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    Can we get it back – Chapter 33

    Chapter 33

    A few hours later, Bette wakes up, Tina notice it because of the beeping sound of the machines increases in rhythm. She jumps up and takes a seat on the bedside as she takes Bette’s hand in hers. She sees that Bette slowly tries to open her eyes.

    “Hey baby, finally you’re awake.” Tina softly says.

    “Wh… what happened?” Bette asks as soon as she sees that she is at the hospital and not in her own bed.

    “You fainted at home and hit your head and we couldn’t wake you up.” Tina softly recalls the incident to Bette.

    “I’m sorry.” Bette whispers.

    “Oh babe, don’t be. I’m just so glad you’re okay.” Tina says and moves her hand to Bette’s face so she can wipe the tears away with her thumb.

    “H.. how long have I been out?” Bette asks.

    “Well, it’s now 11 pm. Which means about 5 hours. When you got here, the doctors did scans and tests. They were concerned about how hard the hit to the head was, if it had done any damage.” Tina starts.

    “Did those say anything?” Bette asks, afraid to get the answers.

    “They didn’t show anything. Cancer is in remission. No new growth. So that is really good news, might be a concusion, but that’s it. They were also in to say that they might have to postpone the last radiation a few days because of this incident. But they will evaluate tomorrow afternoon.” Tina tells Bette about when have happened while she was sleeping.

    “Oh!” Bette replies.

    “They were only talking about a few days delay, babe.” Tina reassures Bette that this is not a big setback.

    “Do they know what caused me to faint?” Bette asks in a whisper.

    “No. But it might just be because you stood up to fast in combination with low blood pressure and when you got up so quickly, it just dropped, and you fainted.” Tina replies as she dries a tear away.

    “I’m sorry Tee. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Bette says as she reaches for Tina’s hand.

    “When all this is over. I’m taking you away for a long and nice vacation.” Tina whispers as she leans her forehead down, close to Bette’s and softly kisses her.

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    1. Thanks for posting but now very confused. No diagnosis? Just Tina’s speculation? A concussion is serious business. Bette really needs much better nutrition than pizza. And she should not be walking unassisted. She can go down again. Why did her blood pressure drop? And Angie does not want to rush to see her mom? From unconscious to eating pizza. Like I said – confused.

    2. So, we do not know why Bette was unconscious for 5 hours? And we do not know about her irregular pulse and breathing – sometimes this is a sign of heart problems. And her diet is terrible…. she needs some real nutrition and to eat possibly more often – 4 meals a day rather than just three. Maybe some soups and simple fruits, eggs and smoothies.

      Glad Bette is home and her last treatment will not be post phoned. However, Tina needs to be better prepared for the nausea and the sudden need for the bathroom. Its part of taking care of someone who is sick.

      Thanks for the update.

    3. Good to see Bette home but i too wonder what caused Bette’s blood pressure going so low and she was unconscious for five hours. That’s not good.

      I love pizza but shouldn’t she eat healtier?

      A nice long vacation after she has recovered, i need that too, can i come with them?

    4. Hi Lauren,

      Great to see your update. Like most of the other readers, I too am concerned about the reason for Bette’s blood pressure to drop & was does that mean for her long term recovery.

      I do have a few questions though that many of the readers have mentioned as well & not that I’m being negative, just wanna make sure I’m on the same page as everyone else – so here goes –

      Why isn’t Tina more prepared for Bette’s sudden nausea? A container or bucket for Bette to be sick in so she doesn’t have to rush off to the bathroom? Some towels, paper towels, tissues within easy reach? Blankets & pillows in the living room for easy access?

      I know when I was recovering from my cancer treatments, it was imperative to eat well balanced, nutritious food. As Billy said , most food do taste metallic, so Tina needs to have some options for Bette. Smaller, more frequent meals is the path to go. Don’t overwhelm Bette’s digestive system.

      Is Bette’s cancer in remission or has it been entirely removed???

      Thanks for the update & looking forward to more.

      Have a great week.


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