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    Can I Come In? Chapter 3

    From Chapter two –

    The stewardess brought them each a glass of chilled champagne, and Tina looked at Bette before taking her sip, unsure if this was celebratory or just a nice perk of traveling first class. Big brown, soulful eyes stared back at her. Eyes the color of a forest after a rain, eyes that Tina knew she could drown in. Bette seemed to make a decision, lifting her glass before speaking, “to rebuilding, to the joy of new discovery and… to forgiveness…”
    Tina’s eyes glistened and she looked like she wanted to kiss Bette but didn’t think Bette would want to… not now, not here. But Bette made that decision as well, leaning forward slightly, her eyes closing, and Tina met her halfway their lips pressing together after more than two years apart. And it was… everything. She could fall into this kiss, into life with this woman. It was heaven for a brief time, too short and yet had the power to linger for hours, a kiss neither would forget anytime soon. Oh, my fucking God… Bette pulled away, her lips leaving in that slow sexy way she had, like at any moment she would be back for more. Her eyes opened gradually as if she wanted to savor the taste, meeting Tina’s.
    Tina cleared her throat for her heart was lodged there, raising her own glass to meet Bette’s. “To forgiveness. To us.”

    *** Chapter 3 ***

    It was late when they reached Tina’s Toronto apartment, a long wait at the airport for the rental car and then a traffic accident slowing down their arrival. Neither minded, Tina still on a high from the celebratory kiss on the plane and Bette processing how good it felt to kiss Tina after so much time apart. The kiss didn’t last long, seconds really, but she spent a considerable amount of time replaying every detail in her mind.

    She could still feel the softness of the blonde’s lips, the way hazel eyes closed slowly… all warring with the fear that permeated her thoughts as they got emotionally closer – mainly, could she ever truly trust her ex-wife again?

    Tina drove, Toronto was her city after all, and Bette enjoyed watching her navigate the city, soaring skyscrapers lighting the way. There was something… intriguing about the confident way Tina drove…if by intriguing she really meant sexy. Bette always liked seeing Tina in her element, always found the blonde hot when she was comfortable in her environment, when she commanded her space.

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    1. I’m not even through reading this chapter, but this line is unforgettable –

      “that love hurts but also heals, that rainbows follow a storm, that forgiveness was just another way to say I love you.”

      just beautiful writing, BK

      • Westy – I loved that line too. unforgettable is right and in my opinion just what this couple needs. You and I seem to be on the same wavelength all the time. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts, thanks

    2. BK,
      This chapter seems to be one where both, but especially Tina, came to realize what triggered the insecurities and angst in their souls. Tina . . . . Afraid of feeling & being alone, and Bette, fear of being left, abandoned emotionally and physically.

      They never lost that sense of how much intimate, sexual contact fueled the healing of their souls. Because both are so willing to go the where vulnerability resides and wait . . .

      What a remarkable Writer/Author U are BK. Pure GOLD. Sharing your gift with immense detail and class.

      Now leave me be so I can re-read all three chapters again. Tina asks, “Can I Come In”? Bette says, How Deep DoYou really Want To Go?

      • DT – very rarely do I find myself choked up where a comment leaves me speechless. This is one such moment. Your post is exquisite.

        They never lost sight of how much intimate sexual contact fueled the healing of their souls you say and I agree x1000. I am truly humbled by your words, thank you.

        And your last two sentences. …. Jesus and Mary and all the apostles DT….
        Tina asks Can I come in?

        and Bette says (woah) How Deep Do you want to GO?

        Thank you.

      • DT,

        Such an excellent comment. I was thinking about Jennifer and the Sam Jones interview where she talks about going to camp and getting letters from home but holding on to them for a while. To savor the moment. Build the anticipation. A BK story is very much like that to fan fiction readers. Smile and sigh because you know everything is going to be okay. And so we also savor the moments. Reread the chapters. “And she never ever left again” becomes our Holy Grail. We can carry that line in our hip pocket into Gen Q season 3 and wave it at the television. We have this. We have the promise. We have our happy ending. We have the gold. Right here. And we trust it. And you need to follow suit. But whether you do or don’t? We…have…this…. “And she never ever left again.” And so? Everything is fine. We are all fine. Right? Be well my friend, Billy.

      • Ok… so I hear you. Maybe another chapter of them navigating telling Angie, of the legal battle with Carrie, of Tina reestablishing herself in LA…. I see you, Annie. Not a bad idea. I am already whirling with ideas. Thank you for your post!

      • Det/Sgt – that would be remarkable! I think their writers could learn a lot from this site, there are some really great stories about GQ here that is light years ahead of what Marja is putting out! Thank you for taking time to comment!

