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    Chapter 6: Metamorphosis

    After an intimate and emotionally connecting night with Bette who left to return to her cottage before dawn, Tina was now immersed in memories again of her life as Christina as she slept.

    Los Angeles—September 24 1931–Seascape Lookout

    The wind blew across them in gentle waves as they lay side by side looking up at the stars  illuminating at their brightest across the clear night sky.

    A slight graze of her lover’s finger across her left cheek broke her stargazing sending chills throughout her body along with an impassioned desire as she smiled lovingly at the vampiress and kissed the tip of her finger letting her lips linger upon it.

    “It really is amazing what a simple touch of your finger can ignite inside my body”

    Bette smiled rubbing her finger lightly over Christina’s warm lips “And It really is amazing how I fall more in love with you with every passing second”

    Christina giggled placing another soft kiss upon Bette’s finger  “I do believe I feel the same.  Something inside me was drawn to you immediately that evening in the park. A very strong almost magnetic pull. It was almost like we were meant for each other”

    Bette inched her body closer closing what was a small gap between them and rested her forehead against Christina’s “It was the same for me my love.  I haven’t lived for a very long time but I feel so alive with you”

    Christina turned her head briefly at the sound of a falling branch in the distance then turned back to Bette who moved her finger behind Christina’s left ear tracing over her birthmark

    “I never told you how much I love your birthmark behind your left ear.  It’s almost the exact replica of the moon…Extraordinary…The light that bounces from the sun reflects off the moon giving it its own beacon of light. The moon has no light of its own. Just like I had no light of my own until you came into my life”

    “I will always be your light” Christina sighs as Bette continued tracing the mark behind her ear “And I do not think I ever saw it quite like that but it does resemble the moon.  And what is really interesting is that my mother has the exact same birthmark but it is not behind her ear.  It is located on the back of her thigh. She has also said her father, my grandfather, had the same mark on the inside of his wrist”

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    1. I agree with Billy….. why is wrong with Tina? Why is she sweating and running a fever? She slept all day and did not realize it until she woke up? That means her internal clock is not working properly. That only happens when for most people they have been under the influence of an anesthetic or strong sleep inducing drugs.

      Carmen’s sudden alliance with Kit is surprising. She seems to have a lot of unique skills that the others do not have. Being a vampire and a metamorphite is truly advantageous. Can she be trusted? Helena was able to detect Kit’ meeting with Bette, will she be able to detect Carmen’s meeting with Bette as well? Is this a trap for Bette?

      Now Bette is a vampire and a shape changer with extraordinary strength. What else can she do which we do not know about.

      I am a little concerned for Tina. She needs to be embraced which I take to mean she needs to become a vampire as well. Perhaps this illness is the impetus which will propel her to that decision. If she is sick and near death, she may readily consent to being embraced to be immortal and Bette’s partner. That is merely a guess…

      Good story… love to see more….

    2. I was wondering if she was accidentally infected, since one of Bette’s fangs grazed her. If Bette doesn’t turn her she will die. I obviously watched too many vampire movies. Enjoying your story.

    3. ¡Hola,Jlr921! Qué bueno que hayas vuelto, me encantan tus historias pero más ésta historia estoy de acuerdo con que no sabemos si debemos confiar en Carmen, gracias por el capítulo y esperando con ansias que subas el siguiente.

      • Escorpion2494!

        Gracias por tu comentario. Te agradezco que sigas esta historia y las otras mías. Su apoyo significa mucho para mí. Ahora en el próximo capítulo descubrirás si se puede confiar en Carmen o no. ¡muchas gracias!

    4. I hope Tina doesn’t need to be turned. In fact I hope that somehow all the mystic stuff will help Bette to change herself back. Maybe it is the process of regaining more of the memory of the previous Tina that makes her body ill or weak.
      Not sure if Carmen can be trusted and if Kit will be strong enough to withstand Helena.
      Looking forward to more :)

      • kiwipit!

        Thanks for the comment and for following along with me on this story!

        Now I have to say I love your hypothesis about Tina…interesting also about your commentary about Bette. We shall see…

        For Carmen and if she can be trusted will be answered next chapter.

        I appreciate your support!

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