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    Punishments and Dancing

    Bette stood patiently, arms out wide as Tina stood in front of her with the straps for her knives. The boat rocked under their feet, closing the final leg of their long trip, entering the harbor before docking. Wearing nothing but her underwear and the chainmail shirt, the captain watched as Tina knelt and secured the first strap, the one around her left ankle. Kissing Bette’s knee, then her inner thigh, Tina secured another strap as she stood, placing a wet kiss on Bette’s lips.

    The room was quiet, the ship too… a pregnant pause, suspense thick in the air. They could both feel it, had talked about it, resigned themselves to the course set before them. The course set by the Boy King who outright demanded Bette’s appearance in his kingdom.

    “Is this overkill, Tee? They may strip me of my weapons anyway before they let me stand in the presence of his Worshipfulness, the Boy King. At the very least they will take my sword, those assholes.”

    Her arms around the slim waist as she threaded the strap, Tina smiled fondly. “Don’t call him that to his face, Honey. We are giving them what they expect to see. Slayer of Souls, Death Bringer, Black Bette. They will respect power, Babe. And you, my Love, exude it.”

    “Then they should have nothing but the utmost respect for you. You are the power behind everything I do.”

    Smiling, Tina moved behind her, wrapping the strap carefully, making sure it was not too tight, one hand trailing over the firm ass as she rounded to face Bette again, hazel eyes lifting to make eye contact.

    “It will be important to keep your temper in check, Honey… no impulsive moves. Stay calm. Be alert. Please, Bette, trust me on this.”

    “My temper? What temper….” One elegant eyebrow raised, reaching for the front of Tina’s robe to pull her closer, planting a hard kiss on the smiling mouth. Then another, deeper, more tongue. “I don’t have a temper…and I trust you implicitly my Beauty…”

    “Don’t distract me…” Tina admonished sweetly, granting another kiss, this one longer, wetter.

    Jesus. Bette tasted of lemons and something so unique to the captain that Tina knew she would spend the rest of her life trying to figure it out. The kiss made her skin tingle, little fires lighting her gut, her center. She could see the desire in Bette’s eyes, but they would be in port soon and had spent most of the night making love, whispering long into the night. But…then again… this was Bette… and … her lips… her tongue… her mouth…

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    1. BK. I just wanted to comment to say THANK YOU IN ADVANCE…because I know it will be another excellent chapter of my fave story. I will reply after I read it but…im catching up on your other fan fic…currently finishing “Can I Come In?” and I keep thinking…why can’t we see this on TLWGQ. here’s to hoping. thank you for your service. x BnTHoSF

      • AHHH, thank you in advance dear BnThosf – – I love how much you love this story! Glad you like Can I Come in Too. Try reading The Beginning, it’s my favorite and is completed from start to finish! Looking forward to reading your thoughts after you are done with this chapter!

        • Oh I have read The Beginning! I followed that one chapter by chapter and was sorry to see it end….(any idea if you’re doing The Middle? ;))

          THIS CHAPTER of Black Beauty! I didn’t think you could make Bette & Tina any more connected but I love the way you show how they complement each other. Tina is the only one able to calm & soothe & heal Bette. I mean, she could have died at least twice in this chapter if she went with her unchecked, rash behavior….however warranted it would have been. Tina helps her by reasoning with her, showing her the big picture and just knowing that she can calm Bette. and Bette is Tina’s strength. Tina’s spark is her Captain (and their family). She will do anything to protect her family and that is a strength. What is this King up to? It’s like he admires Bette and what she has…maybe he’s a cooped up King…maybe he can learn from Bette? I don’t know…im hoping for best case scenario since he did take the kids and probably Shane and the crew. I cannot wait to read the reunion of the family and what the King is up to…and how they will get out of this.

          Maybe the King knows he’s dying and wants to find someone to take over…someone strong like Bette! can you imagine? King Bette and her Queen Tina. hmmmmm.

          Thank you for another great chapter, BK. I look forward to this story so much. xx

          • BK knows I love all of her writing but this story is my absolute favorite (along with the river chapters in RWYA) for the exact reasons you have highlighted. Plus the setting. If anyone could pull off the Middle it would be her.

          • Thank you Stir Fry! Can you imagine a King Bette and her Queen? She would clean house for sure, every Lord who danced with Lady Tee would be the first to go. I have always felt that the strength Tina has is so very perfectly underplayed by LH, but she is the perfect balance to Bette/JB’s flashy, outwardly display of confidence. So very subtle but there all the same when you break it down. The need each other and I try to write them that way in each story. This one takes the cake, so fun to write because I love the genre.

            Thank you for reading both stories and enjoying them so much!

    2. Thank you BK. I have, as usual, thoroughly enjoyed my time with the adorable Captain and her lovely Lady. I also enjoyed the homage to the delightful Phyllis!