    3. I am not going to detract in any way from the brilliance of this post but I have to say it cannot be the end!

      You are aware that I quite like your writing and stories I think! Well this was something else and I hung on every word occasionally read a paragraph two or three times before moving on.

      Please continue to take us back and include Angie in the reconnection and please please let Carrie be dealt with by your wonderful writing of Bette.

      Loved it BK, thank you.

      • SG – I am aware that you like my writing and I am so glad you enjoyed this story. I reread it from the beginning and it was nice to see how it unfolded. I think you and Annie are on to something – there is more to tell, including Angie and getting Carrie out of the picture for good. I will circle back. Thank you SG, for your kind words and for always commenting with such encouragement and support. Have a great weekend!

    4. Wow. This chapter contained everything I wanted it to. Bette & Tina having real, painful at times, discussion about their feelings. Tina owning the pain she caused, how she failed Bette. And Bette realizing her tendency to become absorbed with her career. Yes! They both have changed – for sure the old Bette would have just stormed out of Tina’s apartment (yes, Bette don’t give into thoughts of Tina with Carrie, I won’t either…) and the old Tina would have avoided the conversation.

      Through it all, the love, affection, passion is undeniable –
      “I never needed anything but you before” “It was a loaded statement and the air between them was delightfully charged” and …Bette turned on by angry Tina, Tina turned on by Bette in a towel…
      that’s Bette & Tina, no matter what their status the love and connection remains.

      All of the wonderful words in this chapter culminating in “Neither knew who started crying first but the saltiness of their tears mixed with the taste of Tina on Bette’s tongue and everything slowed to a standstill loving whispers intertwined with languid kisses every part of their bodies trying to get as close as possible” and “boundaries thrown to the side in their desperate wish to rebuild”. What a fucking moment indeed.

      I love Tina vowing to protect the heart of her warrior, and Bette so hopelessly in love with Tina who made her feel like she could do anything.

      My favorite lines – “Of course it would be when they were at their most vulnerable their most intimate when they felt the closest connection” and “their lovemaking just beginning their life together truly forever”

      And no vibrators needed. A perfect chapter BK, this story has been a gift.

      • Westy – I love your comments because you narrow it all to a few chosen favorite verses that capture the essence of the chapter and what you liked about it. I agree with you – Tina had to own the pain she caused and Bette benefitted from self reflection about how their lost sight of each other as their lives got busy in NY. And change happened when they were apart, making their relationship even a possibility – and in this story permanent. You wrote this and I so agree – I love Tina vowing to protect the heart of her warrior, and Bette so hopelessly in love with Tina who made her feel like she could do anything.

        So glad you liked it!

    5. Thank you BK!

      Really enjoy reading your story, I love reading how you artistically link each sentences with the flow and storyline. So beautiful!

      It speaks volumes about the hesitation, the pain, the eagerness, angst and hope and mostly how they find forgiveness and love to bridge back their lost relationship.

      Gosh.. so therapeutic after getting such a blow after watching what happened to them in the show..! I wish they pick up your story and not giving us such a messed up story anymore.

      I choose to remember your version than whatever they gave us!

      looking forward to more! Thanks in advance :)

      • Oh I agree – what happened to them on the show is almost criminal. Anything less than a full immediate relationship from the first episode will have the fans rioting. I won’t watch beyond that, the show is messed up. Thank you for enjoying this story and taking the time to comment. And you framed all the emotions so well – hesitation, pain, eagerness, angst and hope. Perfect. :)

        • Totally with U on the GenQ season 3. I’m NOT interested in the destructive drama of the 1st two seasons when it comes to Tibette. I won’t be a viewer that blows off any more of that crap.

          All they had to do is call the show ANYTHING BUT the LWord and leave Tina out of it rather than do what they did . . . .

    6. Marvellous BK! I loved the paragraph “Bette smiled … … that forgiveness was just another way to say I love you.”
      But by the time I had rescued my password, Westy20 had beaten me to commenting!
      I love the poetry and intensity of your writing, and wait (im)patiently for when your next chapters arrive, never disappointed. I may have said it before, but thank you for keeping the flame alive.
      PS – I can’t find chapter 2 for a re-read.

      • Thank you ValerieAnn! Thank you for the nice comment – poetry and intensity – very nicely put. There is a search link at the top of the page where you can search for any story by author, or key word. I would try key word (like come in) and chapter two should show up for a re-read. If not let me know and I can see if there is a link I can send you! Thanks again~

    7. Hey BK,

      Wonderful end, but agree with the others, there is so much more to tell! I would love to read how Bette and Tina will finally stop and kick the ass of Carrie to another planet where she has no escape from!

