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    Blueprints—Chapter 9

    Bette put her arm around Alice who had her face buried in her hands.  She couldn’t stand seeing Alice upset and was doing her best to console her but standing in the middle of the junkyard watching Myrtle being pancaked underneath the car crusher was not what Bette had in mind in spending her afternoon as she rubbed Alice’s back in comfort

    “Come on Al….We should go….There is nothing more you can do now….Myrtle will now go on and do good things in the recycled world. They will use her steel to make all kinds of products and help out the environment in the process.  You should be proud” Bette tried making something positive out of the situation but Alice was really crushed—no pun intended.

    Alice raised her head wiping tears from her eyes. “I don’t know if I can ever step foot behind the wheel of another car ever again” she said as Bette slowly pulled her away from the heart wrenching scene.

    Bette pulled Alice into her body as they walked.

    “Of course you will Al…No other vehicle will replace Myrtle inside your heart” Bette felt like an idiot when it came out of her mouth but if it made Alice feel any better it would be worth it

    Alice sighs as they approach Bette’s car “I guess you are right.  It was just that Myrtle and Dana were bonding and we were like this happy little family.  You even stopped complaining about her and even Myrtle stopped hesitating and refusing to start when your name was mentioned.  It was like all was right with the world..And then she had to go and blow her engine parts out all over Ventura Blvd” Alice sighs as she plops down in the passenger seat and fastens her seatbelt

    Bette slips in the driver’s seat buckling her seatbelt and starting the car.  She reaches behind her to the back seat picking up a box and handing it to Alice

    “Here Al…I think you will want this”

    Alice takes the box out of her hands setting it in her lap “What’s this?” She says looking at the box curiously before lifting the lid off to reveal the pink pair of fuzzy dice that had hung from the rearview mirror of Myrtle

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    1. Well, I must say that saying goodbye to Myrtle was a wonderful lift to my sprits. That gave me a real belly laugh. I actually felt Bette trying to be Alice’s friend in this process but thanking her lucky stars that this would be a once in a life time experience for her. And the reassurance to Alice that Myrtle had gone to a better life in the recycle world was absolutely genius. Humor is sometimes the most difficult to write….but you pulled it off brilliantly…. Thank you for this….

      Bette and Tina are finally having their romantic evening together. Very nice .. I look forward to seeing them becoming a more of a couple by sharing even more of who they are and what they want from life. The upcoming trip to North Carolina should be interesting. Glad to see Tina has made some decisions about her career. Let’s see if she can make them happen.

      Thanks for the chapter…. love to see more.

    2. Excellent chapter. I love this story. The whole Myrtle story is hysterical and heartwarming. We should all have a buddy like Bette. She’s there for Alice just because. And Tina and Bette finally got their romantic moment and their intimacy is off the charts. I hope Peggy is going to hang in there. I worry about her. And I’m glad Tina figured out it was Bette who made the donation. So so good.

    3. Great Chapter !!
      Loved Myrtle’s demise !
      So happy with the way Tina and Bette’s relationship is blossoming.
      Hope Peggy makes it.
      Very invested in this story please post again soon.
      Thanks for posting

      • Thanks SassyGran!

        Peggy is hanging in there!…Don’t give up on her just yet!

        Bette and Tina should bond more during their NC trip..Hope you enjoy that!

        I appreciate your support as always!

    4. Jlr,
      Appreciating more & more your Bette who is becoming more playful with each chapter. Especially with her gurl Alice!! Saving Alice’s lucky dice and joining Al in louder & louder shout outs of “Banzai Myrtle-san”!!!

      Tina taking Bette to the office where she receives donations for the cancer research foundation and very carefully proportions those monies was sweet. “Do you know why I showed you all of this?”….”That is part of it yes but….”. …”I wanted to show you where your money is going”.

      Tina knew that given Bette’s propensity toward very specific and complete attention to “details” as a world-class architect, Bette would fully appreciate knowing how it was also in Tina’s nature to handle money in the same way she carefully attended to each patient under her care. Energy nor finances would be wasted.

      What’s more, Tina stating from the jump that she was actively seeking the right person to run the Foundation so that as much of her time would be available for she & Bette to grow.

      “You are so selfless and giving. I’m so grateful to have you in my life . . . But because I SEE YOU AS MY ONCE IN A

      So looking forward to their trip to NC . . . To lay to rest the heartbreak of loosing Jacob.

      “Banzai Tina-San”!! Bette-San is well practice in catching the fallen friend

      • Thanks DumplinT for the thoughtful comment!

        Bette is letting loose a little bit because things are falling into place for her and as for Tina she is seeing that there is more to life than her career and Bette is the reason for that!

        NC should be a bittersweet experience for the both of them next chapter

        I appreciate you support!

        • Bette is not afraid f Tinas’ passions. Especially the one that involves her research.

          Definately looking 4ward to the escapades of this couple ad even “Danish”!! HeHeHe!!! This is the one story where Im tickled to see Alice & Dana as a romantic duo

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