      However I must admit to a little concern that our lovely couple are to move to the Tower with the children as it sounds like a place where they could all be imprisoned. I will though trust in you and in Tina’s tea.

    3. I need a few moments to organize my thoughts for a proper comment. But suffice it to say you have written a seriously sexy (that dance, wow), side splittingly funny (Lady Kroll and Master Bates) and suspenseful (our collective hearts break for the children),chapter. Every man is enthralled with Tina and every woman is hot and horny for Captain Bette. And the Boy King? What more does he want from Bette that he is holding the children. “Our babies!” Says it all. More later.

      • Every man enthralled with Tina and every woman hot for Bette. That frames the dance scene so well. Our Babies, indeed. I don’t think anyone can predict what will be unleashed in Bette if one of her children is harmed.

    4. And here is the more:

      This chapter has something for everyone. The physical and emotional and spiritual connection between our couple has never been more apparent. I like that Tina helps nudge Bette into behaving herself before the king. Helps her get dressed. Offers words of advice. And prays Bette can keep her temper in check. “Is this overkill, Tee? They may strip me of my weapons anyway before they let me stand in the presence of his Worshipfulness, the Boy King. At the very least they will take my sword, those assholes.” Her arms around the slim waist as she threaded the strap, Tina smiled fondly. “Don’t call him that to his face, Honey. We are giving them what they expect to see. Slayer of Souls, Death Bringer, Black Bette. They will respect power, Babe. And you, my Love, exude it.” Tina is really on top of it. But I admit I totally love Bette’s sarcasm. And expected it. Andrew is a snake and Bette referring to him as Master Bates is hysterical. Bette rightfully defends herself against the false claims and wins over the crowd. Charmed by her beauty and mere presence. Bette does okay temper wise but nothing can reign her in when it comes to her family. And she responds exactly like we would expect Bette to respond:

      “A crocodile launches itself out of deep water before it’s prey even knows it lurks below, a cheetah accelerates in the blink of an eye. Bette was quicker than both. She was a scorpion, a falcon, a lion. Her feet took her to Andrew’s side before he even registered she was there, guards frozen in shock as the crowd gasped, those already on their way out turning to see what was happening, pushing against each other in their need to see.” Wow! Her response is totally understandable but dangerous and Bette needed to get a grip. Once again Tina talked Bette down. They are the perfect couple and balance each other out beautifully: “Only Tina could ever hope to bring the Captain back from the edge of her anger, her fear for her children. Only Tina could reframe the moment and get Bette in the right frame of mind to sit next to the King and dine without tearing his head from his frail shoulders. Only Bette could make Tina feel so safe, when everything around her was out of control, that they would do everything they could to be reunited with the little ones who stole their hearts.” This is an especially strong, smart, bad ass, take charge Tina complete with a knife strapped to her thigh. And an especially I love my wife to be and my children more than life itself and will move any mountain to keep them safe Bette. Their love is totally on display for all to see and many do see.

      The dance scene was outstanding. It’s not surprising that Tina turned heads. Tina fits in this world. “She made everyone who danced with her look better, made these loathsome Lords seem light on their feet. A third partner stepped up, younger, handsome, popular with the crowd. Everyone cleared the floor to watch them as he twirled and spun Lady Kennard, one hand on the small of her back and the other holding hers in his own as they moved swiftly around the space.” But Tina does not want this world. Cultured within the walls of the castle but filthy and chaotic on the outside. She wants Bette. Her world and her life is with Bette. And Bette knows exactly how to handle the admirers. How to describe the scene? In the words of Lady Kroll: “Lady Kroll threw her napkin at her Lord, “you never dance with me like that…” she said in disgust, “and you never, ever kiss me like that either…” No one exudes the love and sexuality and connection like these two. Again, on display for all to witness. And paying homage to Phyllis and her lusting after Bette is perfect casting. “She found Bette to be wildly, exquisitely attractive, erudite even. With just the smallest amount of encouragement… she shook her head, drinking deeply from her glass as she quickly surveyed the room to see if anyone else noticed that her heart was beating like a drum.” Yes, that’s Phyllis.

      Their dance and kisses are hot but Bette tops even herself with the proposal. And I love her humor. Reserved especially for Tina. in perhaps my favorite passage: “Your Majesty, I know not what just happened, I was only attempting to fix my boot…” and the laughter that followed broke every last shred of boundaries between them, Tina rolling her eyes playfully as Bette kissed her again, tasting of wine and a future that would never be boring.” Never. Be. Boring. Indeed. Tasting of wine and a future that would never be boring. Perfection.