      You already know how much i love your stories and your writing style. I really hope the GQ writers take a look on this site and reach out to you for helping write the reconcillation of our couple!

      Thank you again for a brilliant story!

      • BiBi hope you are doing good! I think there is a resounding need for us to see Carrie get her ass kicked to the curb. Hope the show gives the fans what they want. I always enjoy reading your comments, thank you for taking time to let me know you liked this chapter. Ass kicking to follow in the next one. Stay safe!

    8. “And she never ever left again.” Six words every Bette and Tina fan craves. Craves to read. Craves to know. Craves to believe. Literally and figuratively craves. And she never ever left again helps to heal our collective broken hearts. And she never ever left again. So simple. But yet… not. But yet… everything.

      IMO, no one writes our couple engaged in an intimate sex act quite like you. Or depicts their amazing and unique emotional connection. And now? A fourth installment is possibly in the works! A request if I may be so bold? If there is another chapter, can this Bette somehow channel her inner Captain Bette and dispatch Carrie once and for all? Perhaps a very long walk off a very short plank? Because no one threatens our Tina. This Carrie deserves to pay. I cannot add much more to that which has been posted already by the many eloquent commenters. Shout out to our very own DT and ALL of the others. Let me just state for the record, that your Bette and Tina are so refreshingly familiar to me that it warms my heart.

      P.S. It should come as no surprise: I read the last page first.

      • Billy,
        I’m NOT tempted to read the “last page 1st”, but I do scroll down to how many pages will make up the meal!!! My temptation is to avoid reading any of the “comments” before my 1st pass over the story.

        Then & only then do I study what has been said and try to present a reaction hopefully free of repeating what has already been explored

      • Billy Billy – That last line, right? She never ever (add 10 more evers) left again. Like ever as Angie would say. I love it too. And oh what I wouldn’t give to make this happen on the show. You say every Bette and Tina fan craves this and I could not agree more. So simple. As simple as falling in love.
        HAHA about channeling her inner Captain!! Right now that Captain is standing in front of a very nosy court and very smug King. Yikes.
        This Carrie does deserve to pay. In fact ANY Carrie who separates our couple deserves to pay!

        And Billy? My heart is warm too. Looking forward to your next chapter. Let’s fix these two, yes?

    9. This was a pleasant story… Bette and Tina seem to be progressing in rapid fashion. And they seem to be putting the past behind them without a whole lot of fuss or discussion. Good for them.

      I’m a little confused about the protective order. Carrie is licensed in two states as a lawyer. To have a court order or summons served in another country is difficult and to have it enforced in another country does not happen. It’s impossible to get a court order served in a foreign country without going through diplomatic channels.

      I do not understand what Tina’s reasoning is for quitting her job, except she wants to be with Bette on a day-to-day basis. Was this not one of the problems they had very early in their relationship? Tina quit her job to prepare for pregnancy? Now she is quitting to work on relationship with Bette. And this is not at Bette’s request or even her suggestion. Are the problems of the past simply going to be recycled once again? And at the point she makes the decision, they have only had a couple of discussions on the possibility of a retry at their relationship. Her engagement to Carrie was terminated days ago. Does Tina not need some time to do some self-examination and determine how she ever decided to get involved with someone like Carrie? Does she not need to do some self-examination and determine what she sees the future to be besides being with Bette. How will Tina make up for the hurt and pain she has caused Bette and Angie? By simply coming back and apologizing? Is that really enough? We still do not know why Tina left… We know they were in love then. The sex when it occurred was great then. What has changed that will make a difference in the relationship between these two? They are pretty much the same people today as they were two to three years ago. Except for the fact that Tina decided to ask for a divorce and got engaged to Carrie Walsh. Now that engagement has been terminated. And despite the engagement termination, it does not erase the fact that Tina chose to leave Bette and Angie. That is now cannon. And the question for me is why? Don’t get me wrong. The sex is beautiful between these two the way you write it. But sex does not solve the problems of the relationship. There are times in which they must connect and communicate on other aspects of their lives to work toward a common path which will not involve sex. There was never a problem with their sexual relationship except maybe it was not frequent enough. But that is the result of time commitments to other things – jobs, travel, child raising, and just doing things people have to do in their lives.

