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    Can we get it back – Chapter 8

    Chapter 8

    The next day came slowly for Tina. She woke up around 6 in the morning, unable to get back to sleep. She got out of bed and called down for room service. While she waited for her food, she took a shower. “How are you Bette?” Tina says out loud to herself. “Is there still a chance for us? Did I do too much damage? Can it be fixed?” Thoughts going around Tina’s head while getting dressed in jeans, tank and a dark blue shirt. She just put her hair up in a messy bun, when there was a knock on the door. It was room service.

    “Hi, thank you. You can just leave it here.” Tina says and point right inside the door. She gave the man some tips and then closed the door. She brought the food over to the table and started eating. She had requested a morning paper also, so she started to read the news section.

    When she finished, she put every plate and stuff back on the room-service table and wheeled it outside. She couldn’t wait anymore. The time had reached 8 and she gathered her laptop bag and purse and hurried out of her room and down to the lobby. At the reception she rented a car, so she could move a little more freely and not being dependent on cabs. She drove fast over to the hospital and went upstairs to the floor where Bette is. She asked at the nurse’s station what Bette’s current situation was and if visitation was possible yet.

    Hi, Ms. Kennard, visitation will begin in 15 minutes. Ms. Porters condition has been the same during the night. Everything is still okay. She woke up for a few minutes last night, but she didn’t talk, she just looked around and then fell asleep again. Hopefully she will be more awake today.” The nurse informs her.

    “Oh, that’s good news. I’ll just wait in the waiting room until I can go see her. Will someone tell me when I can go in?” Tina asks.

    “Sure, I’ll come and get you. The doctors are doing the morning rounds now, so when that is done, visitation will start.” The nurse replies.

    “Thank you.” Tina says with a smile as she goes to sit down and wait. “I hope you are awake Bette.” Tina thinks while thinking back on the good times, the good times were a lot more than the bad ones. “Please give us one more chance.” Tina thinks as she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

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    1. Okay…on their way home and recovery. Bette, please do not overthink this. Let things develop as they will naturally. With some time and rehab, thing will be back to normal physically for Bette.

      As to the tiredness for Bette? I have had a couple of surgeries. Each time the recovery to the actual surgery was fairly quick – a week to two weeks. But the recovery form the anesthesia seemed to take forever. I was told form my surgeon that it takes most people a full month to get it out of your system and get back to your regular energy level. It was absolutely true for me. I had the need for a 2 hour nap every day even after having slept for 8 hours the night before. I was tired and sleepy. And Bette was under an anesthesia for more than 6 hours. So tiredness is a natural response for several weeks following the procedure..

      Great story… thanks for giving this to us.

    2. I only started now to read your story. Happy that Bette is ok. She’ll have to work for her recovery but she has enough reasons to be very motivated.

      I hope that Tina and Bette are able to talk about everything that went wrong between them and find a new basis for their relationship.

      Looking forward to more.

    3. Interesting – Bette don’t have a job, right? And she didn’t have her a some time – she running for mayor but it’s not job. Where she get a money? And if she ever had medical insurance? Because if not – this treatment is very expensive, she can’t afford it.

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