      But this is also a very serious chapter. “Our babies.” That’s right, BK. Our babies. Why does Bette react the way she does? “Who will calm Ella, Tee? When she cries, and Gracie… “ she couldn’t finish her thought, pulling Tina as close as possible, breathing in the comfort she needed, Tina’s fingers through her hair, her wobbly voice in her ear.” Heartbreaking. Whatever the Boy King wants with Bette he best get it over with and not harm one hair on their collective heads. Or make them cry. Here’s hoping that Tina’s medical cure will score some good will points. The king may want her as his personal physician. Hope not. And lest we forget, we have a wedding to plan.

      As I said, a chapter with something for everyone. Well done!!

      • I agree! And would add that it tickled me when the Boi King said he would “gladly” give Alice back bc she talked too much!! HeHeHe!!!

        The whole dungeon was probably singing te Halleluah Course when the guards retrieved her y’all!!!!

        hmmmm I wondered if the boys welded their wooden swords when the ship was boarded by those dastardly guards. Hope they swatted some shins!!!!

        • This is such a great comment. Yes, I totally agree about Alice. Can visualize the guards having a party. And I do hope the boys got their licks in. “The nursemaid arrived to be with the children, Bette kissing the Gracie’s sweet face before kneeling in front of her boys. “Stay here, be vigilant. Watch the ship and the crew. Protect the babies. We will see you back on board, ok?” The Boy King took the ship but did he know there were children on board? I wonder. I do hope the boys drew their wooden swords.

          • That is an excellent question, Did the King know or was it a nice surprise to find children onboard, and then to discover they were the Captain’s children. If he knew there was some scouting going on for sure. Good point.

            • Billys’ comment above where she quotes Bettes’ instruction to the boys brought/brings tears. It’s what they need to hear from their PROTECTOR.

              “Stay here. Be vigilant. Protect the ship AND the CREW. Protect the babies. We will see you back on board, OK?”

              Interesting that the only part those sweet MiniBette soldiers were able to do was “stay vigilent”.

        • DT – HAHHA the BOI King, well played. Alice talked too much in prison, of course she did, right? The guards probably had to nurse some bruised shins after boarding the ship, Peter and Rowan are very serious about protecting their sisters.

      • Billy – I have now read your wonderful comment three times. You completely get these characters and this setting. You wrote – “Bette does okay temper wise but nothing can reign her in when it comes to her family. And she responds exactly like we would expect Bette to respond:” EXACTLY! Bette is who she is and Tina makes no effort to change that, just offers a balance that keeps things in equilibrium. Bette responds how we all want her to, how we all expect her to. And even the observers in the court want her to stand up to Bates, given that his family has gotten away with so much already.

        I think this chapter shows the growth in Tina the most. Her last experience with knives ended in a near catatonic state after she killed William. She was loved through that and given time to realize that the killing was necessary and that she could still be the healer and nurturer she always was – that both could co-exist perfectly. SO what does she do now? Strap on a knife to prepare herself to defend Bette and anyone else.

        You sum it up this way and I love it – “This is an especially strong, smart, bad ass, take charge Tina complete with a knife strapped to her thigh. And an especially I love my wife to be and my children more than life itself and will move any mountain to keep them safe Bette.”

        What is interesting to me is that Bette is learning restraint (struggling still but it’s there) all while Tina is learning that force may be necessary.

        And you are exactly right – this is Tina’s world. She understands the politics, the motivations of the nobles and how to interact among them. Bette needs to reign it in but again Tina is there to soothe and advise to keep perspective. And in meeting Bette, Tina wants a different life than one that is lived inside castle walls, she is comfortable there but wants the life with Bette, as you highlight – a future that will never be boring. And who among us can resist Bette and Tina when they dance. Hot hot hot.

        One thing I love about your comments is that you take a chapter with many pages and condense it into frames that showcase the best of the chapter. And it all ties together. You do this with every comment you make and I always read and reread each one. Thank you for taking such time to write such insightful, meaningful comments. Much appreciated. Now…. go write your next chapter, I am waiting Billy, waiting for you Bette and Tina to reconcile!

        • Tina is so strong in this chapter. She stepped right up and owned what happened to William that dastardly Bates brother. This is a beautiful and refined Tina but so not a woman to be messed with. She has become much more aware that serious dangers do lurk and, perhaps in part due to being a mother, she will do whatever needs to be done in order to protect Bette and the children. And herself. And Bette has learned some restraint but is and always will be at the ready. Two mama grizzly bears protecting their cubs and each other. The perfect pair.

          • XACTLY!!! Although Tina found herself in a “life-or-death” situation and HAD to take a life in a grousome, but strategically merciful way, her NATURAL propensity was fulfilled in how she carefully observed the king and how he was suffering with a wretched cough that she knew would surely grow worse.