      I know you have given a great deal of thought to your story. It was not your intent to write the definitive guidebook to getting Bette and Tina back together. But when I read much of social media in their hopes and wishes for Gen Q, it always amazes me that the vast majority state that if this couple could just get to the bed and make love, everything would be fixed and these two would live happily ever after. We know they love each… we know something occurred somewhere in the past that caused the divorce. And that is about it. We see Bette desperately trying to move on. We see Tina has moved on but in a relationship that defies all logic and sensibilities. And there is Angie…. what about Angie? She too was left in the process of this divorce. And we know it had to have some impact on her relationship with Tina. In season 1, we see a closeness between Bette and Angie that seems to just disappears in season 2. We really do not know what Angie’s relationship with Tina is. Nor do we know what it is with Bette. My point is that there a so many options to this story, but logically only a few will actually produce a strong and loving relationship between the two. And a large part of the resolution is dependent upon what we see the problem was to begin with. That is the big blank space which many of the Tibette fans including me have filled in with their imaginations and sought out evidence form The L Word to support. However, many ignore the evidence which contradicts their image as to who Bette and Tina are and what supposedly happened in the ten-year gap between The L Word and Gen Q.

      BK, you write excellent stories…. I do appreciate your work. When I read this, I thought this was the end. And then I read your responses to your comments. And it appears you plan to move forward with your story. That changed my thought process with respect to this chapter. Since there will be more, I am in hopes of getting more into the mind of Bette and Tina as to what they anticipate of the future and their perspective of the past. These two are very complex characters and writing a continuation of cannon poses a lot of questions for me. Perhaps you will be able to help answer those questions?

      Thank you for the chapter…… look forward to more.

      • Hey Martha – you ask some really good questions. Really tough questions. Questions that need to be answered. Questions that everyone who loves this couple has asked at some point. But this is not that story. This is not the story to answer or make the decisions and actions of Bette and Tina in GQ make sense.

        I made no pretense that I was NOT taking the time for an in-depth analysis needed to adequately fix the problem that is Bette and Tina from GQ. I leave that to the braver, more courageous, more talented writers than I – see Billy, Largo, Elizabeth, SK and others who are also trying to answer all the whys and whens and how could yous.

        I have no idea how a protective order is approved or granted or served. So I trust your feedback that Carrie could never have acquired one to serve Tina. I ask that you suspend logic and enjoy the beauty of the story. I do know powerful people with connections – lawyers included – get what they want. I see that all the time where I live.

        This version of Tibette – post door knocking — is a snapshot, a simple cliff note to the dissertation that is needed.

        I wanted to write something that would make people feel good. That would right a wrong quickly. I agree with you x1000 – Tina needs therapy, lots of it. Bette needs to feel safe, that Tina understands.
        It would take a long time to reach a point where both would feel comfortable with intimacy and even longer to jump into bed. But that is another story. I wanted the makeup sex, I wanted the intimacy, I wanted to write something that could be read in an hour or so and leave the reader – and myself – in a feeling like somewhere out there good things can and do happen. That is what I love about good stories, that take you another place and time where anything is possible.

        To answer some of your questions – in an earlier chapter Tina mentions wanting to return to the non-profit world. That is her plan, Her current career doesn’t make her happy. Bette makes her happy. She doesn’t need the money, she needs Bette. I may have missed the mark where she thought about this for longer than the chapter indicates but the end goal is the same.
        Angie? Next chapter.

        I too have read the social media where fans want a quick resolution, and one that involves sex. I read pages and pages of arguing on one site over whether JB knew how special the mutual O was and how it is now tarnished. I get the passion and the investment by the fans.

        I won’t ever pretend that sex solves everything. In this story, it helped. For the show? Shit. I just want them together. I want Bette to smile, I want Tina to stop treating her like a doormat. I want them making each other coffee and figuring out college tours and arguing about the neighbor using the leaf blower too early in the morning when they have been up all night fucking. I want a text while Tina is at the store from Bette asking her to get wine because sexy time. I want Tina playing with Bette’s curls and trying to wink. I want Shane to stop being an ass.

        That would make me enormously happy and I could turn off the episode and slide into my dreams.
        But your right – their issues are more complex and in the real world would never be fixed by a trip to Toronto to sell an apartment that turns into a mutual seduction. BUT damnnnn it feels good to read. And with my stress level that is exactly what I need. I will save the introspection and the logic to others. Thank you for letting me share this space with you. We are all hugely invested in this couple and we all want them FIXED. I appreciate you Martha. I bet we would sit on a front porch and dissect each episode if we were neighbors. Instead, we can meet here.

    10. BK

      I was waiting for you to take this on. Love your approach. Interesting way you have Tina evolved into. Would love to discuss that off line. The ending was perfect. I often question whether it would be right or wrong to be intimate after so much and not that much time really coming back together, but in reality it really is up to the ppl.

      I really think this is worthy of a 55 chapter book. LOL


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