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    Can we get it back – Chapter 7

    Chapter 7


    Tina ordered the food they wanted and brought coffee and a soda can for Angie. They had found a table in a private corner of the cafeteria. Angie had left for the bathroom so Shane had Tina to herself for a few minutes.

    “So, how are you Tina?” Shane asks while sipping her coffee.

    “Scared, hurt, confused…” She replies honestly.

    “Okay? Why those three?” Shane asks.

    “Scared because of the obvious. Hurt because Carrie doesn’t care and confused because of feelings that is resurfacing.” Tina honestly shares with Shane. Her eyes getting misty.

    “What feelings?” Shane asks.

    “Feelings about Bette. I never stopped loving her you know. I will always love her. We didn’t divorce because we didn’t love each other. That was more me I think in hindsight. I’ve had periods where I’ve been depressed and somehow I let that out on Bette. Bette can be dense sometimes, can’t see what’s in front of her, she didn’t notice my depression. And to her defense, I hid it very well. And on the other hand, I didn’t acknowledge it either, I just kept going until I reached a point of no return. Again we stopped talking. Even if we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t do that, but life just happened.. I… I was frustrated all the time and again, I took it out on Bette. Then one day I just couldn’t handle it anymore, so I left.” Tina honestly says as she wipes the tears away. “Told her I needed space, that our marriage was suffocating me. That I felt lost and needed to find myself again.” Tina adds.

    “Wow.” Shane replies not quite believe what Tina is saying.

    “Yeah, you can say that again. I hurt her Shane, big time, but I also hurt myself. I know I won’t have the same kind of love again that I had with Bette with someone else. She is my only true love.” Tina says softly. “And then I met Carrie, and she was nice and easy. I got myself back in a way, I guess I should thank her for that at least. I do love her, but thinking back now, I don’t think I ever was in love with her. She helped med find me again. She gave me the space I needed and demanded.” Tina adds.

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    1. So happy that the surgery went well, now waiting patiently for the sleeping beauty to wake up!

      Honest talk between Angie and Tina, and between Tina and Shane. Sad that they fell in the same trap, not communicating. Tina more than Bette is the one who needs to open up about her feelings and thoughts and not push away Bette by holding everything in. It is always easy to blame Bette and i am happy that Tina takes her responsibility in the failure of their relationship again.

      Now Bette has to get better before they start working on their relationship.

      I can understand when Bette is cautious and not immediately eager to work on a new relationship, but then again Tina is the love of her life and she does everything for her. But i am hopeful for them to reconcile!!!

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      But i think Tina and Angie need to stay together that night. Maybe in the Shane home, maybe in the hotel. Because Shane it’s good, but in moment like this Angie needs to spend time with closest persons – and it’s her mothers

    3. Great story and chapter. Such a long surgery, the rehab and side effects will be interesting. Bette is going to need alot of love and support, hope Tina is in it to win it. Shane, as always, is the best! Looking forward to more….

    4. Love this story. The conversation between mothers and daughter is very interesting. Both Bette and Tina are honest and open in what they share with their daughter. But they can’t tell each other, what a shame we allow ourselves to fall so far out of sync with our soul mate that we can’t be really honest. Angie is the connection that binds them. Maybe she will be the force that brings them back together.

    5. Love this story….glad surgery went well. Glad Tina talked to Angie. She’s made a promise that she needs to keep. She will be around for as long as it takes and She is going to try to reconcile with Bette. Its a long journey ahead…Bette will still need treatment and possibly rehabilitation. And if she has chemo, then the treatment may be worse than the disease.

      To Zhenya point that Angie should stay with her mom. Ideally, that is what should happen. Except this is day one of a very long journey. Tina wants Angie’s life to return to some normalcy a soon as possible and that mean attending school. The sooner Angie’s life returns to some normalcy, the more confidence she will have that Bette is no longer in any imminent danger. Bette has left Angie in Shane’s care. Tina is respecting Bette’s wishes in this matter. After all Bette is her custodial parent. It is appropriate for Tina to stay close to the hospital in case something happens during this critical 24 hour recovery period. Tina will be much more able to respond if she knows that Angie is being well cared for. Everyone is responding by doing what the feel is best for the moment to support Bette and Angie. This has been an exhausting and long day. Tina has not slept in more than 24 hours maybe 48 hours. Tina has to have sleep or she will need medical attention as well.

      Great story….lovely story arc… keep it comming.

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