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    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    New York, Tina and Helena are having lunch at an exclusive restaurant.

    (Helena) So, three weeks in Majorca. And on your own?

    (Tina) Yes, I want some time to myself, and you’ve said such great things about it

    (Helena) It’s my favourite. You sure you don’t want some company? I could arrange the time off work. It’s a good time actually, with most of our films in post-production

    Tina smiles at her.

    (Tina) Thank you, but I really do want the alone time

    (Helena) I could keep myself occupied, give you alone time when you need it

    (Tina smiles) You mean you’d find someone to keep you occupied

    (Helena smiles) Well, as you know there is a reason it’s my favourite holiday destination, it’s the most lesbian that I know

    (Tina smiles) I appreciate the offer, but this one’s just going to be me

    Helena looks at her for a moment.

    (Helena) OK, well I’ll send you a list of my favourite things to do. You’re going to love it

    (Tina) I’m sure I will


    LA, The Planet. Bette, Alice, Shane and Dana are having breakfast.

    (Alice) Majorca? Can I come?

    (Bette) No, you cannot

    Alice pulls a face at her and the others smile.

    (Bette) It’s my first real holiday in years, I plan to basically do nothing at all

    (Shane) It sounds great Bette, you deserve a break

    (Bette smiles) Thanks, I’m looking forward to it

    (Alice) Well it’s basically the gayest holiday destination you could choose, so I’d be very surprised if you end up doing nothing at all

    Bette smiles at her and has a sip of her coffee.


    Palma airport, Majorca. Bette collects her bags from the carousel and starts to make her way over to the hire car counter. As she moves through the busy airport her eyes are drawn to a beautiful blonde woman talking animatedly with a flight attendant. They are both talking warmly to the other while holding their bags, and the blonde affectionately places her hand on the woman’s forearm as she smiles at her and moves away. There is something about the woman’s warmth, and relaxed and confident movements that captivates Bette, and she finds herself unable to take her eyes off her as she moves past her.

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    1. Ohhhh, this is gonna be delighful!!

      Tina has ALREADY sized up this alpha female and knows how to deal with Bette’s “fear of the unknown”, of trying new things that are NOT under her CONTROL nor in her PLANS.

      Tina will be “the problem solver extraordinaire” when it comes to spontaneity. She being a Producer if proof of that. All they do is run around putting out brush fires.

      Bette ain’t gonna know what hit her! Tina will force Bette’ hand in asweet, playful, “innocent, NOT SO innocent” way!!! “HeHeHe!

      Let the games begin.

      Gosh I hope yue next chapt is close to being posted!!!

      So what’s the name of this ‘LiL adventure???

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