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    Southern Comforts—Chapter 3

    Tina marched over to her mother who was standing with Clementine Murdock the wife of Franklin Murdock the current Mayor of Stanton and discussing their weekly sewing and crocheting group that commences on Saturday afternoons.

    “Really Clementine I do believe I can persuade Meredith to join us.  Since her husband Julius passed she has not stepped foot outside her home” Grace assures as Clementine gives a grateful nod

    “That would be just splendid Grace.  It disturbs me that she has withdrawn herself from public appearances such as this fundraiser.  Events like this give Mer-“ Clementine stopped when Tina jumped in front of her.

    “Mother!..What is this about me going with that horrid woman to South Carolina?” Tina angrily asks folding her arms in distaste

    Grace looked at Clementine apologetically “I’m terrible sorry for this intrusion Clementine” she apologized giving Tina a scornful look

    “Never you mind that Grace.  You have more than shown that you are not to blame for this child’s unpleasantries” she gestures at Tina “I do believe a long switch from one of your many oak trees could do wonders for her manners if rapped against her two cheeks.  And I am not talking about the two cheeks here” Clementine says taking her thumbs and index fingers and quickly pinching both of Tina’s cheeks

    Tina gasps in horror and looks at Grace “Are you going to let her get away with that Mother” she asks expectantly

    Grace smiles through clenched teeth at Clementine “Would you excuse us Clementine?  I shall find you and finish our conversation later. I must talk to Christina here”

    Clementine nods and smiles “Very well Grace.  And before I go I must say, Bette Porter is such a delightful young lady. Very humble and gracious. She even pledged a generous donation to the Stanton Hall fund.  Miss high and mighty here could definitely learn some charm and grace from her” she says giving a sheepish grin to Tina before sauntering away

    “Really Mother does everyone here know I’m going to South Carolina with that Yankee” Tina chided as her face distorted to one of disdain

    Unable to hold in her anger at her unruly daughter any longer, Grace grabbed Tina by the arm and pulled her outside the ballroom leading her wordlessly to one of their waiting coaches.

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    1. I love this Bette… everyone loves this Bette but Tina. She smart, beautiful, talented, and very much a lady. Tina is in for the trip of her life… she is simply not ready for someone like Bette. She is getting a very slow attitude adjustment. She needs to figure out that she is trapped and is not going to survive if she doesn’t change her attitude. I have a feeling that Bette is one of those who can hold her breathe a lot longer than Tina can and Bette will win whatever competition Tina wants to challenge her to. So now they are going to be in a sleeper car for the train trip to Atlanta and then to South Carolina. Then there will be the trip home….maybe. Or maybe they will just take the train to Pennsylvania. I hope the war does not start before they get to a safe place. And South Carolina is not going to be a safe place….

      Thanks for the chapter…. love to see more…

    2. Whooo Doggie! That ‘Lil Tasmanian devil southern belle about to get her bell rung!!! She doesn’t know what trouble is. I see Tina’s stubbornness getting her into a whole heap of trouble and “having” to be rescued from her adolescence ways by the cool Yankee. HeHeHe!

      Can’t wait for next post Jlr!!

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      So, Tina seems softened a little bit and sometimes already start to remain a grow woman, and not a child.
      And Tina, go with Bette in her compartment, i bet you’ll like that:)

    4. Really enjoying this story. Bette is the perfect combination of Rhett Butler and Henry Higgins! I washed my hands and face before I come I did. And Tina is Scarlett and Eliza to a Tee! Wonder how your Pygmalion will play out. Good humor. Classic old Hollywood storytelling. Tina thinks she is so in control. Just wait until she falls head over heels. Bette is already flirting. I suspect Tina likes it. Sleeping in the same compartment will be great!

      “Miss Tina quit that lyin. Miss Bette was sent here at Mister John’s beckon. Ain’t the other way round. Miss Bette doin Mrs Grace and Mister John a favor by takin your spoilt butt away from here” she says sternly and extremely frustrated Tina wouldn’t straighten up and act right.”

    5. Love this story!!!!

      Hmm, Tina and Bette in the same compartiment, that is going to be fun.

      My God, Tina is one spoiled girl and her behavior, so rude and angry, if she could spit fire she would. Bette is a match for her and the only one who can learn Tina some manners. So far Tina seems to have thawed a little bit, a very little bit. It will be a long and interesting journey!

    6. Great chapter! Loved how Mrs. Kennard sent Christina home.
      Only a few minutes alone with Bette and Tina already learned the benefits of being nice. She’ll receive compliments by the people around her.
      Let’s see what the next hours on the train will bring.
      pps jlr

      • Thank you kiwipit,

        I’m so glad you are continuing along with me with this story . Bette will continue to teach Tina without Tina even realizing she’s doing it. It’s kind of like reverse psychology….lol

        The train ride will be very interesting to say the least!

        Thanks for reading and commenting as

    7. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!!!! YAY!! I am doing a southern jig right now (I am really in my pjs under my electic blanket…. ) Love that quote and that you found the perfect place for it. I also LOVE Maggie!! You captured her perfectly, telling spoiled brat Tina what she thinks and good riddance!
      Can’t wait to see how Tina reacts to being in the same compartment as Bette. Fiddle-dee-dee!

      • Lol. BK!

        I was waiting for the perfect moment to use that line as it is one of my favorites to.
        And as cold it has been that is the best place to be in pj’s and under an electric blanket.

        Maggie had actually been my favorite character to write in this story!..I just love her too and she will definitely make more appearances as the story goes on

        I need to catch up with your stories to my friend. I have enjoyed them all.

        Thanks so much!

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