over your stubbornness I see”

    They both shrug their shoulders at the same time much to Shane’s amusement “Jesus you two are perfect for each other”. She says taking a sip of her beer

    Bette looks at Shane pointedly

    “Shane I want you to confirm something for me. And I’m not asking Alice or Dana because I’m not going to get a straight answer out of either one of them”.

    “Ok.  Shoot” Shane nods at Bette to go ahead

    “They knew about Tina living next door to the house I bought didn’t they?”

    Shane nods “Yep. They cooked it up over their first date together.  Alice was scared you were going to go with the house on Montahue”

    Tina chuckled “That’s so sweet though.  They were on their first date trying to plan that when they should have been concentrating on themselves”

    Bette shakes her head at the thought “Yeah I know.  Alice spent all day cutting up every house until we looked at the one next to Tina.  I knew something was fishy when she didn’t bitch about anything while we were there. And she was so eager to come with me that day”

    Shane nods “They were determined to get y’all close somehow.  They figured living next door would at least give you a chance to see each other with Tina being so busy at the hospital and”. Shane stopped when Tina’s pager went off”

    Tina sighed “Shit.  Speaking of hospital.  I’m on call so let me check in ok” she says giving Bette a kiss on her cheek before stepping away

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    1. Bette has now made it clear that she wants to make Tina happy and she will not interfere with Tina’s career. Tina has filled up her life with work because there was nothing else worthy of her time. Now Tina has to realize that much of the work she is involved in, she has volunteer for. And now that she has someone in her personal life, she needs to make some adjustments in her work life. That does not mean she still won’t have emergency calls to duty, it just means, she needs to be away from work at least 12 hours per day and be able to have regular meals and sleep in her own bed and have a few hours to spend with this woman who has enchanted her life. Our life styles and work habits are a choice – we do what is important to our own well being. Doing what Tina does is very rewarding, but it cannot substitute for having a strong, committed, loving relationship with another person. Let’s see what Tina chooses for her life. If Tina is really going to give Bette a chance – she has to make time and space for her in her life. That may take a few weeks. But if Tina is sincere, she will make the effort.

      Thanks for the chapter….

    2. These two certainly have a way with words. So very poetic. And romantic. I feel that Bette has made a grand gesture to Tina- cooking her favorite meal and working in a romantic rooftop dinner around her ER rotation. It’s good that Tina is willing to try. And even better that Bette is willing to be patient. So let’s see how they continue to try to forge a relationship. It’s going to be challenging. But clearly Bette is creative and Tina is hooked. I really like this story.

    3. I agree with the other comments. As I said before: priorities can be changed and I am sure Tina will automatically reduce some of the work load that she doesn’t need to do herself but volunteered to do because she didn’t have anything else to do. She’ll learn from Bette to think out of the box to find time and ways to spend time together.

      Like Billy, I really like this story. Thanks for sharing.

    4. I agree totally with the comments above!

      What a lovely and sweet chapter!

      Tina is one lucky lady with Bette.
      I hope she will be able to make time for their relationship. She can learn from Bette how to do that.

      Loved this chapter!

    5. Loving the story, and of course agree that Tina can make time for Bette and developing their relationship if she really wants it. I think she just needed a compelling reason to spend time away from the hospital which fills all the empty spaces in her life. She’s the Head of Oncology. I doubt she needs to be doing 24/7 rounds in the emergency room to fix broken arms.

      Cancer surgery and treatment is not something that isn’t carefully scheduled and since she will be moving to the new facility that Bette is building the Chief of Staff of the hospital better start recruiting to get a few more doctors and surgeons hired.

      I do like that Tina isn’t fighting the attraction and Bette is patiently giving her all the space she needs but it can’t be one-sided all the time. If Alice and Dana made it a priority to get Bette and Tina together when they are just getting to know each other, I think Tina can be spared from the hospital for a weekend to give Bette some undivided attention.

    6. I want to make an additional comment. This comment may not be well received by the author or the readership.

      Deciding to have their first sexual encounter with a very limited time frame seems rather callous and immature. It jumps the romance and seductive stages of a possible relationship. Making double entendre comments which indicates a sexual desire is cute and intriguing. But going from a party in which Tina says yes, lets see if we can have a relationship to hurring over to the sexy neighbour home the next morning with only an hour before you need to leave and all but saying “I’ve got an hour, how about some sex” seems contra to their announced intentions to see each other and see it this is something which could work into something bigger. And for me an initiation of sex does not constitute a desire for anything except to have quickie sex does nothing to promote a true friendship and caring for one another. Before this chapter, I had imagined that the first sexual encounter between the two, they would have hours to enjoy and explore not minutes. This behavior I would anticipate only after they had been seeing each other for months or even weeks when a future time for full sexaual expression was assured that this kind of quickie would occur…

      Sorry…. but I had to say this…

      Thanks for the chapter….

      • You might be on to something.
        I like see a relationship that “develops” with a foundation of trust & patience. So I’m wondering if the “quickies” might be what it takes for these two, especially Tina to “realize” that time for their intimate moments will be more fulfilling in the long-run when she is NOT all hyped up waiting/expecting the pager to go off.

        We’ll see how skilled and WILLING she is to allow others to come in and let their wings be strengthened in the flight of caring for people. Researching for cures and all that enormous responsibility.

        I’ll be curious to see how primarily, Tina, handles the disappointment Bette may begin to feel as they settle down and both schedules start to collide.

        Really felt like the heart-felt rooftop dinner was more intimate and special than the morning “quickie” sex they had to start the day. Both of them had time to appreciate and enjoy one anothers’ company

      • Marth3128

        I am not offended by your comment. I see your point. But technically from my view point there has always been a sexual tension between the two. They refrained from acting on anything until Tina kisses Bette in her office. Tina decides to shut that down. A month passed. Their desire didn’t

        I will only say that the intent was not to make it seem like a meaningless quickie and Tina was not going over there to just have a quickie at first. But the tension was there at the moment. They had decided to see where the relationship went without expectations and they both have needs. Of course it seems in bad taste to you the reader. But taking it slow was not something neither one of them felt like they have the luxury to explore and they had fought their attraction for awhile. There are many Bette and Tina stories on here that start them right off having sex and end up having a mature loving and caring friendship/ relationship so it isn’t out of the norm for that sort of thing to happen. Other stories go chapters for the slow burn.

        So I’m just trying to explain my side as the author. The following chapter which I have not posted yet will show that this relationship goes deeper than what their short encounter in bed showed

        Thanks for the comment and hope the next Chapter gives you a better mindset about where their heads and hearts are at

    7. Hummm I bet Tina volunteers for all these extra coverage of the ER. For if her hospital is building this mush the can afford to hire a few more bodies to fill the time better. But I understand she loves her job. But the cancer center will be her baby. Not her wife.
      But love how Bette is putting in the time but that too can get tiring. Right now it’s all new and fresh but time will tell if they both can keep up the pace.
      Thank you.

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