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    Blueprints—Chapter 8

    “Ok everyone.  Great job.  Let’s close and get her in recovery. Dr. Miller please go and update the patient’s family of her status” Tina stated as she stepped away from the operating table and walked into the biohazard room to strip of her surgical ppe and dispose of it.  Dana followed right behind doing the same thing.

    “Alright.  I have waited all morning. So how was the roof dinner last night?” she asked Tina eagerly who turned to give her the biggest smile she didn’t think she had ever seen Tina give before.

    “Dana?  It was so sweet.  Bette is just…..She’s just so romantic and thoughtful.  I can’t believe she did all that for me….For us….She had this table set up with my favorite dish” she looks at Dana and winks “And thank you for telling her”

    Dana chuckled “No problem.  She told Alice and me about doing that for you after you left the other night and was wanting to know what to cook” she said as they leave out of the biohazard room only to walk back into the scrub room for another operating room to get ready for their next surgery.

    Tina took one faucet with Dana taking the one next to her

    “She is just amazing Dana.  I wasn’t looking for a relationship at all and now that Bette is in my life I need to start making some serious changes.  I don’t want to lose her.. She could possibly become the best thing that has happened to me in a long time”

    Dana blinked her eyes in shock as they both simultaneously scrubbed their hands up to their elbows

    “Tina?  Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

    Tina hesitated when two other members  of her surgical team entered the room to help her and Dana with their surgical ppe.

    “Yes.  I can’t let her do everything to keep us going.  It’s not fair and as much as she says she can handle it for the both of us I know she will burn herself out and I will lose her. I can’t lose anyone special in my life again” she says waiting till they were fully adorned in their surgical attire complete with mask and alone before continuing

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    1. “You said for us not to place expectations on this but I am placing expectations on myself.”

      There you go, Tina. That’s my girl. She really does want to strike a balance between the professional snd personal. Well as much as she can anyway. She now has the desire to move on and see if she can make a life outside of the hospital. And she has one very sweet and beautiful reason to do it. Thanksgiving is symbolic and an important step. Tina’s mom sounds nice. Fifteen years of grieving is a very long time. Tina will probably never let go completely. Could any of us? She certainly won’t forget. Nor should she. But this is a very good and healthy sign. That she is so happy and absolutely wants to see what she and Bette can forge together is a blue print (ha ha) for a successful relationship. Hard to believe that a beauty like Bette has never received flowers so its high time!!! Glad Tina was the one to let her feel so special. And super glad Bette is going to North Carolina with Tina. It’s going to be hard for Tina but Bette will know what to do. I love this Bette very much. Alice is still a nuisance but thankfully Bette knows how to get her to back off.

      One little aside – referencing your previous chapters and the comments. I too was a little confused as to the quick jump into sex. I actually looked to see if I had missed a chapter. That said, this current chapter is a very lovely and natural progression of their relationship. I almost wish they had not had sex yet. I’m glad that Tina gets that as well. Their rushed encounter does not seem to matter to Bette at all but it is a very good thing that It’s not okay with Tina. I suspect some very long and slow lovemaking in their future. And we all get the benefit of that. Love their walks on the beach. Can just picture them. Really lovely chapter.

      • Beautiful comment Billy,

        My intent on the sexual encounter was to show that Tina didn’t want things to be like that.. It basically jump started her thinking and what she really wanted with Bette. To make the changes necessary. If you think about it. The way things were she was not even thinking about making those types of changes . Before they went upstairs Bette asked her if she was sure before they did anything and she said “I want you” At that moment Tina wasn’t thinking. But afterwards she didn’t want their time to be like that. She hasn’t been with anyone in years and as far as Bette was concerned she only wanted to please Tina and was not expecting anything in return. Unconventional yes. Rushed obviously. Realistic absolutely…

        So if it left everyone disappointed in the interaction initially, hopefully you will come to appreciate how it changes Tina to respect her intimate time with Bette in the future. It made Tina see the importance of what being with Bette actually meant.

        Tina has done nothing but devote all her energy into her work. Trying to navigate her sexual attraction to Bette and forging a relationship is a new thing for her.

        Now she knows what she wants and doesn’t want going forward

        • I totally get that! And it makes sense. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I wasn’t disappointed. Just a little confused. Now really looking forward to Thanksgiving and their potential future. These are two of my favorite depictions of our girls. Why I can so easily see them in these careers is a credit to your story and your writing. Folks are really invested in your characters, and that’s a very very very good thing!

          • AGREE. Both strong, respectful, and kind towards each other and others. Nice to see and read. Plus the story is interesting and the way you wrote it leaves it open to more coming. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    2. Thanks for having Tina make all the right decisions. She gets her priorities right, all the people around her fullheartedly support her and on top of it all she knows why she didn’t change before with her ex. It needed to be Bette for Tina to feel the need to change her priorities. Love it.
      Thanksgiving and NC will be very interesting. I’m sure Tina’s parents will love Bette. Hope that T will find some peace of mind with this trip.

      As for the sex in the previous chapter…. yes, little bit early, hurried…. but sometimes you just gotta get it out of your system, release some tensions (which were definitely building between those two) and then proceed in a less hurried pace. Tina said it, it was not okay but now they will take their time to get to know each others bodies :)

      Looking forward to more, jlr.

    3. The big surprise for me was that in delivering the roses to Bette, Alice hadn’t read the card! I really didn’t think she would respect Bette’s privacy, but “surprise”! She did!. Liked that Bette did NOT share the contents of the card.

      Tina seemed to really be impacted by Bette’s sweet, romantic, gesture with the dinner on the rooftop. And I say this because her swift decisions with accompanying ACTION to request changes of schedules with her Supervisor.

      But as important, she knows that neither she nor Bette should leave their sexual exchanges feeling “cheap” because on of them is watching the clock and waiting to bolt as soon as the pager goes off.

      Bette revealed that no one else had ever bothered to send her flowers, which means others didn’t feel the need to cherish her with simple thinks like flowers, and bath oils/salts, a fluff robe. They were use to responding to sexual tension and moving on.

    4. Thank you. I’m glad Tina done some thinking. Just hope you don’t ever rush YOUR story or change anything bc of anything that is said in your comment. You do you We may kick and scream sometimes but we will get in line and follow. Love the story. Even though this one felt rushed.

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