            So she really did a brave thing in preparing a healing tea and taking it with her to the special dinner. How brilliant was it to make sure that the medicimal strength would be strong enough to bring aid AND rest.

            I liked that she new that Bette would receive the same benefits since she served as the official taster. Tina knew that Bette would be hyped up as she “re-played images of those sneaky, handsy, will U marry me scoundrels danced with “HER Tina!

            Tee made sure that Bette would sleep . . . SOUNDLY

            • It was a brave thing! Can you imagine if he got worse or died? It would all be over. The confidence that took! And Bette completely trusted her too, and got a good night’s sleep after all that dancing and scowling.

                  • Bette’s entire world changed the moment she laid eyes on Tina. It’s universal In almost all fanfiction and the series. But it’s really on display in this story. Tina telling Bette to stop making that face is funny and endearing and protective and lovely all at the same time. And now – now it seems like they have had the children forever. Bette’s face will undoubtedly speak volumes when they are all reunited.

        • Was thinking about Tina jumping in to defend Bette by saying that SHE was the one that slayed that murderous buzzard William and even told ’em how she done it!!! In other words, I’m the cutest babe U’ve ever seen, but dont come btwn me & my babies . . . including the one dressed in black leather”!!!

    5. Thinking a bit more about the children, and I think as long as their nurse is with them they’re probably OK for the most part . . . tho LiL Gracie being a toddler, is probably missing her parents

    6. Hey BK,

      What a fantastic update!

      A chapter that satisfies everything, drama, humor and the love between Captain Bette and her Lady Christina Kennard.

      I was so afraid of Bette that the King would imprison her, kill her, or worse, force her to marry that terrible Bates man. None of this happened, in fact, they were invited to dine with the King.

      Tina is so important, she knows how to keep her Captain Bette in check through her way of talking, way of touching and her overwhelming love that she shows in all kinds of ways.

      But what is it that the King boy wants from Captain Bette? Despite having acquitted her, he still took her hostage in his castle, took her children from her ship and locked the children in the tower, where Bette and Tina are now also moving. What is it he wants from Captain Bette????

      Lady Phyllis, how funny that you also included her in this story, it reminded me of an episode of The L Word where Phylis made an attempt to let Bette know that she wouldn’t mind if Bette seduced her.

      And of course that scene on the dance floor, beautifully written! Everyone could see that they belong together, that their love is the greatest, their passion beyond compare. love it!!!

      And now it’s time for Captain Bette and Tina to go to their children and comfort the children and let them feel all the love they have for them.

      I didn’t highlight anything this time, Billy has already done that beautifully.

      I hope life treats you well. Keep taking good care of yourself.

      • SO nice to hear from you BiBi – I wanted a chapter with everything and it’s always nice to break up the drama and tension with some humor and affection.

        You ask an excellent question – and one that needs to be answered – you ask…. But what is it that the King boy wants from Captain Bette? Despite having acquitted her, he still took her hostage in his castle, took her children from her ship and locked the children in the tower, where Bette and Tina are now also moving. What is it he wants from Captain Bette????

        As Billy said, the King has an agenda. He may not have anticipated that Bates was the aggressor but he clearly wanted Bette in his castle no matter the charges against her. We will have to wait and see what is on his mind.

        You mention the episode in TLW where Phyllis hits on Bette, telling her that she wouldn’t mind if Bette hit on her. I am so glad that brought that scene to mind because I used the exact words of that episode to describe this Phyllis thinking about Bette!

        I hope all is well with you and your family. I see that Laurel’s exhibit is happening in July, are you going?

    7. This was a good chapter. I do find the story intriguing….. when I saw the invitation by King Christopher to come to court for Bette to hear her punishment. That struck me. Why punishment? Why not judgement? Or the King’s verdict? Something which one could interpret could go either for or against the defendant. The use of the word punishment certainly projects an less than favorable decision. And maybe that is what the author intends. It describes the result will not be to Bette’s liking. It is that word that would give me reason to think about an escape plan to leave the castle. This in particular since Bette, at that point has no idea that the children are in the castle nor that her ship has been taken. But as the story goes on, it appears that the verdict is very much in favor of Bette.

      Substantially everything else has been covered by other comments. We still wonder if Bette and Tina will be allowed to leave the castle and this town with her ships, crew, and children to pursue her destiny. And if so at what price she will have to pay to make this happen? King Christopher appears to be very much an unknown factor. He has been kind, gracious and most hospitable so far. But we know that those with power, things can turn on a dime and usually do. It is my hopes that now that the Bate family have been put into their place, that Bette will set a course to make a life for her wife to be and children in relative comfort and safety.

      Thank you for the chapter… Thanks for the story… look forward to more.

      • I’m kinda anxious about the King bc I think Tinas’ tea blend will bring noticeable relief AND a good night sleep so much that he might want to keep Lady Cristina as his personal doctor.


