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    Broken Voyagers

    Chapter 1

    The suit fitted her perfectly though she would never have admitted it.  She was blessed with natural elegance, innate even and when she walked into a room, effortlessly graceful, all eyes invariably turned to look at her.

    Straightening up in her chair, she shrugged her shoulders a little, pulling on the cuff of her jacket sleeves. She missed the comfort of her worn jeans, shirt and tank top combo she favoured so much.

    Bette couldn’t remember the last time she had worn the strict but classic cut ensemble. It wasn’t her usual choice of outfit but today she had to make the effort. The last thought on her mind though when she had last hung the garment in her closet, was that the next outing for the black outfit would be for her father’s funeral.

    She sighed loudly willing the heaviness in her chest to lift. When it became clear that the oppressive feeling would not shift, she swallowed hard trying to rid herself of the equally large lump which seemed to be blocking her throat.

    Bette already missed her father dearly.

    He had raised her alone after Bette’s mother had died suddenly when she was only an infant. Only blurred memories of her mum remained, that and the loving words of her father every time he spoke of her.

    Bette looked up at the portrait hanging on the wall of the little den she had claimed as her office. He was a handsome man. The eminent member of the Archaeological Institute of America had however not escaped the taunts of his daughter when he had come home one day with the framed picture which now took pride of place in her office.

    His choice of tie had borne the brunt of the jibes. Why had he felt like he had to wear the tie of the prestigious organisation and make the whole feel of the picture look so stifled and rigid?

    The memory brought a long lost smile to Bette’s face at the laughter and silliness which had ensued as the pair had fought a mock battle across the generation gap.

    The old archaeologist did look well though in the picture. He looked healthy and strong, a far cry from what everyday life was like for the man since the diving accident all those years ago which had left him with a noticeable degree of brain damage. He had never allowed it to impact his own life however or Bette’s for that matter as he had quickly adapted and had learned to live with the tremor in his hands, balance and coordination problems.

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    1. Hi! You one of my favourite writers and i very glad and happy that you returned and finished this amazing story! Thank you very much!
      After i reading i leave another comment which will be more about story plot.

    2. Hi, Kins

      Oh my God, Kins, welcome back, after almost 2 years, it’s been a long time, but reading the whole story now I feel, the wait was worth.

      You have given us a quite wonderful and interesting story full of adventures and riddles and full of love of my favorite couple Bette and Tina.

      You ended the story in a very good way, but I feel as if I want to know more about them, if Bette gets the funding for her project in Mexico, the wedding, their partnership, what Tina does for a job… and many more things.

      I hope we could read more new beautiful stories from you; I like very much your style.
      Thank you very much and please, post other TIBETTE stories


    3. Ok, i read again this story, this time the whole and i’m ready to leave another comment.

      First – thank you again for finish the story.

      Second – happy to see happy final -treasure was found, bitch Kelly got lost. And i must say i like how you got rid from her – like in life we can say with 100% probability what happened – or she sank or she was killed by shark.

      Third – i like how you described Bette and Tina and love between them. I like it in all your stories (maybe with one exception – in Frozen beginnings i don’t like your Bette during the story, but in final she corrected :) )

      So, welcome back and maybe in the future we can see another great story from you? I really hope so.

    4. Hi Kins,
      Really enjoyed the read, thank you so much.
      A great Story and I loved reading it in one post. As an English Lady I really enjoyed your explanation of Cricket!
      I would love it if you would now consider a Sequel with these two characters.
      Thanks again for posting.

    5. Welcom back, Kins!

      I was a silent reader a long time, but after you finished this story i must register to say – “Thank you for fantastic story! And i hope this story won’t be your last on this site!”

    6. Hi Kins,

      You took us trough a incredible journey! Full of adventures, little clues i tried to catch to find the treasure, the background on the history of those ships and of course the love between Bette & Tina.

      I really hope you will continu with a sequel or a new story.

      Thank you so much for posting the whole story after two long years!

    7. In-cre-di-ble! Kins, thank you so much for returning to this story and for giving us such a glorious and sweet ending. You’re such a talented writer. What a wonderful plot with astonishing details to the treasure hunt.

      I second the previous comments and hope you’ll find the inspiration (and time) to work on a sequel. Maybe Bette’s project in Mexico with a twist with some unexpected traces of a legendary Aztec treasure ;)

    8. Well ive read it at last.So pleased you managed to finish this story.I know how long it was in conception and all the research you did for its authenticity.
      A great read.Loved the shark sequence.Found it quite thrilling.
      Not as thrilling as the love scenes that you tell so well between Bette and Tina tho 😉
      Look forward to the next story that you will write for us.
      Don’t make it too long a wait tho

    9. Kins…!!! Yay! It’s really you!!

      First, am so happy to see your name appear again! :) been so long!! So Glad to hear from you! hope all are fine for you and your love one!

      Second, OMG…! The Long story at once!! Woohooo… such a great treat! THANKS!!

      And third…. LOVE your story! This is so worthy! Appreciate your hard work in researching, plotting, writing and sharing this wonderful story! Your writing style is getting more interesting and fantastic! It’s Long pages but I just can’t stop reading it – well there’s a moment where I wanted to stop reading when that low creature kidnap her (ugh.. I don’t want to spoil the story).. it’s too much for me.. >.<

      Again… thanks for sharing your talent here! :) if you ever consider to publish this, do update us here! ;-)

      Take care always Kins! ^.^

    10. Wow!!!! Such rich detail that it feels so true ,.. as if you have near lived these experiences ur self. And along w the romance of it, I learned so much about ship wrecks and diving. Do post it on AO3 as well to get a broader audience… it belongs to stories worth sharing :)

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