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    A joint statement was released two weeks following Tina and Bette coming to their decision, and Bette’s resignation was met with shock from the Democratic Party and the public at large. Evelyn Kelleher conducted a press conference and accepted her resignation, declaring it a great loss for the party but wishing both Tina and Bette well in the future.

    Following her resignation Bette had a multitude of offers to consider, and eventually decided to accept the role of Executive Director of New York Legal Aid.

    Tina voluntarily stepped aside from her position while an internal investigation was carried out to determine whether she was compromised in her role, and whether she had brought the publication into disrepute. The investigation process was gruelling and thorough, and Tina was transparent in the information she provided. It played heavily in her favour that she had included Bette in her corruption feature article during the course of their relationship, and she was eventually cleared to continue in her role as political editor.


    Two years later

    The week of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, function in Washington DC.

    Tina has recently been promoted and appointed as the outright editor of the New York Times. Bette remains in her position at New York Legal Aid, and has flourished in her role. She is enjoying a level of job satisfaction that she has never before experienced, neither in her time as District Attorney nor in her stint in politics.

    Tina is attending the week of events and the correspondents’ dinner later in the week, and Bette has accompanied her for the trip and as her plus one at many of the scheduled events during the week. They are staying at the same hotel they had previously while Bette was still a Senator, and on this particular evening are attending an event hosted at the hotel. They arrived at the event together and have since moved separately throughout the room, mingling with their many shared associates in attendance.

    At one point during the evening Tina finds herself in conversation with Evelyn Kelleher, and they stand together and have a friendly exchange. After a while Kelleher looks over at Bette, who is standing in a small group of high profile political players and charming them all as they eagerly engage with her.

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