        • I agree. He might have summoned Captain Bette but once he begins to feel the effects of Lady Christina’s cure the Boy King is going to want to keep her around. Easy on the eyes and a Healer. Tina has become quite a force. And she is most clever as well. The goal is to reunite with the children and get out of Dodge but she may need to use all of her skills as the agenda has now most likely expanded. I suspect they will be ‘invited’ to stay. I think Tina can easily handle the Boy King. No doubt about it, we need another chapter. Can’t wait to see where BK takes this. I love their adventures. And look forward to many more.

      • Martha
        I find it interesting that the word punishment stuck with you. Whatever the King’s intentions, he clearly changed his plan when he told them he was not expecting the information he got. Then he was like ‘off to your rooms…” like they were uncooperative children. Maybe try reading the story with the intention to enjoy the drama instead of making it fit modern day reality. It’s a swashbuckler, nothing more nothing less.

    8. BK,

      A superb chapter. Made me feel every emotion, which is wonderful. Your writing always does that for me.

      The tension was palpable throughout. The King has the children?? What does he want from Bette??

      Got to love Tina. A knife strapped to her thigh, stating how she killed William. Tina is the healer, nurturing and gentle, but such strength she does possess. And Bette – “So fierce was her Captain dangerous Unyielding and reactive Iron willed And yet…also tender and loving”

      Great to see the blasts from the past, Lord Angus Partridge and Lady Phyllis Kroll. Phyllis made me laugh out loud.

      One of my favorite scenes, after Alice told of the children being in the north tower, was so moving, so beautiful, really – Bette & Tina’s connection, their intimacy is truly indescribable.

      “Whispers to each other for them alone as the grieved the news together. They held each other a long time a deep level of intimacy that forged their bond in iron” “If I am the rock you are the mountain Tee. I am nothing without you”

      The Dance – another example of Bette & Tina’s connection – the musicians playing their notes and the music soaring – I can feel it –

      “the strength of Bette the femininity of Tina the tangible chemistry that sparked between them” “Tee…she whispered a lullaby on the wind a distant sound of belonging” “Babe…was the reply a caress an embrace heard around the world”

      Yep, they belong together.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter! BK, this story just gets better and better. I love it.

      • Westy my friend – I loved the scene with them after they learn the children have been taken too. The babies are their kryptonite for sure. Everything they hope and dream is wrapped in the life they share with those little faces and now it is in the hands of someone else. If I am the rock then you are the mountain… be still my heart. They do belong together. So glad you are here for the journey!

    9. I like your comment and agree. BK’s writing really is quite lyrical. The dance solidified to all suiters that Lady Christina is completely and totally spoken for. Bette has taken it down a notch but her sheer vibe as well as her biting wit and reaction and movements in going after Master Bates is proof positive that her reputation is rightfully deserved. And Lady Christina is ever her equal. Truly a beautiful and formidable pair. I just love their continuing adventures.

    10. Fantastic chapter, can’t wait to know what this boy king wants,
      My guess is he wants them to stay in his castle and be part of his court, the children will be captives until Bette agrees !
      What we also don’t know is what the rest of the gang is up to, I’m sure they don’t sit idly by waiting for what happens next.
      You see so many questions so, please, don’t be too long …

      • I envision a version of Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones – spoiled- but not sadistic. He may try to bully Bette. Good luck with that. And flatter Tina but somehow I think Lady Christina can put the Boy King in his place.

      • Thank you Izzie! You are so right… what is the rest of the gang up to? Who exactly has he taken besides the children and where is the ship? So much to figure out before they can even hope to move on from the smelly castle. I won’t be long. Wrapping up the final chapter of Can I Come In then back to this one!

    11. I totally loved this chapter. I feel like someone is slowly poisoning the king, probably his trusted adviser. He probably needs to clean house and Bette is just the person to help him do it. Tina will heal him and she can teach his healers to make the tea she used. I’m glad the family is soon to be reunited and hopefully released from the kings hospitality. Post soon friend.

      • WOW onestorm my friend you should be writing stories! These are great ideas! I haven’t planned out the next chapter – I never do – but I often use comments from readers to get ideas or insight into how the story is coming across. SO glad you like it! More to come for sure….

      • OneS,
        So U see our dynamic duo having to “play nice” in the castle for a bit b4 they can bolt ehhh?

        U may be right.

        If the King doesn’t pitch the last MasterBates in the dungeon for sure and some of his mealy-mouth “advisors to keep Bates company, Bette will grow disgusted and swoop up the babies and sexy MamaTee and fly from that dreary place on a jet plane!!

    12. BK,
      I couldn’t imagine that I would have ANYTHING MORE to say, but when reviewing comments several days after your post . . . . What can I say??? I don’t apologize. HeHeHe!!

