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    Can we get it back – Chapter 32

    Chapter 32

    After dinner, Tina and Angie cleans up.

    “I’m gonna go lie down.” Bette says and stands up and starts walking towards the living room.

    “Okay. Shout if you need anything. I’ll come join you in a few minutes.” Tina replies.

    “I hope she’ll get her strength back soon.” Angie says after Bette has left the room.

    “Yeah, me too. We’ll help her. We just have to get her through the last week of treatments.” Tina says.

    “Maybe we can have a family night tomorrow, watch a movie, just hang out. Get her mind off it for one night?” Angie suggests.

    “Yeah, that sounds lovely.” Tina smiles at Angie.

    “Maybe soon, we can also invite Shane and Alice over. I miss them. They should be here also. They are family.” Angie suggests.

    “We can do that. Maybe next weekend? Just get through the last week and then we can invite them over for a BBQ and a quiet night in. Talking and hanging out.” Tina adds.

    “Yeah, I think she would like that.” Angie agrees.

    10 minutes later they were finished with cleaning up after dinner and they both walks into the living room. Bette is horizontal on the couch, eyes closed.

    “I’m not asleep guys, only relaxing.” Bette says when she senses them in the room.

    “How are you feeling?” Tina asks, bending down to lift Bette’s head up so she could sit down with Bette’s head in her lap. She starts stroking her head softly.

    “I’m good, just extremely tired, fatigued, but without being actual tired. It’s like my brain just takes a timeout.” Bette replies, looking up at Tina.

    “If you need to go to bed, that’s okay babe.” Tina says.

    “No, no, this is fine. It’s still too early to go to bed. But I might not talk too much, but I just want you close.” Bette says softly, eyes closed again.

    The three of them sat in the living room together, just hanging out. Angie on her computer and Tina with her ipad.

    “So, mama B, you still awake?” Angie asks.

    “Yeah.” She weakly says, opening her eyes towards Angie.

    “Mom and I were thinking earlier that tomorrow night, we can have a movie night. What do you say? Are you up for that? Watch a movie, eating snacks and so on.” Angie suggests.

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    1. Well, this was unexpected…. at least no new growth of the cancer. But fainting and the inability to awaken her by either Tina or EMTs is really troubling particularly since the bump on the head caused no damage. The irregular breathing and pulse rate are troubling as well.

      During this nausea bouts, one should always have a handy dandy garbage pail available. Sprinting to the bathroom is usually not an option.

      Hope Bette is okay…. post again soon…

      • Agree. Sitting and standing too quickly and ensuing dizziness and possible fainting makes sense. But Bette’s unresponsiveness and irregular breathing is not nothing. Something is really amiss.

    2. You just couldn’t help yourself to put a little more drama for our Bette! I was worried when Bette didn’t awake after her fall but it is positive that after the scans has been taken it showed no growth of her tumor. But the irregular breathing and pulse rate are not a good sign, that must be checked out.

    3. Bette’s irregular heartbeat and breathing is troubling along with hitting her head. Hopefully, it truly was just standing too quickly. They need to make sure there’s a trashcan close by to avoid Bette having to move too much.

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