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    Can we get it back – Chapter 20

    Chapter 20

    She walks into the kitchen and starts putting the groceries away. She makes herself a cup of coffee and takes a seat at the kitchen table. This morning she had put her laptop on the kitchen table, so she opened this now. She needed to check her emails and check in with work. She felt bad for leaving them at the end of the season, but she felt that what she was doing now, would have an impact on the rest of her life. And if she were happy at home, she would be happier and more productive at work. It was a win, win situation she thought. Thankfully, her bosses saw it that way too.

    After about one hour facing into her screen, Bette entered the kitchen. It was now 12:15 midday.

    “Hey sleepyhead.” Tina says with a wink.

    “Hey, how long have you been home?” Bette asks as she takes a seat beside Tina at the table.

    “An hour or so I think.” Tina replies as she closes her laptop and push it over to the side.

    “Why didn’t you wake me?” Bette asks as she takes Tina’s hand in hers.

    “You looked to peaceful, and besides, you need the rest. It’s good for your recovery.” Tina replies as she leans in and give Bette a soft kiss on the lips.

    “Mhmmm.” Bette let out after the kiss. “How did the session go?” She asks softly, not wanting to push Tina mora than she was comfortable with.

    “It was good. Nothing heavy on the first session. I just told her the backstory. And then as the sessions move along, we will get to the heavier stuff. My next session is next week.” Tina says, looking into Bette’s eyes.

    “Okay. And if you need to talk about anything, you know you can, right? With me.” Bette softly says, looking into Tina’s eyes.

    “I know.” Tina replies. She takes a deep breath. “I’m hungry, are you hungry?” Tina asks as she stands up. Leaning down and give Bette a quick kiss on the lips.

    “I’m starving.” Bette replies with a chuckle.

    “Okay, I’ll rustle something together. Just sit tight.” Tina says and walk over to the fridge and bring out several items to make something. “How does a grill cheese sandwich with ham sound?” Tina asks.

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    1. They are getting closer and still building their relationship. The dizziness worries me. And with starting radiation tomorrow, well that is a big day. But most people have very little side effects with the first treatment or so. They start experiencing the side effects with the third and more of the treatments. Of course, treatments on the brain could be different than other parts of the body.

      This is a very emotional time for both them. They just need to stay connected and support one another. Its going to take some time before they get to a point where they are not in fear of losing each other.

      Love this….keep it coming…

    2. It is good that they are talking, it is important to keep doing that.

      Tina has to dig deep and deal with her problems, she hurt her family and herself a lot through the past years. I am happy that Bette is so supportive and that she spoke about how it hurt Tina didn’t come to Kit’s funeral.
      It is important not to rush and build their relationship slowly.

      I am worried about Bette, i don’t think the radiation will go smooth without side effects.

      It is great to read another chapter!

      Take care and stay save ????

    3. The dizziness worries me too. Every time Bette says that I’m like stay with her Tina! Don’t leave her, but I know she needs to get on with getting food and work stuff. Just the anxious worry in me. Great story! Thanks

      • Nothing has been said about the stage of the cancer or the type of tumor. Is this something Bette can really recover from? It’s a very serious cancer. They don’t talk about it.

    4. Really concerned about Bette’s health, the Treatment she will be having is going to be difficult. Tina really needs to put her first here and take on fully dealing with her own insecurities and Angie’s issues.

      Glad she’s at last apologised for not going to Kit’s Funeral, for me this was the most unbelievable thing from Gen Q!

      Looking forward to more, thanks for posting,
      Stay safe,

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