      Frickin’ Bette, God I love her . . . YOU started my hiccuping spiral of laughter on page 34 when U pinned, “the kneeling Lord looking up in surprise, Tina’s eyes meeting the Captain’s. “Bette?”

      “Excuse me, my Jilted Lord . . . M Y (caps mine) Lady . . . May I?”

      “My Jilted Lord”!!! How did U come up with that one!!!!

      Then on page 36 U finished me off with an “A #1, expected Bette F**kin’ Porter response:

      “When the fiddler was joined by the rest of the band, Bette’s head moved closer, cheek to cheek, her voice in the blonde’s ear. Do you wish to marry that spineless Lord, Tee?? Does he turn you on?”

      She spun the blonde effortlessly . . . .

      CLASSIC Bette!!!! LAWDD!!!
      Tina warned Bette privately, and the Captain witnessed 1st-hand and up close how well Tina understood decorum in the court,including UNsolicited offers to “dance” by/the Lords,but she STILL didn’t want NObody touching H E R Tina!!!

      Whoooo doggie! And Bette was fit to be tied with all those dingbats asking Tina to be their wife???? Even Bette knew that the King could grant such a request no matter how frivolous right?

      Bette was NOT gonna have the Boi King Eff her WHOLE life . . . Bad enough he has the children sequestered.

      • That whole scene was just dripping with Bette’s jealousy warring with Tina telling her to reign it in as she watched the menfolk made fools of themselves trying to win Tina over.
        One thing I like about writing this dialogue is Bette’s way of getting a subtle dig all while pretending to adhere to custom – my JILTED Lord – by the time he realizes he has been insulted, she has taken Tina from him. WHoooo doggie indeed!
        And yet… Bette knows this is Tina’s world and so she can’t help herself, she HAS to ask (like she did in the failed threesome of TLW) does he turn you on? We still good?
        Just like you said… the expected Bette Porter response. And Tina, as always delivers. It’s you, Bette. Always you.

        So fun to write, it just flows on the page. Thank you for loving this story, I love all your insights, keep them coming!

        • And Bette tickled me a whole bunch after she caused the high stained glass windows to be fogged with the on-watchers drop jawed visual as they witnessed the erotically gorgeous Bette getting lost in kissing Lady TK,

          “Your Majesty, I know not what just happened, I was only attemping to fix my boot . . .

          It was Tina that Led the Captain back to their seats, both hands behind her to hold one of Bette’s, her eyes looking ahead as they made their way. . .
          You marvelously incorporated the scene from TLW season 5, the last episode, where Tina showed how much she was Bette’s protector and her equal.

          She had wanted to “slow drag” with her Baby and continue to comfort Bette’s fragile soul that had been evicerate the night before by Jodi’s cruelly contrived public humiliation.

          Tina’s head/face was raised “just enough” that it was obvious how proud/thankful she was to be WITH THIS woman . . . IN public . . .
          with NO shame.

          • This is a phenomenal post. Excellent that you caught all of this. I am going to go read again. And Lady Kroll all hot and bothered looking on. Bette’s a freaking rock star. They want to dress like her. Be her. Be with her for sure. I really like Tina’s confidence. Much like that dance scene you reference. She’s got this.

          • I agree with Billy. This is a fantastic comment. My all time favorite scene starts with exactly how you describe it – a proud, confident, equal Tina comforting and holding space for Bette that starts with her leading B to the dance floor. Proud, thankful just like you said.

            And can we talk about the hair toss? That was it for me. BRB I need to go watch this scene again. Thanks for connecting that DT…

            • The little hair toss is when we could see Tina’s face that was saying “yeah, this gorgeous jewel is MINE, and I ‘m gonna hold her and gently touch her and flow with her as we lean in with open mouth kisses.

              This is the scene that super sold me on Tina!!! She was standing up for what she believed.

              Remember the arguement she had with, Palsey, Aaron and Adel when she found out they had changed the ending of the movie?

              • Agree. Tina developed major confidence in season 5. And the that’s not important line to Bette. One of my absolute all time favorite scenes. What is important? You! Us! Fell in love with Tina. This Tina in this story is similar but exhibits even more self confidence. She is so sure of Bette. And vice versa. They are totally solid beyond anything that is thrown at them. And that is everything.

                • Season 5 was Tina’s masterpiece.
                  1. As a Producer of Lez Girls, Tina was badd-ass at running around and keeping everybody happy. Didn’t matter if someone was in her face, chewing her out (Remember how Nikki’s Agents wanted to pull her from the movie bc she had been “outed” and was fixin’ to release a blockbuster action movie? She popped up and solved the problem by telling him that ActorBoy could take Nikki to the premier rather than Jenny). Tina was also a flirt.

