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    Can we get it back – Chapter 21

    Chapter 21

    A few hours later, Tina is cooking away in the kitchen. Preparing the dinner Bette requested. She chose Salmon, baked in the oven with kale and sweet potatoes. She remembered making this for Bette several years ago and Bette had liked it very much, so she dug out the recipe again. Since most of the dish cooks in the oven, she has time to do other stuff while it finishes. So, she managed to clean the kitchen and then set the table. Just when she’s about to go and wake Bette, she walks slowly into the kitchen.

    “Hey, I was just about to go and wake you up. Dinner is ready in a few minutes.” Tina says with a smile as she walks over to Bette.

    “Yeah, I woke up and then I smelled the food. And then I had to go to the bathroom… no point in going back to sleep then. By the way, it smells delicious.” Bette says as she leans in for a kiss. Tina does the same. “Thank you for making dinner.” Bette whispers as she leans out and looks lovingly at Tina.

    “It’s my pleasure babe.” Tina whispers back. “Come on, take a seat, and I’ll bring the food.” Tina says and guide Bette to the table and hold the chair for her to sit down.

    “Thank you.” Bette smiles. Tina leans down and place a soft kiss on the side of Bette’s forehead.

    Tina walks over to the oven and takes the fish out and uses a minute to place the fish, sweet potatoes, and kale onto a serving platter.


    That was a great meal Tina. Thank you for making it.” Bette says with a smile.

    “Oh, it was my pleasure. I love cooking for someone. I’ve missed it.” Tina says as she stands up and starts clearing the table.

    “You haven’t cooked for someone lately?” Bette asks carefully.

    “No, been a long time. Been living a pretty busy life the last two years. Left early, home late. Usually I just ate on location together with the actors and crew. We had the food trucks available all day. And the food was in fact incredibly good and healthy.” Tina says as she cleans the plates and glasses that she had carried over to the sink. Bette joins her with the serving platter.

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    1. Nice chapter….nice to see Bette and Tina getting closer. Obvious that Bette is still scarred that Tina will leave again. Very tense time in that Bette will start her treatments today. Hopefully they will not be as bad as they are planning on and yet they will successfully treat her condition and put her into remission.

      Tina seems to be adjusting to life with Bette under these conditions and Angie is giving her moms plenty of space. Hope things work out…

      Thanks for this chapter…..

    2. Thank you for this chapter!

      “I know my track record on the subject is far from perfect, but I promise you that I will not leave this time.” – Yeah Tina, but i think Bette also has some track record on her own – cheating. So stop beat yourself.

      Waiting for the next – how radiation treatment will go

    3. Great chapter! It is good that they still talk about what is important or what for fears they have, Bette. I hope the radiaton treatment will not give that much side effects. It will be a hard and long road but if she will recover it all is worth. Angie is a good kid and is happy they are going to reconcile and give them space. Thank you for the update!

    4. Bette and Tina are coming together, slowly but surely. This was a nice chapter, perfect for a lazy saturday morning in the middle of a crazy world. Thanks!

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