                  Remem when Sam was asking her for special equipment and T told her no. Then said, what are U going to give me if I change my mind? When she looked up and saw Kit, Molly, & Bette, she waved off Bette as just being her “ex, ex”, the mother of their child. She was polite enough to introduce them to Sam, but I caught her staring at Bette intensely, just for a quick moment. Did U notice that? Go back and watch it. Anyway, needless-to-say, Tibette quickly pretended that they needed to talk about Angie and off they were on a tour, to Jenny’s God-awful bedroom set where they immediately began to banter and flirt with ONE ANOTHER.

                  2. In her profession, Tina learned to be UNapologetic in dealings with Aaron & Palsy, and Adel. She voiced her opinions and held her ground. If she needed to combative, she did it.

                  3. But MOST of all, she FINALLY learned that she had to be the “ALPHA-TIGRESS” when pursuing Bette. She came to realize that the times when Bette fell to temptation was because she was pursued by an aggressive female, (Candace, the art student, Jodi).

                  A N D!!!! Tina KNEW there was STILL wonderful sexual tension between them!

                  Jodi was in the picture at this point, so when Tina showed up at Bette’s house when LiL Angie was gone with Kit to Disneyland, and sweetly asked if she could come in, she knew full well that Bette would let her in to “chit chat” (HeHeHe! Tina was good at that), AND . . . that she could move into Bette’s “space” to tell her how good the stir fry smelled (while cocking her head innocently to the side to look into Bette’s eyes) without Bette retreating.

                  Our dear Bette was trying to keep moving bc she could feel the pull of Tina. But when Tina called her name softly and told her to “turn around” as only she was allowed to do, Bette turned and faced her with the mixture of intrepidation&longing. She knew that she would NOT be willing to fight off ANY advance by Tina.

                  But Tina could read Bettes’ face like a book and was smart enough to acknowledge how she knew Bette wanted to remain true to Jodie and that she (Tina) wasn’t gonna blame her for what WAS about to HAPPEN.

                  I’M HERE TO SEDUCE YOU BETTE and HoneyBunch U’re going to love it!!

                  And then it was on baby!!! Rolling, topping her dirty-talking, grinding and drooling as she slid that hand of hers into Bettes’ jeans. Goin’ way up there.

                      • It would have been smoldering eye contact, non verbal communication, the air heavy with seduction. Jodie would have been oblivious

                      • Ohh my friend U are soooo right on!!

                        They would defiinitely been “eye blazing” into each others core & below!!!

                        Jodi would have been the one to blush . . .

                      • Agree about blazing looks. Maybe like the eye contact they made around the campfire during the Pink Ride. I see them and the blazing glances all over this chapter.

              • I love Season 5 Tina. So sexy, so sure, so in love. Why did they ruin that? She stood up for what she believed in and even reminded Bette that she can take care of herself. LH nailed it.

                • And season 6 was when we FINALLY got to see them soooo in sync. They were finishing each other’s sentences and cocking the head the same way when trying to make a point.

                  That scene in Season 6, Epi 5 called Litmus Test is what comes to mind.

        • . . . And another thing . . . . We know how very, very observant Tina is . . . She would have seen all the “LadyKrolls” that were blushing, salivating (and undoubtedly becoming wet in their fancy under garments) over the “live, and in person” Captain Porter.

          There would be NO hint of flirting or becoming infatuated by any suitors on Tina’s part.

          • Lady Kroll threw her napkin at her Lord, “you never dance with me like that…” she said in disgust, “and you never, ever kiss me like that either…” No one does Lady Kroll!!! No one. As if that wasn’t enough: “Tina used just her fingertips to trail down Bette’s arm, then the back of them on the way up, leaving goosebumps in her wake and Lady Kroll shivered, another woman’s eyes large as she watched.” Wow does that conjur memories. Let me just shift in my chair as I contemplate THAT image.

    13. Whoa!! You are a GEM BK!! I just discovered this precious story and been catching up.. no regret of missing sleep as I truly enjoy reading this!
      Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I love how you slowly brew the adventure and made me wait with anticipation on each page, each chapter.; and LOVE the way you incorporate scenes from the original series into the story!
      And my heart is just so melting on the way you portray Tina’s character from the beginning! And how Bette’s non BS attitude has soft spot here and there. Sigh… my head is still floating after reading your story. Still fuzzy and eager to read more :)))

      And hahah.. reading the comments from other readers just propelled me to relook at the pages and reread! :D and nodding along the way or laugh!

      Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!! ^^,

      • Merlion
        I like how you phrase that comment – about how the story is slow brew. That is a nice visual and I appreciate your kind words! Still fuzzy and eager to read more :))
        I agree about the comments. I am blown away by this response and how each reader picks up on different nuances, symbolism and insight. This is the best group of fans/readers I have seen anywhere.
        Thank you for taking time to read. I am working on the final chapter of another story but will my brain is always on BB. I love writing it. Have a great weekend!

    14. Dumplin,

      Literally ran out of room. Your comments have gotten me to thinking that the Tina who emerged in season 5 is very similar to the Tina in BB. Especially in this chapter. Tina has certainly come into her own. Exhibiting a strength that has probably always been present but is certainly now on display front and center for all to see. Tina did the same in season 5 didn’t she? I read the chapter again and can visualize all you have said. Thank you so very much for your engaging comments. I have enjoyed the conversation. And once again BK, thank you for this chapter and of course this story.

      • Yes,
        And Season 6, Episode 5 called Litmus test we FINALLY got to see how in sync Tibette had become. Go back and watch if you can. Did we expect too much to have them continue as such with a teenage Angi to add to the mix?

    15. ¡Hola, BK! me encanto el capitulo me dejaste con ganas de leer más quisiera saber que pasara con Tina y Bette y si el rey las va a dejar irse con su familia y la tripulación espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo, gracias.

      • I had this translated to – “I loved the chapter you left me wanting to read more I would like to know what will happen to Tina and Bette and if the king is going to let them go with their family and crew I look forward to the next chapter, thank you.”

        And my response – Escopion: ¡Muchas gracias! Pronto tendré un nuevo capítulo para todos. ¡Agradezco que se haya tomado el tiempo para decirme cuánto le gustó la historia!

        I hope I did that right :)

    16. BK– Oscar Winning Screen Writer, Director and Producer,

      I kid you not. I went back to Chapter 1 of this scrumptious screen play, scene #1 and through this movie extraordinare just to refresh my mem, and laughed & sniffled like it was the first encounter.

      Your Tina, such a quick study. Of Bette . . . Tina knows how to dismantle Bette’s insecurities and self-loathing withOUT judgement. She expands Bette’s big-picture imagination using her soft-spoken voice and healing touch.

      And right in the middle of any convo she is the only one that can say “stop pouting, scowling, and figetting, smile baby, hold still (HeHeHe)!!!!

      I also really, really like your Shane,Kit and James!!! They speak the truth to power in love. Especially Shane . . . she is the “ride or die” sistah!!!

      • Yes. The only one who can say those things. In the original series Bette was a puppy when it came to Tina. I suspect she still is. Bette had a major case of Tinaitis and was definitely not looking for a cure. I somehow suspect that is still the case.

        • Yes, Bette has Tinaitis from which she seeks no cure.

          Basically Bette is ASTOUNDED that ANYONE could look at her and, at some point, NOT bolt (having learned about her childhood). And seen how she has lived her life.

          Tina was allowed to see her outward scars, touch AND critique how Bette had gotten them, and see that Tina saw also the INTERNAL scars . . . which could/would only be healed with the “honey-paste salve” called UNconditional love.

      • I love this comment, thank you DT! Tina the quick study and Bette completely dismantled! and this line, DT… woah… “they speak the truth to power in love” Be still my heart.

        Shane is a Ride or Die, wish Shane in the GQ mess could step up to the plate. She made a mess of season 2 with a pathetic display of friendship

        • Concerning Shane:

          Dont remem whether S1 or S2, but they were playing poker in Shane’s club and Bette was being unforgiving to another and Shane turned to Bette and reminded her that she too had made serious fck ups as well. This is why I give Shane “ride or die” cred in GenQ.

          And to her credit, Bette totally own up to it AND even went so far to say that she had cheated on her partner and every day for 17yrs she has regretted that decision.

          • Yes my dear, Dumplin, I do agree… but….. Shane also kept the info about Carrie’s drunken I can’t marry Tina rant to herself for far too long. She owed it to her best friend to spill it. Yes? Even Tess wanted to tell Bette. It could have prevented a lot of what ended up happening. Why do you think Shane chose to do that? Other than really bad GQ writing.

            • Thinking about this . . .

              I can’t figure out what Bette would have done w/the info that Carrie had reservations about marrying Tina. Because she has sent years staying out of Tina’ accusations. They had contact wrt Angie, and that had been agreeable to them.

              • Hey sweetness. To my mind Bette was devastated when Tina announced her engagement and had been thinking if she only gave her space Tina would come back. But it’s complicated to be sure. That being said, do you think Bette invited Tina inside when she was at the door?

                • Believe Bette was VERRY devestated when Tina announced that she was getting married.

                  But over the years,she has learned to roll with the solar plexus gut punches from Tina. The strike often comes when Bette is feeling things are going well.

                  Think she will let Tina in . . . but explain that she’s going to celebrate Pippa’s opening

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